Best Inexpensive Treadmill – Branx Fitness Cardio Pro Treadmill Review

Branx Fitness Cardio Pro Treadmill 71wuqwhntxl-_sl1500_Product: Branx Fitness Cardio Pro Treadmill

Price: Check it out at Amazon.com

Size: 175 Length x 86 Width x 132.5 Height centimetres

Max User Weight: 130kg

Max Speed: up to 20Km/h (12.5 mph)

Colour: Black and Grey

Guarantee: Lifetime Warranty (On frame/motor and parts), 2 years on site labour.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product Overview

In an age where all of the best treadmills that professional athletes use in any sport costs thousands of pounds, the Branx Fitness Cardio Pro Treadmill 41tz9rfurklquestion really is – what is the best inexpensive treadmill? Enter the Branx Fitness Cardio Pro Treadmill – now personally unless I’ve got an injury that I’m resting, I like to have a run on my treadmill every day, just a few minutes for a quick warm up, multiple successive sprint bursts, or a long jog on a steep incline during a hard workout regime, and when I do use my Branx –

It gives me up to 12.5 mph in top speed (as good as any professional gym treadmills), and with the 0-18 auto incline, comfortable cushioned running deck and easy to use controls, I can get a good workout with ease.

Within this review I’m  just going to share my personal story with this treadmill, as well as highlight some of my personal favourite aspects about the Branx Fitness Cardio Pro Treadmill.

My Journey to getting a Branx Treadmill

Now this particular Treadmill I first became familiar with in around 2012 when I used this treadmill at my local gym consistently.

Then I was lucky enough to own this Branx Fitness Cardio Pro Treadmill from a friend, who wanted to “upgrade” to a more expensive treadmill as he had plenty of money, and was focused on becoming a professional footballer.

I was just happy to get a functional treadmill for a ridiculously cheap price, and this isn’t even the best part of the story, because trust me when I explain the second part of this story you will laugh and then realise why this treadmill is so good.

I will get to best part of my story later, but just quickly for anyone who is new to using treadmills, I suggest you watch this video to familiarise yourself with practical treadmill usage:

Why do you need a treadmill?

In case you didn’t know, some of the best athletes in any sport today, have access to some of the best cardio building ufc welterweight nate diaz streetice00_equipment on a daily basis. UFC Lightweight Nate Diaz for instance is known for his huge stamina levels, he competes in professional triathlons as a part of his training leading up to fights, and without a top quality treadmill at his disposal everyday, it would be difficult for Nate Diaz and many other MMA fighters to maintain his incredible cardio year round.

Also while Mr Diaz and many other athletes prefer to run/cycle on the road/mountains for their cardio training –  in the cold winter months, or during unexpected weather patterns, or overcrowded roads, every top level athlete needs a good treadmill for home use.

Olympic running coach Mario Fraioli stated that –

“The ability to manipulate pace, incline and distance in your own controlled environment, to suit your personal training needs, is by far the biggest benefit a treadmill gives”

Also remember if your not looking to train professionally, but maybe you just want to lose a few pounds and get into better shape, then a treadmill that you can use at your own leisure, in the comfort of your home is just as important.

Now I’m not going to sugar coat it and tell you that the Branx Fitness Cardio Pro treadmill is the best treadmill on the market, because its not.

But in my personal opinion it is the best priced treadmill on the market, and for a new starter to any type of professional training, that doesn’t want to spend thousands for a top quality treadmill, then this is the best option for you.


  • Up to 20Km/h (12.5 mph) Max Speed (which is as good as any professional gyms)
  • 3.5 CHP Motor, 6hp Peak.
  • 0-18 level Auto incline.
  • over 99 program settings.
  • 130 KGs max user weight.
  • Fully foldable treadmill, enabling you to maximise space in your home.
  • The shock absorbing 8-point cushioned running deck suspension system, makes your runs comfortable on your feet.
  • when bought new, it comes with free training weights.
  • 1350 x 480mm usable running area, which gives plenty of room to keep your feet stable.
  • When bought new, it is pre-assembled in packaging, meaning there is minimal assembly required.
  • Large LED Touchscreen interface which displays – Speed, Time, Distance, Pulse, Calories, Incline and BMI – think this touchscreen monitor is the easiest I’ve used of any treadmill.
  • It has an MP3 socket with built in speakers, making listening to music while running a breeze.
  • Reliability – my Branx treadmill has never broken once in over 3 years of having it.
  • When bought new, you can choose to spread payment over multiple months.
  • Has more positive reviews then any treadmill on Amazon, which speaks volumes to this Treadmills quality.
  • It is really quiet, I have neighbours on both sides of me, and I’ve never once had a complaint about noise, so if you have small kids, rest assured you won’t be waking them up with this.
  • The price is phenomenal for the level of treadmill that this is.


  • Cannot reach 40 Km/h (25mph) speeds of the most expensive worlds top athlete treadmills.
  • Does not have extra add ons like plasma TVs that some of the celebrity type expensive treadmills have.
  • No Heart Rate controls, or any other therapeutic/rejuvenation add ons that some of the top of the line treadmills have.

The Branx Fitness Cardio Pro Treadmill is AWESOME!

Just to wrap up this review let me  explain the ending of my story of getting my Branx Fitness Cardio Pro Treadmill –

Branx Fitness Cardio Pro Treadmill 71wuqwhntxl-_sl1500_So after my friend got his much more expensive treadmill, and I bought his old Branx treadmill, and admittedly his new treadmill did have more add ons and functions then my Branx. However, after 3 months of him having his new £4,000 treadmill, the TV monitor on his brand new treadmill died on him lol.

He jokingly asked me if he can buy his Branx back, but he knew I would say no even if he wasn’t joking. I still smile about that now while im using my Branx Treadmill, because I’ve not had a single breakdown of any kind with my Branx treadmill, after 3 years of usage, and it cost over a quarter of the price of the one my friend has now 🙂 it really is an awesome Treadmill!

So whether your new to treadmills, or if your training to be a professional athlete, or if you just want to lose a few pounds, then I highly suggest you look to get yourself a Branx treadmill, and if like me you spend a lot of time on Amazon, then you will find some of the best deals for this treadmill there. If your ready to take action and get yourself your own Branx Fitness Cardio Pro Treadmill, then you can do so HERE.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and if you want to ask a question, add your own review, or leave a comment then please do so below.






Marley Dawkins


  1. Hey.

    Interesting post. I am loking into buying one of these for quite a long time, but until now, they all seemed a bit overpriced.
    I wouldn’t use it that much, primeraly during the winter season (2-3 time a week) for a cca 45minute jog.
    I don’t really mind that it doesn’t have hear rate or even a screen, you can have those things on a smartphone these days 🙂

    • Hi Luka, good to hear your looking into getting a treadmill, and just as you say, treadmills are invaluable for the winter months for most people training to be professional athletes. I also didn’t care that it doesn’t have a heart rate or a plasma tv with loads of distracting TV channels that would only distract me from my workout.

      If you your looking for a solid treadmill to get started, then this Branx Fitness Cardio Pro Treadmill is brilliant for value, a variety of usage and life span – just look at all the customer reviews on Amazon for more information, because the reviews really speak for themselves.

  2. Yea, its easy to get an inexpensive treadmill of various brands when looking to get your exercise routine going, getting into shape and shaping up for your goal or purpose. A lot of times they are found at such great prices on craigslist or maybe ebay. People invest a lot into those and end up selling low.

    • Exactly, so many people spend thousands on getting “the best treadmill”, but really just like this Branx Treadmill, you can get some amazing treadmills for hundreds, which is much more financially viable for people when starting new training regimes.

  3. Really interesting review – I must admit it’s a bit daunting given the range of products and pricing out there. I had been looking at the Branx as an option.

    One question, how easy is it to move/store the product – I’m limited on space so would need to something that folds if possible?


    • Hi Mike, yes there is a lot of choice out there, but if your looking for the best priced brand new treadmill, then the Branx is an amazing option, mine has been running for years with no issue.

      Yes this treadmill is full foldable as well, so its very good for limited space.

  4. I ma seriously looking a kitting out my home with a home gym. Going to the gym takes up too much time. Driving there, working out, shoer and then drive back again. It;s hard enough finding the motivation in the first place without each workout taking over 2 hours in total.

    Do you think this treadmill is a better option for home use than a elliptical trainer?

    • Hi there, that’s awesome that you want to set up a home gym! Yes time is the issue for a lot of people in terms of going to a gym consistently, with work, kids and any other commitments, setting things up at home is sometimes a better option to get consistent workouts.

      What i can say is that all gyms have both elliptical trainers and treadmills, so you should get both if you want to set up a whole gym at home.

      Ellipticals are good to get a workout without any stress on your joints from the impact to your feet of running on treadmills. Also they can burn fat with less effort then treadmills too. However, running on treadmills is very importantly a “weight-bearing exercise” meaning it strengthens bones and muscles which is particularly important for a lot of athletes and even for older people in helping prevent osteoporosis. Ellipticals are suspended off the ground, so they cant provide a weight bearing exercise.

      For me treadmills are a better option for a first piece of workout equipment in a home gym then an Elliptical, but like i say both are great for a workout!

  5. This treadmill seems to be the best bang for our buck. I’ve seen some super expensive fancy looking ones that don’t have some of the functions this one has, for over double the price!

    And I agree with the coach’s statement about treadmills. I too am an advocate for running outside, especially mountain trails with varying terrains. I also love running in the freezing cold, snow or rain, basically the worse the condition the more I love it. But sometimes, it’s nice just to run inside in a calm setting as well.

    Nate’s a beast btw.

    • Hi Wing, yeah this really is an awesome treadmill, and just like you point out, there are so many treadmills that are so much more expensive, with less functions in some cases!

      Yes definitely all terrain running outside is awesome, and i prefer it too, but sometimes for variety, or in crazy weather, or to avoid busy areas, or to slowly work back from an injury then a top treadmill in the comfort of our home is invaluable.

      And yes Nate is Definitely a beast – hes got some of the best cardio, BJJ and Boxing in all of MMA.

  6. This is the best shop of selling treadmill.i have looking for the treadmill so that i can buy one to have it home for my so that i can train myself at home ,am tired of paying gym shop for the service everyday.And can i just ask if i can able to order one for myself to have it home.


    • Thanks Jose! I have to agree that Gym membership fees can be really high in some cases. If you look at all gym fees across the board, after a number of years the fees amount to thousands, so a lot more people are looking into setting up their own Gym at home nowadays and a good treadmill is the best place to start!

      Yes The Branx Fitness Cardio Pro treadmill is perfect for home use, and it can be fully folded away when your finished training so you never have to worry about having enough space

  7. I have always seen more expensive equipment break or just not last as long as equipment with the same or close to the same quality but that is cheaper. Some treadmills will come with so many gadgets yet the simple ones are always the best and perform just as good.
    The Branx treadmill sounds great without all those extra features some of the high expensive ones come with. I have not been on a treadmill in years and have a question. Does this treadmill work well with women expecting? If so, what level of endurance would be appropriate?

    • Hi Jana, yeah your absolutely right, there is a lot of sharks out there that will happily take your thousands of pounds knowing full well that you can get just as good a treadmill for a fraction of the price. This Branx treadmill is a perfect example of getting a top quality treadmill for a great price.

      This treadmill is great for all body types and various athletic capabilities, i have to say im not an expert for a woman expecting, so suggest you research that, in fact i might research that myself for my girlfriend for future reference lol. im sure someone online is experienced in what works best for pregnant women.

      But i would definitely say that no matter what treadmill you go with, take it is easy with the workout intensity while carrying would be my advice.

      Thanks for your input!

  8. I found your review of Branx Fitness Cardio Pro Treadmill informative and well written. You are clearly passionate about Martial Arts and have done your homework well on the subject as one can make out from About Me page. Just a couple of points for you to mull on:

    1. Please pay attention to your grammar, especially the I which you’ve mentioned as i almost throughout the review page. For example: iv’e got an injury that i’m resting….

    2. The term in your headline: best inexpensive treadmill. Maybe you could use a positive term such as: Least expensive Treadmill.

    Overall, it is a good review in my opinion.

    • Hi there, thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoyed the review and you can see my passion for martial arts.

      Also thanks for highlighting some constructive feedback for me, it appears a bit of grammar editing is needed on my part! 🙂

  9. I’ve used a lot of different treadmills but mostly in gyms. I’ve been looking at getting a treadmill for my house but I didn’t know which to get.

    You’ve helped me come to my decision.

    I didn’t want to spend too much money, and since it’s for my own place I really didn’t need one with a fancy TV ( especially if it’s just gonna break on me )

    The Branx treadmill seems like the perfect fit for what I’m going for.

    You’ve detailed the pro’s of this treadmill nicely.

    Do you know what kind of warranty it comes with ?

    • Hi Simon, thanks for your feedback! Yes having a treadmill at home is perfect if you dont have time to get to a gym, or you prefer working out in your own space, or just to top up your training regiments in the comforts of your own home.

      Glad i could help you come to a decision 🙂

      Its awesome that you can see this Branx treadmill is great value, because it really is in comparison to so many other treadmills. All i care about with any product is – good quality and a good price – and this treadmill has both in spades.

      It has a lifetime warranty on the frame, motor and parts, and a 2 year warranty on site labour.

  10. I personally like to do my cardio out door. There are many things and people to see that can make your mind much more relaxed.

    However I also do recognize the need for a treadmill for various situation like controlled program or bad weather. This is definitely 1 treadmill I would look at if I am going to buy one. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Hey Leo, yeah i agree an outdoor regime for cardio is best, but like you say, in some scenarios when the weather is bad, or you need a set routine then treadmills are great – This Branx treadmill is one of the best value treadmills i have ever used.

      Thanks for your comments!

  11. I think its good to have a treadmill at home because there are many times when you want to run and you don’t not feel like driving to the gym or going to a park to run. If you have a treadmill at home, you do not have to worry about this and you can go running anytime you want. I know there are times when I have a particular treadmill I want to use, I’m not able to use it because someone is hogging it for a good hour or so and that forces me to use another treadmill. Having one at home is something I’m looking to do in the near future.

    • Hi Martin, thats a great point you make, so maybe you should consider purchasing your self one of these Branx Treadmills 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback!

  12. Thank you for the article and vast amount of information you are providing about treadmills. I work out with these machines in the gym and they really give you an excellent workout.
    Although I am not ready to buy one I enjoyed your review and you put this subject in perspective for me

    • Hi Orion, glad you liked this review – when your ready to buy a treadmill then comeback here 🙂

      Also try this one its an excellent option.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  13. Great review! I personally don’t spend a whole lot of time on treadmills myself but this particular one seems like a great deal. I also really like how it has 8 points of cushioning under the running pad.

    I would definitely recommend this one to a friend if they were needing a treadmill.

    • Hey Melissa, glad you can see that this is a really good option, from the perspective of price and functionality.

      Ok yes definitely make sure you do recommend this to anyone looking for a good budget treadmill, but also you can point them to a higher calibre option right here.

      Thanks for the support!

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