Best treadmills for home use – NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill Review

Product: NordicTrack Commercial 1750 TreadmillMMA_Gateway_NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Review

Price: Check it out at Amazon.com

Max User Weight: 125kg (275.5lbs)

Item Weight: 141 Kg

Speed Range: Speed Range: 0-22 kph (0-13.6 mph)

Colour: Silver and Matte Black Finish

Guarantee: Lifetime frame warranty, 10-year motor warranty and a 2-year parts and labour warranty.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product overview

So today we are looking at another treadmill which I have had the privilege of using, with a focus being on  – the best treadmills for home use. Its a complex question, and one that in my opinion does not have a single answer, but today we are certainly looking at a very good option know as –  The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill.

Now for me no matter what piece of equipment I’m using for my workouts, I personally like to know that what I’m using has a top of the line feeling to it, which gives me more confidence to use the equipment consistently.

That’s the feeling you get when your running on this NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill, because the machine is just so sturdy with a wide running surface, classy touchscreen, great tech, and it doesn’t have the flimsy, shaky feel of the cheaper treadmills out there.

This video will give you a good insight into this treadmill if your pushed for time –

Where did I find this?

So as you can see from the above video this treadmill has a lot of pluses, but like anything there are minuses too, so I’m going to do my best to squeeze everything into a review for you – but as a side note I must state that the hot female athlete in the video unfortunately does NOT come with your purchase lol.

Anyway lets get started –

MMA_Gateway_NordicTrack_Commercial 1750 ReviewNow this probably won’t come as a surprise to you, but I first found out about this treadmill from a training partner, who actually wasn’t sure about which treadmill to get for the first time. I told him to get the one I had at the time which was Branx Fitness cardio pro treadmill, which is a good treadmill, but oh no that wasn’t good enough for him.

He had to “one up” me by getting a more expensive and generally better treadmill, so we researched for hours, and after a further few more hours of deliberating, I got him to agree to purchase the The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill.

On the day it was delivered, the delivery man was helpful to bring it into the flat, and we didn’t pay for assembly, so we had to do that ourselves – and even though the instructions were easy to follow, seriously you better set aside a good 3 hours to complete the set up properly, because that’s about how long it took us to set up the machine.

My Favourite Parts of this treadmill

So every item has its pros and cons which we will cover in the next section, but first I just want to highlight to everyone what my favourite parts are on this NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill –

BUILD QUALITY – I’m not a fan of cheap quality or imitations with any product I buy, so you will happy to know that the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill is anything but a cheap design – Everything is built with a sturdy top of the line feel to it, styled in its own unique design.

I mean everything from the excellent 22″ x 62″ cushioned deck, which can be adjusted to give a less cushioned experience, to the 3.8 CHP motor, to its whisper quiet design, fantastic incline/speed settings, to the lifetime warranty, it really does say it all for me.

Some treadmills have no cushioning on the deck, or are loud with a weak engine, lack of warranty cover and limited incline settings, but you never have to worry about any of that with the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill.

BRILLIANT FAN SYSTEM – I’m always a fan of little additional features with any product, and the two auto adjusting fans which blow from the console, as well as the single large fan on the accessory tray below are fantastic.

I have to say that these really did help when I was putting in a really hard workout, I didn’t even know about them when I started using it, but the ingenious part of them is that they increase their power as you increase your workout, making sure that you stay cool through out. For anyone that doesn’t trust machines being in cruise control all the time, well don’t worry the fans can be manually adjusted as well.MMA_Gateway_NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Review

TOP OF THE LINE TECH – I really like the technology which is used with this treadmill, because some treadmills have a horrible analog look and feel to them. But with the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill, you have one of the clearest monitors I have ever used, the “iFit system” really has so many functions and really lets you simulate running in any scenario you can think of.

The dual cardio grips monitor your heart rate better then most treadmills, because this one even works when your hands are sweaty which is awesome. Also the Bluetooth and Wifi technology used is top of the line, so its very easy to connect to your wireless router at home, and very quick to sync with Bluetooth tech.

TABLET HOLDER – Might sound irrelevant to some people, but for me having a good tablet holder is not as easy to find with a treadmill as you might think. So the fact that I can slide my Samsung tablet on top of this machine, with the adjustable tablet holder which is really secure, this is a big deal for me.

Some cheaper treadmills have a shaky tablet or phone holder, or in some cases no holder at all! If your constantly making business calls like me at various points of the day, then you will also appreciate how good the tablet holder is on this NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill.


  • As I said in the previous section, the build quality of this machine overall is really something to behold, it is exactly what you see in many of the top gyms in the world.
  • The Motor is a beast, it’s 3.8 CHP, the DurX- Commercial Plus can Peak at around 6.0HP, and with a lifetime warranty, you don’t have to worry about paying for any future repairs.
  • All the motor power gives a brilliant Speed Range of 0-22 kph (0-13.6 mph) which is a perfect range to get a light or hard workout done, which is all controlled via the Onetouch- Control system.
  • The Running Area has beautiful cushioning, which is not only is really comfortable to run on, but can be adjusted to give a more firm run. Also the running area has a much better size then a lot of treadmills for home use with dimensions of 55cm (22″) x 152cm (60″).
  • The 7″ Touchscreen Console Display is the most advanced looking one i have ever used, and with the adjustable tablet holder just above, you can really get a lot done while your running.MMA_Gateway_NordicTrack_Commercial 1750 Review
  • The Decline/Incline Range is awesome, going from -3 to +15%, and it makes the adjustment while your running very smoothly, meaning you can really play with gravity to get an authentic running up a mountain feel.
  • The system is preset with 38 workout programmes, and the iFit® Live Compatible system gives you even more variety to essentially design any type of workout structure that you wish.
  • The Heart Rate Measurement system can be done in two ways, via the Dual CardioGrips, or via the Bluetooth Wireless chest strap Receiver, both options are accurate and easy to use.
  • The Max. User Weight being up to 125kg (275.5lbs) really allows for people of any size to be running on the NordicTrack Commercial 1750.
  • Intermix Acoustics- 2.0 3-inch Speakers; WhisperQuiet Design;
  • The unique auto Fan system is superb with two on the console, and 1 big one on the large accessory tray underneath. They can all being adjusted manually or they can automatically adjust to the extremity of your workout.
  • Free shipping options available for most countries, as well as shipping option upgrades if you desire.
  • It has a fully folding option, so you can keep it out of the way when your not using it, and trust me a treadmill being able to fold away is crucial for home use, last thing you want is to trip on the treadmill with your dinner in you hand one day just because you bought a cheaper designed option to this treadmill.


  • It’s incredibly heavy (141 KGS) when you finish putting it together, so remember to put it together in the area where you will be using it.
  • It would be nice if it didn’t take so long to put together – me and my friend took over 3 hours to get everything in place, but you know what they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.
  • If your not making good money you might find it expensive, but once you research more you will realise that this is industry standard prices for top quality treadmills – its always going to be thousands, so if that’s too much for you now, then come back here when your financially more stable.

Get your trainers on and start running

MMA_Gateway_NordicTrack Commercial 1750 ReviewSo now its time to start running, so really what you want to do now, is go out buy some top of the line running trainers, and then come back to this review and get yourself a NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill. Because its very clear to me, that this treadmill is really one of the best treadmills for home use in the industry.

I have used a lot of treadmills in my life, but NordicTrack are known for their top quality machines, so any of their treadmills are good, but for me their Commercial 1750 Treadmill is the best one in their catalogue.

So now if your probably ready to pull the trigger and purchase one of these treadmills, which you can do right HERE.

As always I hope you enjoyed this review, or at the very least found it informative, so any comments, questions or general feedback, then make a post below and you know I will get back to you asap. Stay tuned for more reviews on my favourite products from the world of MMA and athletics.

Thanks for your time.


Marley Dawkins


  1. I enjoyed your review of the nordictrack. I see commercials all the time on TV for equipment like this and usually it leaves me with a lot of questions. Your review answered most all of them.

    Your mentions of all the different aspects of this device and also telling us about many of the extras was particularly interesting.

    I wish I had room in my tiny little house for one of these machines. You have made a very good case for someone to purchase one.

    Great job. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Frank, glad you enjoyed the review and that you found it helpful to answer some questions you have had about treadmills, is there anything else you wanted to ask about the NordicTrack or treadmills in general?

      Shame you don’t have the space for this in your house, i might know of some other smaller options if your interested? Anyway thanks for your feedback!

  2. Now you are talking! This is too sweet. I am on a health journey and I have stood still for too long. No pun intended.
    I have to get moving on my journey.. No pun intended . Ok I meant to be funny there . lol. But I really need a great way to workout at home when I cannot get out to exercise because of weather or the safety of where I live.

    And I do not like gyms . I think having stuff at home saves you money on membership fees and gas. Do you feel the same?

    • Hey Vertical, yeah i know exactly what you mean – I really like working in the gyms that i do, and i really love going out walking my dogs, going on long country or beach runs. But sometimes we can all relate to preferring to workout at home, and yes your right setting up your own gym at home can save a lot of time and money, i can tell you of many fighters who have had stories like this.

      Don’t get me wrong there are some great priced gyms and dojos in the world, interms of value for the training, their are some amazing trainers out there. But, their are also many snake oil salesman trainers in the gym/martial arts industries at times, people that just want to take as much of your money as possible while providing sub-par training, so having your own equipment at home can protect you from a lot of financial long term hassle.

      However the problem for an MMA fighter or any professional martial artist within all this, is that if you train at home all the time, then while your cardio and strength could be amazing, but have you got enough good people to train with at home to improve your technique?

      Its a weird catch 22, so i think mixing going to the gym for partners, and having your own gym at home for cardio/strength is the best blend, but then again if your just looking to workout and not be an MMA fighter or a professional martial artist, then a home based gym is 100% the way to go 🙂 and the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill is a great choice to start building a home gym.

  3. I have run on many treadmills in gyms in my day and can certainly tell the difference between a good and a shoddy one. Those hard clanking treadmills with no cushioning and slipping bands and then those with nowhere to put your drink or phone, towel etc.
    This is a well reported on and through review of one of the best on the market.
    When I think about it the amount of money we pay on gym membership would allow you to buy one of these over a year, and it would be available for all the family as well.
    I’m definitely thinking of getting one for my home – just need my new home first.
    Thanks for the review – will look out for your future postings.

    • Hi mbd, yeah i can tell you’ve done plenty of treadmill running yourself, your words ooze the expereince of someone who knows when they are running on a top class machine, and when they are running on a piece of crap.

      Glad you can tell the difference, and that this NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is one of the best options on the market, that yes will also save you a lot of money on gym memberships just like Vertical pointed out in the last comment.

      I hope your new house search goes well, and you know where to come when your ready to start building out your new MMA based home gym 🙂

  4. Hi!
    Thanks for the good article. Last year I lost 40 pounds running on treadmills so I totally agree some of the points you mentioned. Two fans on the console, the touchscreen console display and the design of the whole product really look amazing. Although I do have a question about the touch screen. Will sweat affect that? or does the screen already have precaution against it?

    • Hi Tony, that’s awesome how much weight you have lost last year, great job! Glad you can tell the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is a quality product, and no sweat doesn’t affect the screen, well not in my experience anyway, loads of drips of sweat fly all over mine when I’m using it long enough and i have never had an issue as a result of that, so it seems to have some waterproofing, however if you poured a big cup of water on it that might push it over the edge lol.

      Thanks for your comments anyway!

  5. Great review on this treadmill. I’ve seen this treadmill before and have used it. Honestly whatever you said is right, it’s a great treadmill. However, for me personally I do not like treadmills because I use to run marathons and it just feels so different outdoors with so many other resistance making the run outdoors so much harder. But this treadmill is phenomenal for people who are not competitive runners and also for people who find it difficult to be motivated to run as this treadmill has all sorts of accessories.

    FYI love your other reviews too! Especially the one on boxing, THE MONEY TEAM!

    • Hey Benjamin, thanks for your feedback, glad you know how awesome the NordicTrack is, but at the sametime i agree with you – outdoor running offers so much interms of the weather factors, changing of terrain and resistance/incline naturally.

      But every top athlete, or anyone aspiring to be a top athlete, should still also do their best to build out their own personal home gyms for “inbetween” workouts, and also at some times of the year due to weather, or if your name value is getting bigger, then having a home gym should a central point for many peoples training.

      Glad you liked my other review as well 🙂 but just so you know – “Money” Mayweather vs “The Notorious” Conor McGregor = McGregor wins via KO.

  6. Hi Marley,

    I really enjoyed reading your review about the Nordictrack! I have a treadmill at home called VO2 and to be honest, I am not really happy about it. It makes a lot of noise, and the slipping band always moves to the side which is very annoying. So I am looking for a new treadmill now. The Nordick Track looks absolutely awesome.
    I have bookmarked this article so I can read further later on:)
    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Hi Daniella, glad you liked the review, seems like you came across it at the right time. A noisy treadmill with slipping bands is a safety hazard and must be annoying for neighbours – You know where to come when your ready to get a new top of the line option 🙂

  7. I can attest to the benefit of using treadmills daily for losing weight or staying fit, I have recently lost 14 pounds in 1 month by dieting and walking on the treadmill daily. The thing is that I hate going to the gym daily, and I would love to have my own treadmill at home. So I have a bit of a dilemma lol! I am familiar with the premium quailty of Nordictrack’s equipment, and I’m sure that this one would fit the bill. With the tablet holder, does the treadmill have any type of connectivity for tablets or smartphones? You did note that it had bluetooth connectivity, I was just wondering can it be connected directly. Either way, I’m picking one up. Thanks for this review.

    • Hi Christian, great job on losing 14 pounds in a month from dieting and treadmill use.Sounds like you know how good the NordicTrack is, and yes it can be connected to tablets and smartphones, directly or via wifi or bluetooth.

      Let me know how your purchase goes and thanks a lot for your feedback.

  8. Great, informative review!
    I love treadmills, but the one’s I’ve used in the past definitely have that flimsy, cheap feeling to them, so it’s really cool to know that this one is good and sturdy!
    It’s also good to know how long it takes to set up! I would probably just pay for the assembly. (As long as it’s not a crazy amount)
    I think I would be most excited by the fan honestly! When I started running everyday, I felt like I was going to die from heat exhaust. I had no clue treadmills even offered that handy feature
    PS~Thanks for the tip of setting it up where it will stay put due to the weight!
    Madelaine C.

    • Hi Madelaine, you sound like an avid treadmill fan, so i can tell you have gone through my review of the NordicTrack with major detail 🙂 yeah paying for assembly is an option, but im not sure how much it costs honestly, because its a major operation setting it up yourself.

      Yes the fan systems really do keep you so cool while your running, and yes always install it where you want to keep it, because you will likely need a few people to move it.

      Thanks for your comment!

  9. Hi Marley, I so enjoyed your post about the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill. From the get go, the lifetime warranty is a big deal for me and I appreciate a good product that can stand behind their design. How interesting that the cushion deck can be adjusted, would that help transition someone from treadmill running to street running? Either way, what a great option, something I had never thought about before. Thank you for mentioning that the fans can be manually adjusted, I have very dry eyes and actually don’t like fans, so that is a big deal for me. Good to know the tablet holder is secure and adjustable, that is a must today. Your post was interesting and informative, a wonderful resource for someone in the market for a treadmill in their home. Thank you so much.

    • Hi guys, glad you enjoyed this review, and yes i agree a lifetime warranty is as good as it gets in any industry right – like you say it really shows a company that stand behind their product 100%.

      Yes you are right the cushion decking can be adjusted and just like you suggested, its to help simulate different terrains of running to be able to switch up the training intensity/diversity.

      Seems to be ideal for you that the fans can be manually adjusted also, so i think the NordicTrack would be great for you!

      Thanks for your feedback!

  10. You couldn’t be more correct about the feeling of durability. I’m six four and weight 230 pounds, and I need quality advice for a treadmill to use at home. I’ve purchased two over the years and I’ve never been happy with their durability. The amount of time to set it up is certainly a drawback for me and the weight, but I think that just goes with sturdy. Thanks for those tips. Great review. Very thorough. I will definitely pass this on to a couple of friends in the market for a solid treadmill.

    • Hey Patrick, yeah durability really is so important with treadmills, and with the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 you get the best durability i have seen in the treadmill market. Yeah size and weight can be difficult to deal with, but if you have the space and determination to build a home gym, then you need a solid treadmill always, its a cornerstone piece of any good home gym.

      Thanks for your comment anyway, definitely tell your friends to stop by, and of course if you yourself are ever in the market for a home gym, you know where to start looking – MMAGateway 🙂

  11. I have been looking to purchase a treadmill for home use. This is a great article highlighting answers to most of the questions that I had. I am intrigued that you highlight the female model and not the male model for those female or male readers who may also appreciate HIS good looks. 😉 Thank you for a thorough review of the product. I’ll check it out!

    • Hi Randene! Oh ok well if you are looking for a treadmill for home use, then this Nordictrack treadmill is just what you need! 

      Also here’s another good option for you if your on a tight budget.

      PS: Sorry about not mentioning the Male model lol!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Very thorough review and if I was looking for a treadmill I would definitely give this some serious thought. The tablet holder feature is really nifty. When I was going to gym that was always a problem for me …… most treadmills don’t even have a decent place to put your phone let alone a tablet.

    You answer all the questions that would have come to my mind, so job well done!

    • Hi Ziyaad, thanks for your feedback, this NordicTrack is an amazing treadmill, like you say the tablet holder is a nice little bonus!

      Check this post out if you want to build up your physical strength after working your cardio on the treadmill

      Stop by again sometime!

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