Wrestling Headgear – Cliff Keen F5 Tornado Headgear – Top protection while your locking Horns!

Product: Cliff Keen Tornado Wrestling HeadgearWrestling_Headgear_Cliff_Keen_UFC_MMA_Grappling_Protection Mats Review MMAGateway


Price: Have a look right HERE

Best place to buy: amazon.com

Material: Vinyl straps/Poly-carbonate inner shell

Size: One size fits all

Colour: Trans/Black

Brand: Cliff Keen

Guarantee: Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 year

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product Overview

I love Wrestling and if your serious about it then you will need to have some quality Wrestling Headgear, so today at Wrestling_Headgear_Cliff_Keen_UFC_MMA_Grappling Protection Mats Review MMAGatewaythe MMAGateway we are reviewing the Cliff Keen F5 Tornado Headgear.

The name Cliff Keen is synonymous with wrestling quality and I really like how this headgear keeps your ears safe while you are locking horns with your opponent.

Clashing heads and giving your ears a good beating is some of the most common things to occur on the Wrestling mats, and there is one thing some people really want to avoid which is the dreaded Cauliflower Ear.

If you wrestle without this kind of headgear consistently, then eventually you will get cauliflower ears of some kind.

But on top of giving awesome protection you can still hear clearly which could be crucial in a competition if your coach is trying to give you crucial instructions.

Check out this video to get a clearer picture –

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The best parts of this headgear

  1. Top ear protection – Its the first and most important part of any headgear for combat sports, so how well Wrestling_Headgear_Cliff_Keen_UFC_MMA_Grappling Protection Mats Review MMAGatewaydoes this Cliff Keen headgear protect you? Very, very well – the deep ear cups are made of really durable poly-carbonate plastic and foam which make it easy to not notice a hard impact on the side of your head. Also it is actually designed based on NASA Research which stops bacterial build up and also works to make sure you will never get cauliflower ears.
  2. Keeps you cool – The ear protectors have these awesome little vents in them which keeps your ears and head  very cool while your rolling around on the mats, which is important as you start really building up a sweat. Also the ear protectors are super light, 43% lighter then standard headgear they say, making general movement very easy.
  3. Easy to hear – This is a big one for me, because some wrestling headgear makes it very difficult to hear the coaching instructions from your trainer, but with this Cliff Keen headgear, the greater audible sound technology lets you hear around 80% better then any other wrestling headgear.

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  • The headgear is fully customisable and due to the excellent Powerhold adjustable Strap means that it can fit most head sizes.Wrestling_Headgear_Cliff_Keen_UFC_MMA Grappling Protection Mats Review MMAGateway
  • Will give you easily the best protection for your ears and head in general in the industry, which is the main thing when wearing any serious headgear.
  • Such a great price for the level of quality your getting, so you don’t need to worry about it breaking quickly, because it should last you for years!
  • The poly carbonate plastic/foam ear cups are so durable and according to Cliff Keen they are about 43% tougher then any other Wrestling headgear.
  • The ear vents and audible sound technology keep you cool and make it really easy to hear what your coach is screaming at you from the sidelines.
  • The headgear itself is made with NASA Technology which gives it an extra cool edge!
  • It has a one year manufacturers warranty which is great customer service from Cliff Keen as a company.
  • The materials that the headgear is made of will fight bacteria really well and this coupled with the durability will make cauliflower ears an impossibility.
  • Huge amount of colour options! I mean seriously I don’t think I have seen so many colour options for any type of combat sports headgear.
  • Really secure and comfortable when your wearing it, so you don’t need to worry about getting distracted or having it slipping around during the competition.


  • Honestly guys whenever I struggle to come up with cons on a product then you know your dealing with a top class piece of equipment – but if i was being extra picky I would say that while a 1 year warranty s great, a 2 year one would be even better.
  • Some people who are also picky might say that it needs more forehead protection – to those I say if you know what your doing with wrestling then you really shouldn’t be banging foreheads with people and protecting the ears in wrestling is much more important.

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Lock horns with confidence!

Wrestling_Headgear_Cliff_Keen_UFC_MMA_Grappling_Protection Mats Review MMAGatewayBottom line if you want a piece of Wrestling Headgear that will protect you through thick and thin on the Wrestling matts, then this Cliff Keen F5 Tornado Headgear is exactly what you need to lock horns with confidence in all your Wrestling endeavours.

So if your ready to take some action and order yourself one of these awesome pieces of Wrestling equipment from the hugely respected Cliff Keen, then you can do that right HERE.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, so please leave some comments below if you have any questions or general feedback from your own experience with this Cliff Keen Headgear.

As always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

Thanks for reading!

Marley Dawkins


  1. Hey Marley,
    Its me again – having popped over from your other post to see what else you have to say. Think I’m interested? 🙂
    I’m over 60 so not a wrestler but I do watch. I think amateur wrestling is far better and more real than some of the other stuff one sees on TV.
    I’ve always thought if half of it was true then these guys must suffer some serious, and possibly long term injuries.
    You’re doing all wrestlers, and their families, a great service by reviewing and encouraging protective gear.
    As they say in New Zealand “Good on ya!”

    • Hi again Lawrence 🙂 yeah I’m getting the feeling your liking the posts at the MMAGateway! Your definitely right that amateur Wrestling is far more serious and full of skill then the professional WWE stuff you see on TV, and as you point out protection is so important!

      By the way at your age maybe you don’t want to train, but I strongly suggest you give this book a read.

      See you round!

  2. Hey there Marley,

    This is a fantastic informative review and I’m really keen on wrestling myself however my current headgear gives me limited hearing which tends to irritate me slightly as I can’t hear my coach at times. I’m thinking that this particular headgear is my next purchase and looking forward to trying it out,

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Ben, yeah if your having issues with hearing your coach with your current headgear then I would definitely suggest you look into getting one of these Cliff Keen Tornado Headgear.

      Also if your ever planning n broadening out your skill set with striking then make sure you have the right headgear for striking.

      See you around!

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