MMA GATEWAY BOXING floyd mayweather jrSo Boxing very simply put – is the art of throwing punches only in a martial arts contest, where you and your opponent will wear protective gloves, and then throw punches at each other for a set period of time or rounds, where the aim is to KO, TKO or outpoint your opponent.

Now while the art of hand to hand combat has been around since before the dawn of history, the sport of Boxing essentially originated when a person lifted a fist against another in a play in ancient Greece.

In different eras of the sport, there was either the use or non use of fist coverings, obviously hand injuries occur more frequently without fist protection in Boxing. In ancient Greece it was believed that fist fighting was one of the games the gods played on Olympus, thus it became part of the Olympic Games in around 688 BC.


MMA GATEWAY BOXING GREECEThe earliest depiction of Boxing originates in Ancient Sumeria around 3000 BC, and it developed through various cultures around the world. In certain areas it disappeared for long periods of time between the 12th-17th century, when carrying swords became more common, where fist fighting interest dropped considerably.

Then in around the 16th Century in England, as carrying swords began to wane, there was renewed interest in fist fighting, and the whole concept of prize fighting (fighting for money) began to proliferate. Then throughout the early 20th century, boxers struggled to gain legitimacy, due to the tendency of the sport to attract criminals, but they were aided massively by the influence of promoters like Ted Rickard and the popularity of great champions like  John L. Sullivan.

Some other great champion Boxers are the likes of Muhammad Ali (who was a powerful influence in politics as well), Jake La Motta (the basis for the film Raging Bull), Rocky Graziano (the premise for the Rocky film franchise), Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Prince Naseem, Rick Hatton, Floyd Mayweather. Some of the current best boxers in MMA/UFC are the likes of Conor McGregor, Nick Diaz, Holly Holm, Junior Dos Santos, Stipe Miocic, and John Lineker.

How does it work?

MMA GATEWAY BOXING JACK DEMPSEYSome of the basic techniques within Boxing are the Jab, Cross, Hook and Uppercut, however there are many variations of these techniques in combinations, along with head movement, defence and footwork being key to an effective Boxer.

In terms of your stance/guard, you will either box most commonly in the Orthodox stance, which basically means left leg/left hand leading, or  less commonly as a Southpaw, which means your right leg/right hand are leading.

Boxing however due to the amount of strikes some fighters absorb to the head over the course of a career, can lead to brain damage, and within a street fight with no referee, or gloves, Boxing can be life threatening if someones head hits a hard surface like concrete or steel for instance. So boxing is a martial art that must be used with care, because it is incredibly powerful with explosive results when proper technique and fighting ferocity is applied.

Here’s a video if your interested in learning the basics of the martial art of Boxing

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