Best MMA Walkout Songs – It fits the character and it fits the scenario

UFC_129_Msmirlie2863_MMA_Gateway_Best Walkout MusicThere’s a lot of great music you hear at MMA events, especially large events like UFC and Bellator, you might even occasionally see live music thrown in at these events. But what are the Best MMA walkout songs?

I mean lets be honest, every MMA fan knows that many of the best fighters will often have a great walkout song that they always enter the arena and the cage to.

In my eyes it often adds another level of excitement as a fan, and for fighters coming out to the right track can really assist with relaxation and focus in those final calm moments before your name is announced, the referee says “fight!” and the storm begins.

So in today’s post we are gona look at what are some of my personal favourite MMA Walkout songs, these wont be in any order, but lets see if you agree with my picks! –

Urijah Faber – Tupac “California Love”

If anyone has been in Sacramento, California at an event when Urijah Faber walks out to the cage with this song, then you know how much pop the crowd has to it.

Even though Faber announced his retirement recently, he has had an amazing career of being a multiple time champion, and while he never officially held the UFC belt, he was a top 3 contender at 135 pounds for years.

Anytime I hear California Love by Tupac come on anywhere, I always think of Urijah Faber – hes a loose fun loving type of guy and of course he is from California, so this track really encapsulates him.

Im California dreamin!!

Chuck Liddell – DMX “Its dark and hell is hot”

Some tracks just give you that battle ready feeling, and this track really does that – and none were more battle ready then Chuck Liddell on his way to the octagon in his prime.

When I hear this track it really gives me an “icy” feeling almost, which was always fitting for The Iceman himself – He was always cool, calm and focused on approach to the octagon, cerebral in his fights with the KO power to literally Freeze any Light heavyweights advance.

Brrrrr gives you goosebumps, which is needed as a fighter before combat, gota stay frosty because its dark in that cage and there’s no place hotter.


Chris Weidman – Tom Petty “I wont back down”

An unstoppable drive, that is what every fighter must have built into them, an absolute denial to back down to your opponent – a determined will to find a way no matter what.

Not many fighters have an indomitable will like Chris Weidman, he has that Captain America feel to him, and that with his pressuring style with his strong wrestling/grappling fits this track nicely.

Great track to get a fighter ready to literally stand my ground, its the all Americans choice –

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Wanderlei Silva – Darude “Sandstorm”

A sandstorm can be brutal, a literal whirlwind of power reigning in on any unfortunate soul to be caught in one – that’s the way Wanderlei Silva has always fought, like an absolute storm that is relentlessly looking for a KO as quickly and as brutally as possible.

Its like a locomotive train coming towards you right – that’s what this track felt like when Wanderlei came out to it at many fights.

You almost felt scared for his opponent sometimes, knowing that many of them were simply not going to be prepared for the devastation that was about to fall on them as Sandstorm blares out on the speakers and Wanderlei stares through his opponent bouncing in front of them, which was probably one of the most intimidating stare downs in MMA history.

Conor McGregor – Sinead O’Connor & The Chieftains “Foggy Dew”/Notorious Biggie Smalls “Hypnotize”

Well something from Conor McGregor has to make most lists in MMA nowadays, and this blend of tracks has been really electric at UFC 194 when he won the Featherweight title, also he even had Sinead O’Connor and The Cheiftans play Foggy Dew live at UFC 189.

Hes been using this blend ever since and both tracks show a side to Conor McGregors character – one side the serious and proud Irish warrior, ready to go to battle as he calmly and confidently walks to the octagon to the harmonic sound of Sinead O’Connors voice.

Then boom, he bounces into life as his confident and brash side comes through, to the classic gangster sound of “The Notorious” Biggie Smalls Hypnotize, and that’s what Conor likes to do in the fight, try and hypnotise his opponents with his movements, and then land a big clean shot.

What a great mix of tracks from the Notorious one!

Shawn Jordan – Johnny Cash “Hurt”

I’ve always been a big Johnny Cash fan, and this track Hurt is without questions one of my favourites, as it evokes a feeling of sorrow, regret, pain and a last stand. This is why this track perfectly fits a fighters walkout song, and also the new Logan film.

Shawn Jordan is certainly someone who brings the hurt to his opponents in the cage, and is willing to get hurt to dish it out – personally I became a fan of Mr Jordan when I first heard him walk out to this track.

While Mr Jordan might not ever be a champion in the UFC as he signed with World Series of Fighting in 2016, I will still always remember him as the first fighter to have my favourite Johnny Cash track for a walkout song.

Classic –


Michael Bisping – Blur “Song 2”

Its a hallmark of MMA walkouts at this point, as the crowds (especially the UK crowds) start screaming weeehoooo! as this classic rock anthem blares out across any arena.

It a fun experience every time, just like Michael Bisping inside the cage and outside the cage, the man knows how to put on a show for the fans, and this tracks just sums that up nicely –

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Ronda Rousey – Joan Jett “Bad Reputation”

Love her or hate her, you cannot deny that when “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey walks out to this track its a great experience for the fans, she mean mugs the camera and her opponent, and you can literally see that she doesn’t care about her bad reputation.

I mean lets be honest, Ronda would be the first to admit she does have a large chip on her shoulder,  and this female angst classic rock track from Joan Jett just feels like a chip on the shoulder in general.

I personally am a fan of The Runaways and Joan Jett, so I always enjoyed Ronda’s walkouts – I just hope that after the hard losses shes had recently that she will come back again one day. But if not at least we have these awesome walkout memories 🙂

Robbie Lawler – Sam & Dave “Hold On I’m Coming”

We all get excited as MMA fans to see our favourite fighters walk into the octagon, and all hardcore MMA fans have always loved watching Robbie Lawler fight.

The man has a fighting ferocity about him that many cannot match, completely fearless, that coupled with the KO power in his strikes, and his nonchalant attitude outside the cage just makes the experience of seeing Robbie Lawler fight a treat every time.

This classic track Hold On was awesome when i first heard Robbie walk out to it – like literally saying hey everybody you can all relax I’m here now 🙂

This track just has that “The Man” feel to it, which is very fitting for such a legendary fighter like Robbie Lawler.

Tim Kennedy – Alice in Chains “Rooster”

Oh man this is another track that gives me goosebumps just listening to it, it really has that cold veteran last stand feel about it. The lyrics are literally about a solider fighting for his life to stay alive under enemy fire, so it couldn’t be more suitable for a fighter then Tim Kennedy.

The man is a legend in and out of the cage, hes an active Ranger qualified, Green Beret Special Forces Sniper, being put in the most compromising situations around the world outside of the cage.

Tim Kennedy has a very light-hearted character about him, and can give a joker type of vibe when you see him in interviews. But don’t let that fool you, hes all business on his way to the cage as well as in the fight, and this track just gives him an aura of invincibility on his walkout –

Fedor Emelianenko -“Oy to Ne Vecher” by Father Andre

Ok so if your not Russian this track might not be your cup of tea, but I love it as for me it brings back memories of watching Pride fights as a youngster, seeing Fedor Emelianenko calmly walk out to the ring, with that icy stare he always had, while Father Andre blares out in the arena.

It had to be one of the most intimidating things for his opponents to hear as he made his approach to the cage – knowing what an amazing fighter you are about to face in Fedor – the man was undefeated for 10 years against the best, and this track is a hallmark of that glorious time in his legendary career.

Legends never die and neither will Fedor or this track –

It goes with the character and it fits the scenario

So that’s it for today guys, I gave you some of my personal favourite best MMA walkout songs. Like I say, the best ones for me were always the ones that fit the character and fit the scenario, and if you add that to a winning career, it just makes for an exciting walk out for us MMA fans to enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and if you have any of your own suggestions for the best walkout tracks, or you have any questions about my picks, then post something below and I will get back to you asap.

Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe, and until next time, enjoy the fights this weekend at UFC on Fox 25 Weidman vs Gastelum.

See you soon!

Marley Dawkins


  1. I am not an MMA fan as such Marley, but I do get what you are saying. Who would have thought about the song as they enter the ring or the auditorium? As I started to read your article it dawned on me and yes, for the few I have seen, the song was captivating and said so much about the fighter. Great post and happy to have stopped by your site today.

    • Hi Merry, well you pick up enjoying MMA at any age in my experience, so who knows you might get hooked on MMA at some point 🙂 and its even cooler that you can tell that the walkout song of a fighters is a big deal, and can really give someone a psychological edge on approach to the cage.

      You could also try reading this post and get the book to learn more about the ethos of MMA, from one of the best MMA coaches.

      Stop by again sometime!

  2. You got some good ones here! I’m a big MMA fan but I’ve never been to a live event. I can imagine the goose pimples you must get hearing fighters come out to a great song. I think the best songs are ones that add to the intimidation factor of a great fighter. Since it’s all about the W, if I was in there, I’d be thinking about psyching my opponent out, and getting myself ready to fight.

    • Hi Nik, glad your liking my picks – you should go to a live event, there really is no live events like big MMA events for pure excitement! You can look at the list of events to book tickets right here.

      But your right psychology is a big part of MMA, many of the best fighters use a whole host of psychological attacks on there opponent before the fight starts – check this post out to go more into MMA psychology.

      Thanks for stopping by, see you again!

  3. I really enjoyed this article especially with the McGregor and Mayweather fight approaching. McGregor’s intro song is definitely my favorite with the little Irish twist at the beginning of the song. Also, who doesn’t like Biggie am I right?

    One question, what is Nate Diaz’s intro song?

    • Hi Brendan, glad you enjoyed this post and your buzzed for McGregor vs Mayweather, because we every big fight fan is! But yeah Conor’s walkout music is easily one of the best in the UFC right now – the beautiful voice of Sinead O’Connor, going into probably the most gangster rapper ever in Biggie is an amazing blend! and it really sums up who Conor is 🙂

      Nate Diaz has come aout to a few different racks through the years, but he does like his 2Pac, hes come out to “Im a Solujah” and “Last Ones left” 🙂

      Anyway thanks for your feedback!

  4. Every time I watch a fight I always noticed they have to come out to a song that either gets them pumped or in the “zone” and to be honest it adds excitement for the audience as well. My personal favorite on your list is “California Love” and I’m not sure if anyone has ever used it or would but if anyone walked out with “Knuck if you buck” playing that’d be insane lol

    • Hey Sade, yeah definitely fighters love to do that, the song very often has a special meaning for the fighter personally, because like you say they need to get pumped and focused.

      Ah yes California Love is a classic 🙂 its been Urijah Fabers walkout track forever!

      Anyway thanks for your comment, see you again sometime!

  5. What great post. All the songs match the fighters personality and are great enforcers to their psyches and make them ready to fight. I watch all of the the songs and the one I liked most is Bad Reputation that Ronda use. I am a big fan of her and I hope she can find her way back to the top fighters in MMA

    • Hi Ruben, exactly just like you say these tracks really fit the fighters personality and gets them ready for battle. But yeah Ronda’s track is definitely cool, and if you a big fan of her you should read this post

      Anyway thanks for your feedback, have a good one!

  6. Hey Marley, I used to be really involved in Martial Arts and was always interested in picking up MMA again but you know life gets in the way and work, and other obligations can sometimes be an excuse not to do the things you love.

    I really enjoyed having a poke around your website!

    What would be YOUR personal favourite song to play if you were a top UFC contender?

    • Hi Michael, yeah i hear you, we all have that with certain things in life, there’s always something that we wished we did, but yeah life carries on and before you know it then its too late to pursue.

      But we are lucky to be fans and be able to witness this great sport of MMA.

      I would definitely have a pretty heavy deep track like Tim Kennedys Alice in Chains Rooster – im thnking i would have Soundgarden – Blackhole Sun 🙂

      I can tell you have the mind of a martial artist, so you should read this book

      Thanks for your feedback!

  7. I’m not much on an MMA fan but my dad sure is. We used to sit around and pretend to do entrances. I’d always come out to Last Resort by Papa Roach with a shower towel over my head haha. I really enjoyed this post.

    • Hi Ellena! Oh that sounds pretty cool to me 🙂 and i love the distinction of having a towel over your head lol

      Thanks for your support!

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