Boxing Focus Mitts – Fairtex FMV14 Short Focus Mitts Review – develop laser guided strikes!

ftx-2131_black_01_grande_MMA_Fairtex_Focus_Mitts FMV14 Striking Martial ArtsProduct: Fairtex FMV14 Short Focus Mitts

Price: Check it out right HERE

Best place to buy: amazon.com

Colour: Black/Gold or Red

Material: Syntek Leather

Shipping: Varies on country

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product Overview

To be a top striker in MMA or in martial arts in general, then you have to get used to training with all different types of mitts, bags, dummies, gloves etc. So today we are looking at the Fairtex FMV14 Short Focus Mitts.

ftx-2131_black_02_grande_MMA_Fairtex_Focus Mitts FMV14 Striking Martial ArtsThese mitts that are designed to mainly improve your boxing technique, yet as I will explain, they can be used for all kinds of striking within reason.

But ultimately the most important factors to becoming a great striker is a few words – power, speed, technique and accuracy. As a trainer you must teach this to your students, and as a Martial artist you have to learn this – developing your power, speed, accuracy and technique can be the difference maker between winning or losing against your opponent. I have seen many strikers lose fights purely because either their speed, technique, power or accuracy was badly lacking in one or all areas.

When you have a fight, you will notice that your opponents head is a very small target in a lot of ways, especially if they have great head movement, so it can be a difficult task to land a clean strike against certain opponents.

However if you have been used to training hard with these mitts like these Fairtex FMV14 Short Focus Mitts, then your accuracy and general striking technique will improve substantially.

Here’s a video that will just give you a quick look at these mitts in action –

–>>Want to be a UFC champ? Well you better get used to raising the GOLD!<<–

My Favourite Parts of these mitts

  1. Well first off I love the fact that they can be used  not just for improving your boxing technique, power accuracy, and speed. But also for helping develop your kicks, knees and elbows. Sure if your a powerful strikerftx-2131_black_03_grande_MMA_Fairtex_Focus Mitts FMV14 Striking Martial Arts you will have to drop off a bit at times, and there are some competitive options out there for kicks, knees and elbows, but still the versatility here with these mitts is admirable. Also for pure boxing technique i think these are the best mitts you can get.
  2. Secondly the curved design of the mitts not only makes wearing them very comfortable, but it really helps with your pad work in terms of rolling with the strikes thrown at them. These mitts takes a lot of the pressure off of your wrists and instead puts more impact onto the center of your hand which is the most protected area.
  3. Also they just look really cool, you can get a lot of designs of Fairtex mitts in different places, but the black and gold design is always a great blend of colours and so for me its just a great part of these mitts.

Why not just train with a sparring partner?

This will be common knowledge for people who are used to training, but for those of you who are new to training you might ask yourself – whats the point in doing pad work? Why not just spar to improve my striking?

ftx-2131_black_01_grande_MMA_Fairtex_Focus_Mitts FMV14 Striking Martial ArtsWell first off you don’t want to start sparring before you are used to all the various boxing techniques and combinations sequences – you get your mistakes out on the pads before the sparring match or real fight happens.

Its a common thing for a young striker to want to start sparring and fighting early, but very often they will take a bit of a beating if they do too early, because in Martial Arts and MMA trying to run before you can walk is a dangerous game to play.

Secondly if your sparring with someone who is a pro or just used to striking, then you will find it very difficult to hit them. Their head movement, parrying, footwork and general technique will be far superior to yours, so if you cannot get used to hitting a moving target like these mitts, then you wont be able to hit a seasoned striker when you start sparring.

Also it is just much safer then sparring to begin with, because obviously the pads do not hit back and are purely for focusing on your accuracy, speed, technique and power – you cannot be throwing everything into your strikes with a sparring partner unless you both agree, but with pads you will be able to throw as hard as you want anytime you feel like it, and with pads like these Fairtex FMV14 Short Focus Mitts there will be no danger of hurting your coach or partner holding them for the most part.

Ultimately all pro and amateur strikers first get used to pad work before they start sparring, its all part of building your muscle memory, so that when you get into a sparring match or a real fight, your body will naturally know what to throw, when to throw it, from what angle, how to defend etc.

—>>Make sure you have the BEST POSSIBLE Jiu-Jitsu Gi on the Matts!<<—


  • These mitts are really made for speed and accuracy, meaning they are really important to have for any trainer/fighter.
  • The Fairtex FMV14 Short Focus Mitts can be used for a variety of techniques, from punches, elbows, knees, kicks as well as for building defensive skills like head movement, parrying and footwork.ftx-2131_black_02_grande_MMA_Fairtex_Focus Mitts FMV14 Striking Martial Arts
  • You can train elbow and knee techniques by yourself, which is handy if you don’t have a training partner around.
  • They are just seriously cool to look at, even though you can get them in other colours, I think the black and gold colours is the best.
  • These mitts take the pressure off the wrists, and the contoured design naturally rolls with strikes.
  • They are incredibly lightweight, making them perfect for speed, as well as making them easy to transport in your bag without weighing you down.
  • The durable micro fibre shell and Syntek Leather material make them really durable to last you for years of striking.
  • The have a beautiful smooth finish, which just adds to there overall cool design.
  • They are made in Thailand, which is great because Thailand has one of the richest striking based martial arts of any country in the world.


  • Errrmmm, yeah just trying to find one thing I dislike about these mitts is really tough, which you immediately know is the sign of a good product. But if I had to say one tiny issue I suppose it would be that mine came in standard plastic wrap, but if they came in a cool Black Fairtex bag as standard that would be awesome. You can get them but i believe they cost a little bit more.
  • There are some better mitts out there for kicking techniques in my opinion, but for Thai elbows/knees and especially boxing these mitts are amazing.

The best don’t miss!

ftx-2131_black_03_grande_MMA_Fairtex_Focus Mitts FMV14 Striking Martial ArtsMake sure you are walking the right path of improvement as a martial artist, and if you have aspirations to compete professionally in competitions or in pro MMA bouts, then your striking will need to become a well oiled machine, just like all areas of your game.

But when it comes to striking just remember tat the best strikers do not miss often, if at all in some cases. I could reel off names for you all day, but no matter who I mention, a huge part of why there striking has become so effective is because of how many hours, days, weeks, months and years of training they have done with pads like these Fairtex FMV14 Short Focus Mitts.

By now you should be prepared to get yourself a pair of these Mitts, so you can do that right HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have any questions or comments then please do post some below.

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See you soon!

Marley Dawkins


  1. Every sports person need to develop the needed skills and intuition to be top of their game, and they need all the help that they can get from coaches, tools, and equipment.

    For martial arts, certainly power, speed, accuracy, and technique are important skills that a good practitioner should have. From your review, Fairtex FMV14 Short Focus Mitts does sound like a very important piece that every martial arts practitioner should get as part of their training to attain all the important skills that put them on top of their game.

    So I hope they will come across this article which I think will be of a great help to them in deciding the best mitts to get.

    • Hi Alex, glad you can see the importance of the right training equipment for MMA fighters and all Martial artists. Thanks for passing it on, but also if your looking to start to learn MMA yourself then check this post out.

      See you again!

  2. A really useful article for the ones who practice box in real life and for amators too. It is very important to know what to use in your training sessions ,and you provided us this useful information. Thank you again for informing me what to get with me at the boxing gym!

    • Hi Max, glad you enjoyed the review, if your looking for more boxing equipment then you will need the right gloves and the right headgear.

      Thanks for your feedback anyway, see you again!

  3. Hey Marley, I enjoyed your review on the Fairtex short focus mitts. I don’t know much about MMA gear, but I enjoy watching on tv and I find it interesting the different gear and training methods these athletes use to get in such awesome shape. This product sounds like a keeper for those interested in getting serious about MMA. I did have a question, you mentioned that you can use these gloves to work on elbows and knees without a partner? How does that work?

    • Hi Will, cool that you like this review! but yeah you can totally use these mitts to practice Elbows and Knees by yourself. Watch the video, you just drill elbow and knee technqiues by yourself.

      Also these pads are even better for Muay Thai techniques.

      Thanks for dropping in!

  4. Awesome site! Easy to read and follow. Good media postings. Enjoyed watching the video demonstrating how to use the product. You can see the amount of force each elbow and fist that impacted the pad. Also the various uses of the pad.

    As a consumer I would like to see:
    Are there any other strike pads to compare this item to that are available in the market place?
    Is the price higher, lower or equal to other striking pads in the industry?
    Price confusion when ordering – The price on the page is listed at 76.20 (GPB) and when I click on the order page it’s listed at $99.99 (in US)?

    You are well on your way to get MMA trainers as customers from this site.

    Best of luck with your business.

    • Thanks buddy! Yes there are a lot of uses of these mitts, but yes there are many other mitts in the industry, some are more expensive then these Fairtex, and some and cheaper, and yes the price according to exchange rates/areas of the world etc.

      If you want to look at some other mitts then try these.

      Come back again sometime!

  5. Hi Marley,

    thanks for the review. i did a stint as a boxer for a few months and in the process got myself some awesome Fairtex boxing gloves so can definitely vouch for the brand.

    i think i saw a similar video while i was trying to do some research into which boxing gloves to buy too as a friend had also recommended the fairtex brand.

    all the best,


    • Hey Jerry, that’s awesome bro! Sounds like you know your stuff to me, because you cant really go wrong with Fairtex.

      If you want some gloves then try these.

      Thanks for stopping in!

  6. These look awesome. I love the versatility of these gloves that many different styles of martial arts can use this. I am impressed you can even take knees and kicks with these gloves as well. I would be scared to take the force from a kick to my hands. haha. I love the idea of using these as a moving target. Really cool.

    • Hi Austin, nice to see you back! Yeah man these Fairtex Mitts are awesome and really multi faceted. Also you should try these ones if you are looking for Quality Mitts.

      Thanks for all your support! 

  7. I use the Fair Tex muay thai pads with my 10 year old son and I definitely recommend them. For the price point and quality, they are truly tough to beat! There are a lot of other great products on here too, the Fair Tex focus mitts are great too!
    You can’t go wrong with any of the products here.

    • Hi Nik, that’s great to hear! Every good parent actively trains with their child from my perspective, and like you say you cant really beat Fairtex for the best mitts in the industry and you can always trust MMAGateway to let you know about the best of the best!

      Has you son got some good headgear for when he starts sparring? Have a look at this review.

      Thanks for your support!

  8. Hi Marley,

    Great article!
    My uncle practices Thai boxing for years now, and soon he will be celebrating his birthday. I didn’t know what kind of gift to buy. He has plenty of Thai gear, and I am sure he has gloves as well, but it is always good to have new equipment. I just would like to know what size should order? Or it doesn’t matter?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Hey Daniella, thats awesome! Wish i had a bad ass Thai boxing uncle! For anyone who trains new equipment to use is really one of the best gifts anyone can get you, so these Mitts will be perfect for him. Don’t worry about sizes though as one size fits all.

      He may already have some Mitts like these, but they are even better for Muay Thai.

      Have a great day! 

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