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Product Overview

MMA_gateway_ronda_rousey_return_MMA_UFC_WWE_MMAGateway_PedroGaytanI like a good read in general, but as a Martial Artists and a huge MMA fan, very often I will go through phases of only reading fight based books so today we are reviewing one of the Best MMA Books in Ronda Rousey’s 2016 Autobiography My Fight Your Fight.

Ronda Rousey is a big star in the sport of MMA and more recently WWE, but she has always been a polarising figure, someone who causes debates among people all across the world even outside of MMA or WWE fans – but no matter how you feel about her she is the first woman to ever hold a UFC title and is a general trendsetter.

She has now vacated MMA after a few hard losses, but she is now competing in the WWE and is continuing to shine her bright light, by attaining the WWE Women’s title – whether she will fight professionally in MMA again is unknown.

One thing I like about any good book is being taken through a persons journey – I want to get a true feel of where someone has been, where they are now and where they are going.

I also like a distinct sense of realism to come through in the words of the book, as well as a good narrative in the writing and this book really does have both.

All of those things are encapsulated nicely in this book, as Rousey’s past, present and future is all tied up well to give a full autobiographical type of book about one of combat sports biggest ever stars.

Have a listen to this audio excerpt from the book –

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Best parts about this book

  1. Female Power – Now I’m not a women’s rights activist or anything, I live by the principles that all life is equal and one, but the rough road into rock star icon status of Ronda Rousey explained in this book, especially given her being widely considered as being the pioneer of Women’s MMA becoming mainstream, in a previously male dominated sport – this has made Rousey by default a huge role model for women all around the world, this is an overall underlying theme throughout the book – the strength of a woman who faced and completed a task that most (often men like Dana White) said she couldn’t – this is the fundamental basis of women’s equality movements throughout history. That is the story of Ronda Rousey and it is what has made her a pillar of female power in society.Ronda Rousey_Myfightyourfight_Book_MMA_UFC_Champion_WWE Review MMAGateway
  2. Deep, Raw and Rowdy – This book while I’m sure there is still things Rousey didn’t want to reveal in this book, she does however still open up about a lot of deep emotional things that have happened in her life, such as the death of her father, her financial and relationship struggles before the Hollywood fame – these types of sensitive subjects always evoke a deeper sense of knowing someone. It takes us to the furnace of emotions within Rousey’s past, intertwined with the development of a fiery powerful character with a fiery language throughout the book, which I enjoy very much.
  3. A Warrior mother – I like to say in life in general that if you want to see the true quality of anyone – look at who they live with, look at who there friends are, look at who raised them, look at who is behind them. Now when you look at Ronda Rousey, it is no surprise that her mother was also a bad ass tough woman – AnnMaria De Mars, was the first U.S. competitor (of EITHER sex) ever to win at the World Judo Championships. A true warrior woman who as the book highlights was hard on Rousey in training in her younger years, but they have developed a deep bond through the years, and so it was this Warrior woman who was really instrumental is forging the immense fighting spirit of Rousey that fired her on to an Olympic Bronze medal in Judo and the first ever UFC women’s champion, when UFC Pres Dana White once said women will never fight the UFC lol.

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Favourite quote from the book

“People talk about how I’m so arrogant. They don’t realise how much work went into getting where I am. I worked so hard to be able to think highly of myself. When people say ‘Oh, you’re so cocky. You’re so arrogant.’ I feel like they’re telling me that I think too highly of myself. My question for them is: ‘Who are you to tell me that I need to think less of myself?’ Just because you don’t think that you could be the best in the world doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have the confidence to believe I can do anything.”

Its a really common criticism that is thrown at Ronda Rousey that she is a very arrogant person, but in this above quote from My Fight Your Fight Rousey really poses an interesting and valid point about the psychology of humans in general about the limited projections we put onto others who are confident in order to try and cover over our own patterns of inadequacies.

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  • First and foremost its definitely just one of the best MMA Books out there, because so few MMA stories compare to the magnitude of Ronda Rousey.
  • Takes you through some of the roughest times in her life on the road to her fame in Judo, MMA and life in general.
  • Really gives you a clear sense of Ronda Rousey’s psychology about a lot of things in life (which isn’t always to everyone’s liking) but which really helps the reader get closer to her.
  • The book really highlights the importance of developing a hardworking personality early in life, not just for women but people in general – this makes the book in my opinion a good inspirational read for everyone, but younger people especially.
  • Not just a book about fighting, its a book that anyone can read even if you’re not a fight fan because its full of a variety of points.
  •  The language of the book (which if you have a problem with swearing then beware), has a realist feel to it for me, which adds to the readability of the book overall.
  • The book only adds more credence and weight to Ronda Rousey being one of the most impactful feminine role models in modern combat sports and general history.Ronda Rousey_Myfightyourfight_Book_MMA_UFC_Champion_WWE_Review MMAGateway
  • Its nice to know while your reading the book, that Rousey really was the first woman to take women’s MMA to the next level by breaking the barriers becoming the first Female UFC title holder.
  • Great variety of formats that you can get the book in, meaning you can get the book in a tailored format just to your liking.
  •  No matter what format you buy the book in, the prices for the book is really good and definitely not overpriced.
  • The book was winner of the Sports Book of the Year at the British Sports Book Awards in 2016 and the Sunday Times best seller.


  • Well its not a problem for me because i do swear as much as using any words, but some people more sensitive about swearing might not like some of the language in the book because Ronda Rousey is emotional and has a harsh part to her character, which can at times lead to plenty of swearing.
  • I have always respected Ronda Rousey and I might be wrong, but I feel there are still parts of her personal life that she is not talking about in the book – but honestly this is the case with any autobiography so I understand if she has chosen to keep some parts of her life in mystery.
  • The use of the word Bitch is kind of funny, because she generally calls a lot of her opponents bitches, refusing to touch gloves etc. But then when she is looking for a dog to buy she refers to wanting a “Girl dog” when the word bitch would have actually made sense here lol.

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One of the best MMA Books

Ronda Rousey_Myfightyourfight_Book_MMA_UFC_Champion_WWE_Review MMAGatewaySeriously how you feel about Ronda Rousey as a person, should have no bearing on whether you buy this My Fight Your Fight book. Because if your a fan of Rousey, a hater or indifferent if you are a fan of fight books, then you should buy this because it really is one the best MMA Books.

No its not a perfect MMA book or anything, but it is a really great read, an autobiography that takes through the past, present, future, psychology and the now globally known icon which is Ronda Rousey.

As a true lover of MMA I will always have time for Ronda Rousey, whether she decides to ever fight in MMA again or not – what she has given to the sport is so much more then most ever have.

So if your ready to take some action after reading this review then you can order the book right HERE.

I hope you have enjoyed this breakdown of this book, so if you have then please do leave a comment or question below, like, share subscribe and as always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

See you round!

Marley Dawkins

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