Best Heavy Bag Gloves – Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Gloves Review

Product: Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing GlovesMMA Gateway Hayabusa_Tokushu_Regenesis_Gloves_Review

Price: Have a look right HERE.

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

Size: 10oz

Colour: Black and Orange, Black and Blue Purple, White and Black, Red.

Guarantee: Standard 30 day returns policy

My Rating: 10 out of 10


Product Overview

Now if you have a nice new heavy bag sitting at home, or someone in your gym that you want to start sparring MMA_Gateway_Hayabusa_Tokushu Regenesis Gloves_Reviewwith – before you start going to work punching the bag as hard as you can, or slinging hands at your training partner, just hold on and make sure you have the right equipment for the job – and The Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Heavy Bag Gloves are perfect for the job.

Let me tell you now, when I’m working hard on my heavy bag, or sparring with a training partner, I always like to make sure I’ve got the right gloves on, and these Hayabusa gloves, are so comfortable and protect my hands better then most gloves I’ve ever used in my life, just flat out.

For anyone who is familiar with my reviews, you will know that I like to go into a lot of detail looking at all angles, which can sometimes be a long read! Well this review will be short because these gloves are as close to flawless as I’ve ever seen.

Here’s a great video to give you a quick flash of the main points if your rushing –

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The History of Hayabusa:

Most of you hardcore martial artists will already know who Hayabusa is, so you guys can skip this section 🙂 but for any new people, we are just going to have a quick look at some history –

The term “Hayabusa” is the Japanese word for a peregrine falcon, an incredibly powerful predator, the falcon possesses the same fighting spirit as the hordes of combat athletes around the world. So this is a message of honour, respect and tradition which is the principle Hayabusa endorse when creating any product.

The Japanese code of Bushido spoke of true Samurai always crafting their weapons and armour with a veneration and highly skilled workmanship unparalleled in any culture. Hayabusa continues to employ this code in its dedication to utilising the best technologies, precision engineering and top class performance, which has made Hayabusa one of the gold standard companies in the world of martial artists combat gear.

My Top 3 parts of these gloves:

STYLE AND COMFORT – First off I really love the two tone colouration and the sturdy design of the glove series overall, they have a Ninja like quality to them, in terms of just looking so precisely made with top quality materials, which they are.

MMA_Gateway_Hayabusa_Tokushu Regenesis_Gloves_ReviewThen for as good as these gloves are to look at, they are even more comfortable to put on then they look, which is saying something, because these gloves look incredibly comfortable. The Deltra-EG Inner Core with advanced Crush Zone is really nice on your hands, and it lets you hit as hard as you want without deforming the inside of the glove.

Also the dual straps and dual splinting just make your hand/wrist positioning more precise, which adds to the comfort, and helps a lot with being able to defend powerful strikes. 

DURABILITYThese gloves aren’t made from normal leather, they are made from an advanced upgraded Vylar-2 Engineered Leather, which makes the gloves virtually impossible to crack or tear even after prolonged use, giving these gloves amazing longevity.

Also the Delta-EG Inner Core again has to be noted, because its a big part of the durability of this glove, along with the really tight quality stitching and material across the glove, so you don’t get any material moving around on the inside of the glove, and you wont get any tearing at the seems.

STAYING FRESH – One thing I’ve never enjoyed about sparring or working on bags with different gloves, is that they always end up smelling like the most foul dried sweat.

No problems with that here though, because the inner lining of the Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis gloves is made with “X-Static” anti-fungal and anti-bacterial technology, which will keep the glove smelling fresh for a long time in comparison to any other glove I’ve ever used.

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  • Patented Dual-X® Wrist Closure and Fusion Splinting® technologies enhance wrist support by delivering up to 99.7% perfect alignment
  • Deltra-EG® Inner Core with advanced Crush Zone™ complex work to absorb unwanted energy transfer, protecting your hands
  • Powered by X-Static® XT2®, an anti-microbial technology that delivers anti-odor properties
  • Exclusive Hayabusa AG™ inner fabric and improved ventilation provide enhanced breathability and thermo-regulating properties
  • Upgraded Vylar®-2 Engineered Leather provides advanced crack resistance for unmatched glove longevity
  • Optimized ergonomic thumb position eliminates awkward strain on both thumb and wristMMA_Gateway_Hayabusa_Tokushu Regenesis Gloves Review
  • Constructed with innovative SweatX™ thumb, an ultra-soft microfiber suede designed for perspiration management
  • Low-profile strap tabs with 50% thickness and added unnapped Velcro for improved performance, durability and comfort


  • Price. Thats it – and even then, for the unbeatable heavy bag glove quality, i don’t mind paying the price for it – From my perspective in any online review you have to find something to moan about, no product is perfect, but every now and then a product comes along that is close to it – these Hayabusa gloves are as close to perfect as you can get.

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Flawless victory

Seriously I almost felt like just skipping the pros and cons section today, because when your looking for cons with the Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis gloves its basically pointless so don’t bother trying.

These gloves are a first round KO without question, a flawless victory, best gloves I have ever used or reviewed easily, and if you agree then you need to click HERE and get your gloves now.

If you have any comments, feedback or questions then please drop some below, hit the subscribe buttion if you like my site and my reviews and stay tuned for more right here at the MMAGateway.

Thanks for reading.



Marley Dawkins


  1. Hi,
    thanks for a great review on the Hayabusa gloves!
    The most exciting about these gloves, apart from the fact that they look great, is that you end up not smelling like a skunk after using them.

    I liked that you mentioned the history of the name too. Cool that the name comes from the meaning of a falcon. A beautiful animal. I can relate to the fighting spirit in this bird.

    Well, I know where to go when I need to renew my gloves. I will be back.

    • Hi there Stisse 🙂 yeah these gloves stay fresh for ages seriously, most conventional gloves starting smelling bad after within a few months of continual training.

      Yes Falcons are amazing animals, and the owners of Hayabusa do a great job acknowledging this and building training gear like these Tokushu Regenesis gloves that are top quality in the industry.

      Well yes this is where you need to be when you need some new gloves 🙂 thanks for your comments, much appreciated!

  2. Although I am certainly not into MMA other than as a spectator, I have worked on a heavy bag almost all my life. I have mostly used inexpensive sports store type gloves. Consequently, my wrists have suffered over the years. I look the look of the Hayabusa gloves, but I also like the wrist straps and thickness of the fist. i think these would be easier on my wrists. For a total amateur, the price is high, but I will certainly consider these gloves when I need another pair. Right now I am just using 12 ounce boxing gloves. I know it seems silly, but I want to keep using the heavy bag and my wrists are really bad. Thanks for introducing me to these gloves.

    • Hi Anastazja, well you must have some really solid boxing if you’ve been working heavy bags all your life, likely good power too – but just like you say, too much heavy bag work through the years can be bad for your wrists especially if your not using top spec gloves like these Tokushu Regenesis gloves, but now you know about these gloves, you should come back here when your ready to get some new gloves, because trust me ive used all kinds of gloves in my life, and these are by far the best I’ve used.

      Thanks for your feedback, come back again sometime!

  3. My younger brother has been training pretty heavily in MMA. He’s been training for a few months and he seems to love it but he came home the other day and his gloves were torn. His birthday is coming up in the next month and I was thinking about buying him some new gloves. The last couple of days I have been looking online at different products and I just happened to stumble upon your website and this article today. After reading the Hayabusa tokushu regenesis gloves review and watching the video you have posted there, I think I might go ahead and buy these. The only thing is I wasn’t looking to spend this much money on his birthday gift. Is there anything else you might recommend or do you think I should just buy these?

    • Hi Hunter, thanks for your feedback – great to hear your brother is training MMA, and yes there are other good boxing glove options, however these Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis gloves are top of the line in the industry, which for beginners is really good for building up confidence too. Personally i think you should get your brother these gloves for his birthday 🙂

  4. Awesome Review Marley!!

    As a former mixed martial artist, and someone who has used these before, I can honestly say these gloves are about as legit as you can get. I would give them a 9.9 because I’ve had my jaw rocked a few times by these badboys. The price however is annoying, and personally the gloves didn’t fit my hands quite right…but seems like nothing ever did.

    At the end of the day, I would also recommend Hayabusa…and stay away from Everlast!!!

    • Hi Nick, thanks for your feedback – sounds like you’ve got plenty of experience boxing with different gloves. Glad to hear you can see that these Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis gloves are really awesome, mine fit my hands perfectly, and i know they are not cheap, but personally i go for expensive quality over cheap rubbish anyday.

      Yes i know what you mean about everlast gloves too, lots of cheaply made mass produced poor uality boxiing gloves in my experience.

  5. Hello
    I think this article is great and the gloves are awesome.
    I have been searching for good gloves and didn’t know the history behind them.
    I always though just get a pair of gloves from walmart and bang away but I can see I will benefit more from spending a little more for quality.

    • Hi Mark – ah yes there is always the temptation to just buy the first cheap pair you come across, but when you’ve gone through about 20 pairs in a few months, you will realise that its actually costing you a lot anyway lol.

      But glad you can see the point in spending a bit more, because these Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis gloves will make sure you can bang away for years without the need to get new gloves 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback anyway bro

  6. I tried boxing a few years ago but stopped eventually because I wasn’t too interested in it. I took up boxing again this year so I’ve been looking around for a good pair of gloves. Would you recommend this pair to an amateur or are there alternatives for that? I just don’t want to be going for gloves that take a certain level of experience to actually use so yeah.

    • Hi Rhys, great to hear your getting back into boxing, but yes i would definitely suggest these gloves for amatuers, becase even when your an amateur you should familiraise yourself with training with quality professional gear.

      First off its great for confidence as an aspiring amatuer fighter, to know that you are training with the same equipment that the pros do, and when you go for the best quality you get the best lastability too.

      These Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis gloves are a perfect pair of gloves for anyone, best gloves i have personally ever used.

  7. Those look like some awesome gloves. They look tough, like they can endure a lot of punishment.

    That’s the main thing I’m looking for. I box with my friends every other week and we went through the last pair relatively faster than I thought we would.

    Your review makes it clear that they’ll last longer. I’m excited to get them and start beating my friends up with them. They can use them too, as long as I go first. lol.

    • Hey LaShaun, yeah trust me they are really nice gloves, best i have used – but if you want some UFC gloves as well then look at these.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  8. I just read your review on the Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Gloves.
    These gloves look amazing! My biggest concerns are in the durability, I know you covered it a bit, but a product like this takes a lot of abuse, and usually they fall apart pretty quickly.
    I know you get what you pay for but the price does seem a little high for a pair of bag gloves.
    Do you have these, or used them, and were you happy with their durability?

    • Hi Brendon,

      Trust me these gloves are the best i have ever tried, and seriously don’t worry about durability because i got my pair a few years ago and they are still in great condition even after me using them every few days for a few hours.

      Make sure you get the right sort of headgear as well.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  9. I enjoy working on the bag for more of a warm down during my gym sessions and I have learned my lesson by purchasing an average pair of boxing gloves as my wrists seem to take a bit of knock after each session, which results in the intensity rate dropping. Viewing the Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis gloves they seem to offer that protection I am looking for and more.

    • Hey Jared, yeah you know the importance of getting quality equipment and these Hayabusa Tokushu gloves are real quality and are becoming tight in supply.

      Also these gloves are also a good option.

      See you again bro!

  10. Damn these are stylish!!!

    It’s really important to choose the right gloves especially if you’re sparring on a HEAVY BAG. Because there are many variaties of heavy bags and they can be pretty hard while their density grows up. You can even hurt your hand hitting one.

    Hayabusa Tokushu looks pretty promissing. I tink I might get one 🙂

    • Hey Tyler, yeah all Hayabusa gloves tend to be very good – the Tokushu Regenesis series is getting more difficult to get hold of online, but you know where to come when you want some 😉

      Also if you like these gloves you should also check out these other gloves.

      See you again soon!

  11. Wow, so much information! Thanks for the great review. I’m actually interested in purchasing a set of gloves for my sister. She recently started boxing and getting into this world and I have zero knowledge, so I was wondering if you coukd help steer me in the right direction? These gloves seem amazing, especially since you think they have a ninja like quality. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a ninja? But I’m not sure if these are right for an absolute beginner. What do you think? Thanks again for the great read.

    • Hi Becky – glad you enjoyed the review! Honestly if your sister is starting boxing now and with martial arts in general – starting with the best equipment if you can, is always better then starting with lower quality equipment.

      Because having the best equipment early will o only support to excel in the shortest time possible and these Hayabusa gloves really are some of the best gloves I’ve ever used –  so give your sister the best.

      Also make sure she gets a quality mouth guard for boxing as well like this.

      Feel free to ask any questions and speak soon!

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