Best MMA Shorts Part 2 – Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts Review

Product: Venum Gorilla Fight ShortsMMA_Gateway_Fight_Shorts MMA_UFC_ven-0816_black 01 grande (1)

Price: Have a look right HERE.

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL

Waist: 29-30″, 31-32″, 33″, 34-35″, 36-37″, 38″

Colour: Black

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Product Overview

So figuring out what are the best MMA shorts in the industry? is a tough question to answer with one pair of shorts – but at MMA Gateway we are giving you a variety of options with this ongoing series of fight shorts reviews.MMA_Gateway_Fight_Shorts_MMA_UFC_ven-0816_black_01_grande

So today in part 2, we are reviewing  – Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts, and when I put on these shorts, I get a primal feeling which makes me ready to work hard on the mats, or any unarmed combat situation I find myself in.

For a good pair of MMA shorts, there are a few things that are crucial for me  –

  1. they are comfortable to wear, which is vital in live combat situations, because any distractions like your shorts being uncomfortable can be a determining factor in winning and losing a fight.
  2. They have to be durable as well as flexible and breathable, because in MMA everything is needed from punching, kicking, elbows, knees, wrestling, and grappling – so the Best MMA Fight Shorts must allow you to use all of these techniques with ease.
  3. From my perspective, a great pair of MMA shorts should also be nice to look at, with a cool design which adds another layer of interest for fans (Take notes UFC/Reebok).

These Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts have all of these points and more, to produce a solid piece of MMA equipment, that is really designed for combat.

Best parts of these shorts

So as with every part in this Best MMA Shorts series, I’m now going to tell you what are my favourite things about these Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts –

  • First off the design in beautiful, the Gorillas face is really great artwork, it literally looks like the Gorilla in the MMA_Gateway_Fight_Shorts_MMA_UFC ven-0816 black 03 grandepicture is about ready to jump off the shorts and eat some prey in the wild. Also as I mentioned at the start this Gorilla design also just makes you feel like an absolute primal beast ready to conquer the wild, which is very important when you step into a serious MMA bout, whether that’s in the gym, an amateur bout, or a pro bout.
  •  These shorts also have a Flex-System stretch fabric at the crotch and side vents, which really helps increase mobility and flexibility which again ticks one of my boxes for what a great pair of MMA shorts need.
  • And last but not least, these Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts come with a nonabrasive Velcro locking system, which gives a really quick and precise clamp, which makes taking these shorts on and off very easy, which as martial artists know – when you have been going really hard with a training partner or an opponent, then as soon as its over you want to get your gear off asap and get in the shower – no fiddling around with these Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts, just an easy system for getting them on and off quickly.

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  • These shorts are made from 100% Polyester, which is great for making them lightweight while also having high durability.MMA_Gateway_Fight_Shorts_MMA_UFC_ven-0816 black 03 grande
  • Venum say this is a “New closure system with a nonabrasive velcro” but really that just translates to shorts that are easy to take on and take off.
  • The Gorilla design is interwoven into the fibres giving durability, last ability of the artwork, and unsurpassed quality which i have come to expect with all Venum products.
  • The Flex-System gives increased mobility, which you will really notice when you throw a kick or look to advance in a grappling exchange, because these shorts will not hinder your movement in anyway.
  • These Shorts also have Reinforced seams, which again just adds to the durability of the shorts, making sure that you wont get any ripping or material fraying at the seams.
  • Great price for the level of quality your getting, from both a visual and a practical usage point of view.
  • Anytime you see the Venum logo on an MMA gear, you know that is a literal stamp of quality you could say, because personally I have never come across a poor product from Venum.MMA_Gateway_Fight_Shorts_MMA_UFC_ven-0816 black 03_grande


  • As I have mentioned with past reviews, it does annoy me a bit when there are no different colour options available, but if you could only have one pair in one colour then I would go with black as they are, but if you want these Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts in Red or Blue for instance then you will be disappointed.
    • The sizing of these shorts is not completely perfect, I’m 5ft 9, athletic build, and about 135 pounds, so a size Small fit me perfectly, so try and use that as a scaling when deciding what size you want. But as you can see from one of the product reviews on MMAWarehouse, occasionally a customer complains about the sizing with these shorts, so bear that in mind!

Unleash the BEAST!!

By now you should get the picture – if you want to be the king of the jungle in your gym, the ring or the cage, then you really need to start thinking about getting yourself a pair of these Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts.

Combat is no place for the weak or timid, and a Gorilla is one of the bravest animals in the animal kingdom, and one of humanities closest relatives – so if you really want to unleash the beast in you, then you will need the spirit of the Gorilla to dominate your opponent.

At this point you’ve probably made your decision, so if your now ready to get yourself a pair of these top quality MMA Fight Shorts, which I think is one of the best in our Best MMA Fight Shorts series – then you can make your order right HERE.

I hop you enjoyed this review, and if you have any questions then or valid comments then post them here and I will reply as soon as I can.

Stay tuned for the next instalment of the Best MMA Fight Shorts, as well as more of the best MMA product reviews in the industry right here at MMAGateway.

Thanks for your time!

Marley Dawkins


  1. Hi Marley,
    Great article, I’ve found very useful!
    My son just subscribed to a kickbox school, and he needs comfortable shorts to train. My son is a bit shy for the moment because he is new to this sport and I think it would be an excellent idea to give him some self-confidence by wearing this short. Just a question, please. Do you ship out of US?
    Thank you for this great post!

    • Hi Daniella, thanks for your feedback, great to hear your son is getting into Kickboxing, its a great martial art to learn, and some excellent shorts like these will definitely help to build confidence as you say. Shipping is available to any country as far as i know.

  2. These MMA shorts are absolutely out of this world, I did not know that this existed. The Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts are a bit pricy but the 30 day return policy gives a lot of reassurance. So many pros and cons and all with so much detail added, very informative and a great read, thanks for sharing, looking forward to your next instalment – cant wait!

    • Hi Ryan, glad you like this review and these Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts, the price is actually great for teh level of quality, and like you say the 30 day returns policy gives some extra security. If you need any help making a decision then give me a shout, and the next instalment should be in before the end of teh month 🙂 thanks for your comment!

  3. Wow that was an awesome article. I love the review of the shorts. I have two sons who would love those. My youngest son would probably use those to wear to the swimming pool. However my oldest son is a skateboarder. And I believe that is the type of clothing that he would go for. Perfect for wearing with the long skater socks. He gets his socks from a company called Exodus here in town but these are wonderful and they will go very nice with a variety of looks. Thank you so much for this review. I will be passing it on to my teenagers. Even though the summer is almost over with they can still have them for next year. Thanks again.

    • Hi Michelle good to see your back! Glad you like these shorts, and yeah they really are all purpose so your boys could get away with using them for any activities they want to do, and these shorts will give them a cool factor that’s off the charts!

      See if they like these ones as well.

      thanks for dropping in again!

  4. I am thinking about getting into MMA and I am glad I came across this review. This review is very informative and the images add to the content.

    After reading this review I will definitely be getting these Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts.

    Thanks for the excellent review! i am very glad I came across it today.

    • Hi Alexander that’s great that your thinking of getting into MMA – if you like these awesome Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts, then you you should also look at these ones

      Thanks for dropping in and good luck in your MMA journey!

  5. Hey, Marley ! Yet another great post about your favorite past time “MMA” fighting ! I look forward to reading your posts on a regular basis. I love these shorts as I like 100% Polyester. It is easy to move in and I love to use it at the beach. However, being 6’5″, I’m not sure whether they come in looong sizes ? Not XXL, but long.

    • Hey Rico, nice to see you here again, yep you know its all MMA here lol and good to hear your enjoying the posts – yes like you say these Venum Gorilla fight shorts are great for movement, but don’t worry you can customise the short length at order 🙂

      Also try these shorts bro, they are really nice as well.

      Thanks for your feedback! 

  6. I’m a bit disappointed that there are no other color options, and that black is one of the few color options available. But with that being said, I do love the design on them. It blows my mind that they are so stylish yet are meant to exercise in. I love them.

    • Hey Kelsey, yeah I know right that always annoys me with any product having a lack of colour options, but like you say the design is awesome 🙂 you could get them for your own Gorilla if you have one lol, that’s not to say women cant wear these short though, so get them for yourself if your feeling rather primal!

      You might like these shorts as well so check them out.

      See you again!

  7. I love these shorts. I am not into MMA but was looking for a great pair of shorts for exercising and I think I will be asking for these for Christmas. Cool

    • Hey Sam, yeah that’s cool because these shorts can be used for any exercise – obviously they will bring out your Primal side in anything you do!

      What sort of exercise do you like to do? You will find these sunglasses nice for a variety of sports too 🙂

      Have a good one!

  8. Hey Marely,
    I found this post to be great. You got right to point with these short; you provided great specs and the picture right there to see it. Thanks for providing your insight on MMA shorts. Although I am not into the sport, I will be sure to come here if I ever need a reference.

    • Hey Rocco, glad you like my review and these Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts – they are great for any kind of sporting activity, so come and get a pair anytime.

      Also you should check out this T-shirt too, its one of my favourites 🙂

      See you again soon!

  9. Hi MDthefirst,
    Very cool review about fight shorts and it feels like a shorts tailored specifically for MMA contestants.
    The shorts looks like specifically tailored for boys?And it has any other colour, only black?
    I like running and I’m looking for a shorts for a girl running.It will be better if the fight shorts are cheaper.

    • Hi Gilbert, glad you like this review and these Venum Gorilla fight shorts – they are unisex really, but no variations of colours. Stay tuned because I will have some fight shorts specifically for women very soon.

      But look at this Sports Watch it is perfect for any female athlete.

      See you again!

  10. Venum is one of my favourite brands in wear and especially fighting sports wear. They just do TREMENDOUSLY COOL STUFF!!!!

    From which specific material these shorts are made?? From poly-wool combination?? Do they wrap your tighs or appear slack like boxing shorts?? The gorilla looks epic though!! I woul definetely buy one to add to my collection. I also like the hoodie sweaters from Venum, the snakebite ones.

    • Hi Tyler, yeah Venum are one of the best combat sports equipment companies, like you say its all super cool stuff! 🙂 they are actually 100% Polyester, which is such a durable material, they are not too tight at all.

      Also look at these shorts which are another good pair of fight shorts.

      See you again sometime!

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