Best MMA Cup – Diamond MMA Compression Short & Cup – Give your manhood some Diamond protection!

Product: DIAMOND MMA COMPRESSION SHORT & CUPBest_MMA_Cups_Diamond_UFC_Balls_Review_Fight Gear_Protection MMAGateway

Price: Have a look right HERE

Best place to buy: amazon.com

Material: co-molded elastomer design/polycarbonate core/Military Grade elastics.

Size: Small 28″ – 32″, Medium 32″ – 34″, Large 34″ – 36″, X Large 36″ – 40″,  XX Large 40″ – 44″

Colour: Black/Blue

Brand: Diamond

Guarantee: Lifetime Guarantee

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product Overview

If your training full contact MMA or striking in anyway, then you must have an MMA Cup, pereferablly the Best MMA Cup – so today at the MMAGateway we are reviewing the Diamond MMA Compression Short & Cup.

Best_MMA_Cups_Diamond_UFC_Balls_Review_Fight Gear Protection MMAGatewayRarely do I give a product a 10 out of 10, and in general its very difficult for a product to get at the MMAGateway, so today you know your dealing with pure unquestionable top of the heap quality!

As with any good cup there’s a few important things, but ultimately there’s only two things you mainly need to worry about with a good MMA Cup – protection and comfort, which is what I get when I wear this Cup, so long story short the Diamond does the job for me.

I cant stand fight gear that’s uncomfortable to wear, especially when it comes to protecting the golden jewels during a fight and its got to be secure as well, because a cup that moves around a lot is dangerous and distracting.

Its got excellent ventilation too which is another important thing to note, but anyway watch these videos to get a closer look and then we will dive deeper into the details –

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The best parts of this Cup

  1. Diamond durability and protection –  The Diamond MMA Cup utilises a co-molded elastomer design which works in unison with a polycarbonate core to provide uncompromising protection for the combat sports athlete. No its not made of actual Diamond, but it feels as hard as diamond when you get kicked in the balls, I’ve tried  few cups in my time and when im wearing this one it absorbs the shock so well that you hardly feel  a really solid low blow. Also this will likely be the last MMA Cup you ever need to get because its so durable and you get a lifetime guarantee on the Cup!

    Best_MMA_Cups_Diamond_UFC_Balls_Review Fight Gear Protection MMAGateway

  2. Super comfortable – Again its the co-molded elastomer design and poly carbonate core that keeps everything firmly secure, but also its the high performance 4 strap jock system of the Diamond MMA Cup is really comfy and also the Compression shorts themselves are really comfy, made with quality materials and the shorts have a drawstring providing a really snug custom fit – but please note If you are thicker in the thighs and/or seat areas, it is suggested that you go up a size.
  3. And my balls can breathe! – Its not just the levels of protection and comfort that I love about this Diamond MMA Cup, its also the fact that my balls don’t get too sweaty when I’m wearing it because the ventilation system is really good. Come on lads lets be honest getting sweaty balls is one of the gross parts of being a guy and working out, so with this cup your gona minimise your ball sweat which is another big plus here!

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  • Its so durable that it will likely be the last cup you will ever need to buy! You do hear stories of cracked cups a lot and I have damaged one badly myself before, but The Diamond cup is not likely to ever get damaged or cracked from a human strike.

  • Made from excellent materials in fact according to Diamond, it is made with military grade elastics which is really cool and explains the high level of quality the product has in general.Best_MMA_Cups_Diamond_UFC_Balls Review Fight Gear Protection MMAGateway
  • The Diamond MMA Compression Jock uses a high performance 4 strap jock system to hold the specially designed cup in the cup pocket in place comfortably.
  • The Diamond MMA Compression shorts have a drawstring which helps with the custom fitting, but make sure that if you have thicker thighs that you go up a size.
  • Diamond MMA cups come with a lifetime guarantee, and the shorts and jocks come with a 30 day guarantee, meaning that on the off chance you do break your cup, you can get a replacement asap.
  • There’s great Sizing ranges in Inches on the waist ranging from: Small 28″ – 32″ Medium 32″ – 34″ Large 34″ – 36″ X Large 36″ – 40″ XX Large 40″ – 44″.
  •  The patent pending system prevents both lateral and vertical movement of the cup, so it stays in place nicely throughout your combat regimes.

    Best_MMA_Cups_Diamond_UFC Balls Review Fight Gear Protection MMAGateway

  • The co-molded elastomer design coupled with a polycarbonate core gives unmatched protection and comfort, which was actually designed by award winning designers and Stanford University engineers, the system has also been approved by Doctors and Urologists as the best groin protection on the market.
  • Diamond MMA products are used by professional athletes worldwide regardless of if they have sponsorship right or not.
  • The Diamond MMA Cup is designed and manufactured in the United States, which for any patriotic Americans is a great thing!
  • Great price point for such an indestructible Cup –  I’m serious it’s not likely that you will ever break the first one you buy.


  • Lack of colour options, that’s about the only think I can point out as a negative here, because this product is really a 10 out of 10 for a reason!

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Give your manhood some Diamond Protection!

Best_MMA_Cups_Diamond_UFC_Balls_Review_Fight Gear_Protection MMAGatewaySo that’s all I have to say about the best MMA Cup being the Diamond MMA Compression Short & Cup. Sure its my opinion and you can disagree if you like, but its your nuts at stake here!

When it comes to your ability to make children, don’t settle for any type of cheap protection because if you get a hard low blow with a  rubbish cup you will seriously regret it, maybe even for the rest of your life – so give your manhood some Diamond Protection!

Trust me when I say I have yet to come across a more protective and comfortable MMA Cup, so if your ready to make your order then you can do that right HERE.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, so if you did then please leave a question or comment below and I will always get back to you.

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Marley Dawkins


  1. Daaaang these are nice. I’m a boxer right now and haven’t yet delved into the world of MMA, but I’m definitely thinking about making the transition. As you said, I can imagine having a cup is of such importance. It is in boxing too, but not nearly as much lol. I totally agree to not settling when it comes to your ability to make future children- don’t settle with cheap crotch shielding material!!!

    • Hey buddy, much respect for anyone who trains any martial art and Boxing is such an effective striking form – nice to hear you are looking to transition into MMA. But definitely as much as you need a god cup in Boxing, in MMA it is even more important when knees and kicks get added into the mix! Its definitely no game when it comes to your male reproductive abilities so this Diamond Cup does the business!

      Also here’s another great item for striking protection for your head.

      Thanks for stopping by again man!

  2. This diamond protection seems like the REAL DEAL!! I’ve seen many protective cups but this one just stands out!! The fact that it’s diamond-shaped is a reason to consider buying it.

    Diamond shape means it’s spreading out the pressure. The built material is also AWESOME and it seems so professional!!!

    • Hi Tyler, yeah this Diamond Cup really is the real deal! And your right the diamond shape really does spread out the pressure!

      By the way if you are sparring hard then make sure you have a QUALITY Mouth guard!

      Thanks for dropping by bro!

  3. Hi,
    I was just surfing and came across your website. A friend of mine is currently training hard in MMA, so this product seems like it could be the one he will use. I will make sure he gets the link to this site. I know sometimes he gets hit down there accidentally so its quite painful, looking at the protection it looks like it would protect below and be comfortable while sparring.

    • Hey Khayyam, cool t hear that your friend is training MMA, this website will give him all he needs – so yeah make sure he drops by. If he has a crappy cup then this Diamond up is genuinely the best I’ve used before.

      Do you know if he has some quality hand wraps and mouth guard for instance?

      Thanks for dropping by!

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