Best MMA Shorts Part 1 – Fuji Musashi Fight Shorts Review

Product: Fuji Musashi Fight ShortsMMA_Gateway_fuj-1077_black_01_grande UFC Miyamoto Musashi

Price: Have a look right HERE

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

Size: 28″, 32″, 34″, 36″, 38″, 42″ (waist)

Leg Length: 20.5″, 21″, 21.5″, 22″, 22.5″, “23”

Colour: Black

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Product Overview

Now working out what is the best MMA shorts in the industry is difficult to define with one pair of shorts, so at MMA Gateway we are going to be reviewing some of the industries favourite MMA shorts in a series to give you a variety of options to the one question – what are the best MMA Shorts around?

So today we are reviewing a beautiful pair of MMA shorts aesthetically, one of my personal favourite pairs – The Fuji Musashi Fight Shorts.

Now there’s a few things I love about a good pair of MMA shorts –

  1. they are comfortable to wear, which is so important in the heat of combat, any distractions like uncomfortable equipment can be the difference between winning and losing in some cases.
  2. They need to be practical for all areas of MMA – from all forms of striking, to all forms of grappling, meaning you can do either with ease in the shorts, so they have to be durable yet flexible and breathable.
  3. In my opinion a great pair of MMA shorts also need to be cool to look at, and they need to show a piece of your character, which will also help with your overall confidence in your game.

The Fuji Musashi Fight Shorts incorporate all of these elements and more, to achieve a brilliantly balanced piece of MMA equipment, that is really built for the battle.

Here’s a quick vid to give you a bit of a closer look at these shorts –

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History of Fuji Sports

So everything starts somewhere, and Mount Fuji in Japan is an iconic area of the world, in ancient Edo Japan and before then, Samurai warriors would train for hours, days, weeks, months, years, perfecting their MMA_Gateway_fuj-1077_black_01_grande UFC Miyamoto_Musashiswordsmanship, battle ready mind, and spiritual stability.

The company Fuji have created a foundation based on this principle – making a sanctuary for quality martial arts training, and in the words of Jimmy Pedro, supports athletes to get from the bottom of the mountain to the top of athletic success.

So Fuji Sports (With Hatashita Sports) was founded by Frank Hatashita, who is himself an 8th Dan in Judo. He was also a Vice-President of the IJF (International Judo Federation) and President of the Pan American Judo Federation, as well as many other respected positions such as an IJF referee, and the owner of many dojo and affiliates. To my understanding he was hugely important in lobbying to get Judo into the Olympics, as well as having a deep knowing of the most important altruistic elements of martial arts.

Fuji is known for high quality in the industry, while also having some of the best prices in comparison to other companies. Lia Hatashita and Jimmy Pedro are now the two leaders of the company, Pedro himself being a 4-time Olympian, 2x Olympic medallist, a World Judo Champion, and recently a coach for Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison.

With all this knowledge at Fuji you know this is a great company.

My Favourite Parts of these Shorts

Ok well first off I will say that have you heard of Miyamoto Musashi? If you haven’t then I suggest you look into him, because he was one of the greatest samurai in Japanese history. He lived in the 16th century Edo period, and was known for being undefeated in 60 sword duels in his life, while also authoring the book “The Book of Five Rings” (五輪の書 Go Rin no Sho) in which he detailed sword techniques, tactics, and philosophy which is still used today by some.

  • Why is this important? Well because the Samurai warrior artwork design on these Fuji Musashi Fight Shorts is actually a design of the legendary Miyamoto Musashi himself, which just makes you feel like a serious Ronin badass  while your wearing these shorts.
  • Secondly, it doesn’t matter what way you stretch these shorts, they will not rip – the intelligent 4-way stretch performance fabric means they are perfectly flexible but durable. So no matter what positions you find yourself in during an MMA bout, anything from shifting around your guard on your back, to throwing head kicks on your feet, these shorts will never be in danger of ripping. The 4″ Side slit with no seam enhances the flexibility of the shorts as well.
  • There is also a little, Inside mouth guard pocket which I just think is a nice little touch, because a lot of cheaper brand MMA shorts have no extra quality touches like this.

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  • These Fuji Musashi Fight Shorts are Perfect for BJJ & Grappling because there is no elements in the design that would interfere with BJJ & Grappling techniques.
  • The shorts are really comfortable, no itchiness, oversized parts, or bits of fabric poking in random areas – nothing but a smooth snug fit, with plenty of breathing room.MMA_Gateway_fuj-1077_black_01_grande UFC Miyamoto Musashi
  •  These Musashi Shorts also Features a 4-way stretch performance fabric, meaning that no matter what way you pull and twist the material while rolling, no matter how hard you stretch it in grappling exchanges, there is no limit to these shorts flexibility.
  • The Waistband closure has a simple inside drawstring and Hook & Loop system which is really easy to open and close, while also not being too big and chunky like some poorer designed fight shorts out there.
  •  The 4″ Side slit with no seam, gives that additional flexibility, breathing room and comfort to the shorts in general.
  • Its nice to have quality additional features on any equipment, and on the Inside of these  Fuji Musashi Fight Shorts, there is a nicely designed little mouth guard pocket, which is handy so you don’t lose your mouth guard in the gym lol.
  • The Miyamoto Musashi graphics and the traditional Japanese elements of the artwork just make these shorts even cooler, in fact I think it takes the coolness rating off the charts! 
  • Ultimately the Fuji logos and graphics serves as a perfect reminder during training for a second, that you are wearing top class fight shorts that can handle any situation just like you can 🙂


  • Now I love Black don’t get me wrong, and its the best colour to use for these kind of serious shorts, but at the same time if would be awesome if Fuji did some different colours of these Fuji Musashi Fight Shorts – even just an opposite white pair with a black design of Miyamoto Musashi.
  • Samurai heavy Japanese themed shorts like this might not be to everyone’s taste, as some would say having no design of historical characters would be better for MMA shorts – but I love the design and who knows in the heat of combat, your opponent may get caught adoring the artwork on the shorts that you catch them with something big to end the fight 🙂

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The Way of The Samurai cannot be denied

MMA_Gateway_fuj-1077_black_01_grande UFC Miyamoto MusashiThe way of the samurai is one of a stoic warrior, an unbreakable mind, with the discipline of sword, and the heart of a protector of life just like the legendary Miyamoto Musashi . When you put on these Fuji Musashi Fight Shorts, you literally feel like your stepping into the shoes, and as a true martial artist, that is what you are.

As we martial artists know, there is no give in the heat of combat, there is nothing that will save you, only your training, your technique and the spirit of Musashi – an unbreakable fearlessness and bravery to drive head first into battle and face the greatest of opponents.

So there is only one movement left to do, you need to get yourself a pair of these legendary shorts, and if your ready to get a pair, then you can do that right HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this review, remember as I said at the start there will be a series of the best MMA shorts reviews coming here at the MMAGateway – and if you have any comments, questions or general feedback then post it below and we can open up some dialogue.

Have a great day!

Marley Dawkins


  1. Marley, great MMA Shorts. i sure want to try these out some day. I have Ben training BJJ off and on for roughly 6 years, and The products that Fugi make are great i have trained in their gis, and i am pretty sure these shorts are excellent too. I love the Japanese themed look with the art work and that whole samurai thing. Also hats off to Miyamoto Musashi, this review relay makes me want to try out these shorts. thanks.

    • Hi Shane, that’s awesome, you obviously know how good Fujis MMA and Grappling products are, and your clearly very skilled yourself. Yeah i love the Japanese theme and Miyamoto Musashi artwork, it just makes these shorts even more cool – trust me they are so comfortable to wear, and at a great price!

      Thanks for your feedback

  2. Just recieved these in the mail I can’t find the inside mouth guard pocket. All my gracie jiu jitsu shorts has them on the inside leg of the shorts. I guess the pair I have is different.

    • Hey Mike, keep looking you will find it 🙂 also Fuji could have a version with no internal mouth guard pocket, which yeah is usually on the inside of the leg of the shorts for most MMA shorts or occasionally on the waistline. You should contact Fuji directly and ask them if they do a version without the mouth guard pocket, or if they put the pocket in different areas on some batches.

  3. Hi Marley,

    I came across your site searching for Fuji Musashi Fight Shorts. My son’s friend has a pair so my son wanted a pair of these shorts too! I purchased the Fuji Musashi Fight Shorts off your site. He’s going to be surprised when he gets them.

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Pete, that’s so cool! Your son is very lucky to have an awesome dad like you 🙂 these Fuji Musashi Fight Shorts will be perfect for your son to take his training to the next level.

      Thanks for all your support!

  4. Hello

    very good info on these shorts, I agree they would be even more impressing in other colors. Maybe you can make a suggestion to them about this, I am sure they would sell even more of this product in a wide variety of colors…………..my favorite color is blue what is your favorite color

    • Hi Jeffrey, glad you can see what i mean about the lack of colour choices, i have actually emailed Fuji to suggest they get more colour options. Yeah Blue is solid, but Black is actually my favourite, which is why i have a pair of these shorts 🙂 but more variety of colours would be good for everyone.

  5. Hi Marley. What a great review. I very much like the shorts you show here. Your information about the history behind the company and location as well as the design on the shorts is very interesting and makes me want to seriously look into getting a pair for myself

    This is a great article and I look forward to seeing what you will review next.

    • Hi Frank, glad you like the review and the shorts, as well as the history of the company. They really are awesome shorts so if your into some serious training then get yourself a pair!

      Thanks for your comment anyway, keep your eyes open the next review is never far off ☺

  6. Wow, these look so badass indeed! The Musashi silhouette is adding that touch of don’t-mess-with-me factor. Might even be a good idea to wear these even if you’re not an MMA fighter just to make sure everyone should have a secound thought before jumping you.

    Also the variety of sizes is awesome and the fact that they’re stretchible and impossible to rip. Price is always decent… acyually it’s awesome for such a high-quality product.

    Do you think you can wear these shorts with a crotch protectir underneath?

    • Hi Simon, yes you are a man that clearly can see how awesome these Fuji Musashi Fight Shorts are 🙂 and i agree the “don’t mess with me” factor is off the scale with these shorts lol.

      Yes they also do have alot of sizes, and I’ve never seen mine or heard of anyone else’s Fuji Musashi shorts ripping, and yes the prices is awesome for the level of quality.

      Yes you can wear a cup with these shorts, I’ve done that a few times with these shorts and had no issues at all – thanks for your feedback bro, its appreciated!

  7. Hello

    Very nice article and an interesting product, I do like the appearance of these fight shorts. They do appear to be high quality and attractive as well, as you have stated they only come in black which might affect how many people would purchase but they still are an awesome product I would buy for myself for working out and my summer outdoor activities.

    • Hey Jeff, glad you liek these Fuji Musashi Fight Shorts, but yeah that a good point these shorts would be perfet for any kind of outdoor activities really, thanks for you support!

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