Bruce Lee DJ Shirt Review – Represent the Grandfather of MMA in style!

Bruce Lee DJ 71kmsmjjktl-_ul1500_1Product: Bruce Lee DJ T-Shirt By BNA78

Price: Check it out at Amazon.com

Size: Small – XXL

Colour: Charcoal Grey

Guarantee: Standard 30 days return policy

My Rating: 9 out of 10




Product Overview

81cexgw4xl-_ux522_1Its one of the coolest feelings for me, of when i put some clothes on that really identify with my character in someway, we all love that feeling of wearing things that we define ourselves by – this Bruce Lee DJ shirt is one of my favourite items of clothing to wear whenever i’m at casual events, seeing friends or just relaxing round the house.

Bruce Lee has always been an Icon for me growing up, and in my opinion he was the first amazing martial artist to blend the ancient world, respect and honour, with a level of coolness never seen before that appealed to kids like myself growing up.

For me this T-shirt perfectly encapsulates and embodies how awesome a character Bruce Lee was, and if you agree you should keep reading –

The Grandfather of MMA

Everything has a starting point, and in the words of UFC president Dana White –

“Bruce Lee is the Grandfather of MMA”


“If you look at the way Bruce Lee trained, the way he fought, and many of the things he wrote, he said the perfect style was no style. You take a little something from everything. You take the good things from every different discipline, use what works, and you throw the rest away”

MMA_Gateway_hong_kong_bruce_lee_statueThese are sentiments that myself and many others in the MMA community agree with, because it is widely accepted that Jeet Kune Do the martial arts system that Bruce Lee developed, was the first amalgamation of various forms of Martial arts, resulting in the early groundwork for Mixed Martial Arts to evolve worldwide.

Bruce Lee is beloved around the world, by martial artists of all backgrounds, there’s even a statue of him erected in Hong Kong.

Personally it was my fascination with Bruce Lee and his techniques that lead me into watching MMA as a young boy, i would watch all his films, and interviews then start jumping around the living room trying to imitate his moves. Of course i didn’t realise at that age until i started training myself, how much effort goes into living as a martial artist.

But it wasn’t just his martial arts skill and charisma that made Bruce so popular, it was also his philosophies on life that provided additional veneration to him in the world – my understanding of Bruce Lees philosophies didn’t mature until i had learnt more life lessons through my teenage years and into adulthood till today.

Watch this video to hear a statement from Bruce Lee that almost perfectly explains how a martial artist must psychologically think and act in combat, as well as being a general living principle for anyone –

Back to the T-Shirt

Bruce_Lee_DJ_Tony_Stark 61qxgqjadpl-_ux522_Now i got my Bruce Lee DJ T-Shirt just after the Avengers Age of Ultron film came out in 2015, because i noticed like many people did that Tony Stark is wearing this exact Bruce Lee t-shirt in the film, and ever since i saw it i had to have one.

Now for me when i saw Robert Downey Jr wearing this shirt as Tony Stark, i recognised the picture from a facebook post my friend shared with me years ago, and at the time i did think to myself –

“that’s a really cool picture of Bruce Lee, that would make a great t-shirt image”

So i guess you could say that Tony Stark in the Avengers Age of Ultron film, just jogged my memory about this image of Bruce Lee as a DJ that i had seen before. So searched for all types of shirts on Amazon and Ebay, but i eventually settled for the one i wanted, based on online reviews from others.

So anyway let me just give you a few pros and cons about this Bruce Lee t-shirt that we are reviewing today –


  • Firstly this t-shirt has a coolness rating which is off the charts in my opinion – so no matter where you are this shirt will give you a seriously cool vibe, and if you get yourself a pair of shades like Bruce in this t-shirt, then your coolness will go up another level 🙂
  •  This t-shirt is unisex, so its an awesome fit for girls or boys – my girlfriend steals mine sometimes lol.
  • Really good quality print of Bruce Lee on this shirt, and a nice little touch of gold embellishment on his sunglasses and necklace – the print hasn’t worn off on mine after having if for a year, nor has the colour faded much. If you get a cheap version of this t-shirt you might find some horrible print peeling or fading.
  • It is made from cotton, which makes it nice and soft – i have to admit i didn’t check the material when i bought mine, but i was expecting some sort of cheap Polyester, so i was pleasantly surprised to find that it was cotton.
  • Personally while i like Marvel stuff, im not the biggest Tony Stark fan, but i suppose the fact that Robert Downey Jr wore this Bruce Lee DJ shirt in the recent Avengers film is pretty cool for Marvel fans.
  • If you know someone that is a fan of Bruce Lee, martial arts, music or marvel,  then this shirt is a literal perfect present for a birthday or xmas.


  • The Sizes aren’t perfect – personally i like a tighter fit with my t-shirts, so if you do too, then i suggest you get a smaller size – I’m 5 ft 8′ and about 135 pounds and i ordered a medium but it was way too baggy for me, the company quickly sent me a small instead which was a perfect fit for me. My friend is 6 ft 1′ and about 175 pounds, i got him a size medium for his birthday and that also fitted perfectly, so be careful what size you get!
  • Its a little bit pricey for what it is i suppose, but as i mentioned earlier, with things like t-shirts i always think its better to bet a more expensive shirt which lasts longer, then a cheap one that will crumble in a few months.

It’s Official this T-shirt is Awesome!

Bruce_Lee_DJ_513bcvgbg3l1To put it simply while there are pros and cons as with any product, my personal opinion is that this Bruce Lee DJ shirt is awesome! Just like i mentioned in the pros/cons above, while its not a cheap shirt, if you are a fan of Bruce Lee, martial arts, music or Marvel stuff then really its a simple choice – you need to buy this shirt, or get it as a present for whoever you know that loves these kinds of things.

I actually just bought myself a new one before i made this review, not because i needed too because my first one is still perfectly fine, but i just wanted a back up incase anything happens to my original one lol.

If you also want to take some action and get yourself this T-shirt, then you can do that right HERE.

This is not the end by the way, be sure to look our for more clothes reviews at the MMA Gateway, there will definitely be more then a few Bruce Lee clothing items that we will be looking at in the future so stay tuned.

As always, any comments or feedback then get typing below.

Thanks for reading!


Marley Dawkins


  1. Fantastic review on this Bruce Lee t shirt. He was an absolute icon and was an inspiration to many. I have been looking at t shirts which represent sporting and fighting legends lately and haven’t come across this one. I love it and am genuinely thinking of getting it, it is a subtle reminder of bruce lees sayings “be like water” and will help remind me that we must sometimes let go and not force. Keep up the awesome reviews!

    • Thanks Matthew, you can definitely see the importance of Bruce Lee as a global icon, and if you are looking at a fighting legends t-shirt, then this is a great one for that kind of collection, so i definitely suggest you get it.

      You can literally see Bruce flowing like water on these decks, he is moving as the music, so like you say it subtely highlights some of his philosophies really well 🙂

  2. finding shirt that will suit me have been a problem because all the shirt that i use to see being advertised and sold in my country none of them suit my choice but with the Bruce Lee DJ shirt i found them more attractive and as i imagine i will look proper on them

    thanks for the information provided


  3. Hi Marley, great t-shirt. My brother is fan of Bruce Lee and is going to flip for the Bruce Lee DJ t-shirt. Your review was great, very passionate and sold me right away. Thanks for the feedback on the sizing, I’ll be sure to be careful. And you are right on the cost – I’d rather pay more and get something nice than buy my brother a t-shirt that won’t last long. This is perfect, thanks!

    • Hi Maggie, that’s awesome that your brother is a Bruce Lee fan – sounds like my kinda guy 🙂 and definitely when it comes to cost, if the quality is there, then its worth the expense. This would be a perfect gift for him.

      Thanks for your input!

  4. my profession requires me to always put on something that looks professional on it and in most cases i use to find it harder to find the great types of clothing that might suit me, with this information provided i have found everything and willing to order some for myself

    thanks for the service provided

  5. Very cool shirt. I have a lot of respect for Bruce Lee. He is truly a legend. I can relate to you about wearing t shirts that define us. When I was younger I used to buy t shirts with designs of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls because it really defined me. I was more urban. Nowadays I find myself searching the more sophisticated look, but it’s always good to have t-shirt like this one in your closet. 🙂

    • Hi Jonathan, thanks for your comments, glad to hear your a Bruce Lee fan too, and that you like wearing t-shirts that define you, because this t-shirt definitely has both for me.

      Your right everyone should have a t-shirt like this in their closet, so if you don’t have one yet, then you know where to get one now 🙂

  6. Bruce Lee is definitely a legend and he is a big inspiration to every one he was a very skilled guy and people envied him because of that, he used to work very hard, I like that t-shirt look cool but I think the price is a little bit high for me, thanks for sharing this awesome review have a nice day! 🙂

    • Thanks Anis, alwyas good to hear from a Bruce Lee fan, and your right unfortunately a lot of people did envy and hate him, personally i believe on good authority that he was murdered by a Chinese secret society that was bitter about what Bruce had achieved.

      But regardless, this t-shirt is great to remember him, i know its not cheap, but you know like anything you usually have to pay top dollar to get the top quality.

  7. This shirt is so dope!!! he really is the man. I do wonder though how he would be on the ground. I love watching the old gracie tapes where they challenge representatives from other martial arts. do you think bruce lee would be able to keep the distance n keep the fight on his feet against one of the gracies?

    • Hi Kurtis, good to see you notice how awesome this t-shirt is 🙂 but It wasn’t until Bruce came to America and learnt some techniques from the likes of Gene Lebell, that he started to develop a much deeper understanding of grappling – they had a good training friendship as the story goes – Gene would teach Bruce Judo/Wrestling techniques, and Bruce would teach Gene Kicking/Boxing techniques.

      I personally think that in Bruces prime, his movement and striking speed/accuracy/power would be too much for all of the Gracies to get a clean take down – however if the fight started on the ground, then i think that the best Gracies would have possibly been able to submit Bruce – but even then the iconic stature of Bruce Lee in my mind will not accept that possibility lol.

  8. Bruce Lee! What!? You CAN’T go wrong with Bruce Lee!

    I saw the Avengers movie, but I don’t even remember Tony Starks wearing that shirt. Great review!

    Is there ANYWAY possible to get larger sizes? I happen to be what is referred to as “big dog”. Most definitely need another X or 2.

    • Indeed, Bruce Lee is an icon and you cant go wrong having a piece of clothing with his face on, and this t-shirt is one of my favourites.

      Yeah its easy to miss Tony Stark wearing this t-shirt in the Avengers film, but i certainly didnt 🙂

      Yes sizes go up to XXL, which should be be fine if your a big guy, or if not then maybe contact the seller directly on Amazon and see what they suggest.

  9. This is a great review on the Bruce Lee DJ Shirt. As a life-long Martial Artist, I have been a fan of Bruce Lee since I was a kid. I’ve seen all the Bruce Lee movies many times, however, I had no idea he was a DJ. If he was really a DJ I bet he was extremely good at it. I think the shirt looks cool, maybe I should get one. Does the shirt come in different colors?

    • Hi WMP, awesome to hear you have been a Bruce Lee fan all your life just like me 🙂 yes he was a fan of music and making music, which really gives his character an even cooler edge.

      This t-shirt really is a must for true Bruce Lee fans, unfortunately this seller only does the shirt in grey, but you should probably still go ahead and get one because your such a big fan 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback!

  10. Awesome review, of the one greatest icon in the MMA world, It amazes me on how his legend still lives on after all these years. It emphasizes how truly great he was. What better way to represent a legend with Bruce Lee T Shirts. I love the ideas and I couldn’t agree more with your review, you have really shown your love for a great icon. Great Job

    • Hi Anthony, yeah i agree it is amazing to see how much influence Bruce Lee has had on the world years after his death – i mean look at me Bruce Lee has been one of my heroes since i was a kid, but i wasn’t even born in his era!

      Bruce Lee was and will always be an absolute legend to MMA and martial arts in general, and like you say with this Bruce Lee DJ t-shirt, its a great way to represent his iconic status – glad you can see how awesome he was too 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback!

  11. Your post was very insighfull and All got say Bruce lee is awesome love that shirt and I totally agree with you. Did you see that movie the last dragon??Bruce leeroy lmao
    I’m going to buy some of those shirts for me and my friends totally cool shirt.They should have some shirts with his quotes I would buy them.

    • Hi Rui, glad your a big Bruce Lee fan like me 🙂 but yes i have seen that Bruce Leroy film – i thought i t was a bit stupid on the whole lol.

      Yes do it, there are plenty of these t-shirts in stock, but yes some Bruce Lee quote t-shirts is something i might design oneday 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!

  12. Bruce-lee being a DJ!

    Now, that is something worth wearing, something you can actually call COOL!!

    Been a martial arts passionate myself, since childhood, and I know exactly what you’re talking about when saying “with a level of coolness never seen before” 😉

    The other thing about this T-shirt other than Bruce-lee being an idol is that I can’t stop thinking how Bruce-lee would actually perform as a DJ, Lol

    It would probably be something like the “wooo yaaah…” style!!

    Anyways, the review is great, the t-shirt is cool and you rock buddy!

    • Hi Aydo, yep your right this is such a cool t-shirt! And yes i imagine Bruce Lee as a DJ would probably be something like that lol

      I think you should get yourself one of these t-shirts in your wardrobe, your a big Bruce Lee fan i can tell 🙂

      Also if your looking for another cool t-shirt then have a look at my review on this one

      But anyway thanks for your support and for stopping by!

  13. I agree with this post 100% You did a great job on telling about Bruce Lee and how he has impacted your life. I like to read articles that i can relate to.

    I have a hero too, and it feels good to include them writing sometimes. I like how this review excellently blends past & present elements together.

    You did an excellent job with this review and content in general.

    • Thanks Alex, yeah Bruce was the man and i wanted to make a nice post about his philosophies and a great product in this t shirt 🙂

      Also if you want another good t-shirt then try this one – it is guaranteed to get you more hardcore MMA friends 🙂

      See you around!

  14. Awesome T-shirt. I am actually a big fan of Tony Stark ever since Robert Downey Jr. started playing him. Everyone knows who Bruce Lee was: A cultural icon. The price is a little steep, but if it is stitched together to last it’s worth it. He was really skilled as a martial artist, but very charismatic as well. It seems kind of random, but an awesome tee anyway.

    • Hey Jason, yeah Tony Stark and RDJ are definitely cool 🙂 and like you say Bruce Lee was one of the biggest global icons ever.

      Well i don’t know its not that expensive to me, I will pay up to a $100 for a good t-shirt especially if it means a lot to me, and this t-shirt is well made, I’ve had mine for ages.

      If you like superheros I’m guessing then make sure you have a pair of shades worthy of a superhero 😉

      See ya round!

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