Century Wavemaster XXL Bag Review – The Solid Freestanding Training Bag

mma gateway review century xxl freestanding training bagProduct: Century Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Training Bag

Price: Check it out HERE

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

Size: 69 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter

Weight: 260 pounds

Colour: Black, Red or Blue

Guarantee: 60 day Warranty

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Product Overview:

Now lets get into the details here about this Century Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Training Bag, but before we do, long story short this is my favourite freestanding heavy bag I have ever used in my life.

Now I’m only 5ft8 and I walk around between 135-40 pounds, but I’ve been told that I hit like a 170 pounder before, and I can tell you that every time I use the Century Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Training Bag, I have the luxury of being able to hit this bag with strikes as hard as possible for years, without destroying the bag.

It is so stable that it stays upright firmly, rolling with my combinations, literally riding with me like a wave. I’ve also watched professional UFC fighters at 135 pounds have the same luxury with this bag.

Don’t think that’s impressive? Well let me also tell you that I have watched amateur and professional MMA fighters that are over 6ft2 and 240+ pounds, that also are able to hit this bag as hard as possible with strikes, without knocking it over all the time.

mma_gateway_review_century_xxl_freestanding_training_bagBut yes like ALMOST ALL freestanding heavy bags, it can be floored with strikes powerful enough, but very rarely will it fall down flat from a medium-full power combination, and even less so from a single strike from martial artists of any size.

The most common ways this bag gets floored in my experience is by push kick techniques, which is different in principle to many striking techniques, and should NOT put you off this bag, because push kicks are not based on snapping speed power, but just the act of pushing an opponent over/winding them.

If you don’t know how easy it is to push a big thing over with a push kick, then i suggest you learn some push kick techniques, because they are the most effective kicks for literally pushing an opponent over, but not for a snapping speed power of most striking techniques.

So what I’m saying is, this Century Wavemaster  XXL Freestanding Training Bag is a solid all rounder for martial artists of all sizes.

But yes be aware that if you hit hard at any weight class, you will POSSIBLY be able to floor this bag flat if you use full power too often on it in a combination, but it moves much less then ANY Freestanding heavy bag I have used before.

Have a quick look at this video to see what the Century Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Training Bag looks like in action –


My favourite parts of this bag:

Now every time I step into my local gym and get my time on this Wavemaster training bag, I really love the fact that it doesn’t matter how hard I go, the Wavemaster will take it all and be ready for more punishment from another training partner.

So durability is one of my favourite parts of this bag, because my local gym has had this bag for years, and it still is going strong after receiving many heavy poundings from me and my training partners.

mma gateway review century xxl freestanding training bagSure I will floor it flat every now and then during my combinations on it, but it is usually only when i throw a solid push kick/spinning teep, or consistent massive full power combos.

Now while you might find it disappointing that the Century Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Training Bag can be floored with enough power – but I can tell you now that it is significantly more difficult to floor this Wavemaster bag, then all the other freestanding training bags I’ve ever used in my life.

So the Wavemaster takes the power strikes better then any other freestanding bag in my gym, but as I mentioned earlier -most freestanding bags can be floored with enough power, and most of them much easier then this Century Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Training Bag, but as long as any freestanding bag doesn’t fall flat from medium power strikes then its good for using to some degree.

But personally I don’t like working on a freestanding bag that falls a lot, ask any amateur or professional fighter, there’s nothing more annoying then being in a gym where there is no “big daddy” of the heavy freestanding bags available when you just want work full power striking combinations.

I mean lets be honest, if your working with some 90 pounds or less freestanding bag that keeps falling when your only using light-medium power strikes, its really annoying. Its crucial that when you want to put 100% effort into your striking in training, that you have a partner that can take full power punishment well – and the Wavemaster at 260 pounds is good for that.

We all know that if you go full power striking in sparring with training partners, someone usually ends up getting KOd, getting a bad cut or bruise, or some kind of injury, and we all know that makes an awkward weird vibe in an MMA gym when someone gets badly hurt.

Yes we need to be able to go hard with our partners sometimes in lead ups to fights, but most of the time in my experience its better to go light-medium power with traning partners, and go hard on something like The Wavemaster instead 🙂

I personally prefer freestanding heavy bags to hanging bags, because freestanding bags are easier for home use, and they pop back towards you with much more speed then hanging bags when you hit them hard. So the Century Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Training Bag is good for reflex training too, which is another great benefit to this bag –



For me this Century Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Training Bag is great for taking a single power strike, be that a punch, kick , knee or elbow, this bag really does seem to master any wave thrown at it.  So its a great shock absorber, but another great part about this bag, is that personally I actually like the fact that it is possible to floor this bag from power strikes (very difficult for most martial artists, but possible for some), because one of my favourite workouts with this bag is to literally try and ride the bag like a surfer would ride a wave

mma gateway review_century_xxl_freestanding_training_bagBy this I mean when I throw a basic combo on it, something like a jab, jab, cross, body kick with reasonable power, then the bag starts swaying violently from the power I’m using on it – I developed a solid cardio and striking power control exercise that I created during my use of this Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Bag

So I basically just play a game with the bag, where I am aiming to make it sway and pop back to me as much as possible without flooring it, its like a balancing act,  until I see fit to throw a full power combo at the end to try to flatten my opponent, meaning that this bag is great for learning to increase/decrease your striking power mid combination.

Rinse and repeat this process enough times and you will find that your awareness of your striking power and using varying degrees of it in fights will increase, where you will lull your opponent with light – medium strikes “riding the wave” so to speak, only going for the full power when the moment is right.

So after prolonged use, you eventually will be able to almost juggle with this bag in terms of striking with it, using varying power combinations, as you keep it pinging back to you without flooring it until the moment you see to “go for the kill”.

This is on top of the fact that the Century Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Training Bag will also sharpen your reflexes and general cardio, which also means that your response time in fights will improve, and your ability to increase/decrease your striking volume/power in a practical step by step way will improve.


  • Great all round freestanding heavy bag for martial artists of all sizes.
  • Fantastic for improving power control of your strikes mid-combination.
  • Good to sharpen your reflexes due to the spring bag nature of the bags design.
  • Fantastic for improving your cardio during striking battles.
  • Good for knees/elbows/clinch strikes.
  • This bag  is solid and made with quality materials to last, my gym still has had the same one for years, and even though its taken a battering and still is as strong as ever.
  • So much easier to install/store then drilling holes in your ceiling for a hanging bag, making it great for home use.
  • Reasonable to move around for such a big bag, it is mobile, making it practical to put away and bring out anytime.
  • Excellent padding makes striking very comfortable at the moment of impact.
  • Decent price for the quality and size of the bag.
  • Impossible to floor for weak-medium power strikers (And as we highlighted earlier even power strikers can only floor the Wavemaster with specific techniques).
  • The base can be used for dips/corework exercise.
  • The base is easy to fill with up with water or sand and has a max capacity of about 270 pounds.


  • If your a powerful striker, you will have to use your power with care, because even with the size of this bag you POSSIBLY will be able to floor this bag with a barrage of power strikes, or a push kick. But as I mentioned earlier there are benefits to that, in terms of learning better power control mid combinations if you have a lot of striking power.
  •   Its not practical for grappling meaning its not the most “complete” MMA training bag, but its benefits to striking far out weigh the fact that it cant be used for grappling. So other bags are better for grappling.
  • Some people dislike the fact that this bag can be floored with enough power, and some people like it. I personally like this as I mentioned earlier, but just because it is possible to floor this bag, DO NOT make the egotistical mistake of thinking you will be able to floor this bag easily, because most people will NOT be able to floor it often, and will find themselves getting very tired trying to do it.

You NEED to start riding the Wave:

mma gateway review century xxl freestanding training bagBottom line is if your looking for a solid all round heavy bag for home use, then The Wavemaster is a brilliant choice for anyone. Lets face it you want a bag that you can rely on, a bag that won’t fall to pieces in a few months, a bag that you can hit as often and as hard as you like and it still stands there firm and ready and asking for more!

Whether you want a bag that can handle your “crashing wave” single power strikes, or you want a bag that you can ride in combinations like a surfer would ride a wave, then there really is  only one answer for youThe Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Training Bag should be your next purchase right HERE.

I hope you found this review helpful for learning and in making a decision about this bag, so feel free to post some comments, questions or feedback below and stay tuned for more of the best MMA product reviews in MMA right here at the MMA Gateway.

Thanks for reading



Marley Dawkins


  1. Hi Marley,

    I used to box a bit a couple of years back and I am sorely tempted to expand what I know to include kicks. The Wavemaster seems like a great way to start training my cardio and balance to include legwork. (Of course, I’m going to be starting out with this at a local gym just to work towards getting my form down properly)

    Eventually, it looks like a good enough investment for a home gym.

    • Hi Paulo, thats great to hear, yeah the Wavemaster is definitely good for kicks, all round striking, and like you say definitely cardio and balance.

      And yes i agree its always best to go and work on a wavemaster in a gym to get used to it before you buy your own for home use, but its a great choice when you do want to set up a home gym.

  2. Great Site. I like your review. This Training bag seems pretty Great. Not too expensive, has a great warrantee and you review it at 9 out of 10. Do you know if they will have any new colors coming out for this bag? It sounds like it can really take some punishment, How long until you start to see some wear in it?

    • Hey Kenny, glad to hear you like this review, the Wavemaster really is a solid freestanding bag, my personal favourite.

      For now they only do black, red or blue, but if there is any new colours that come out, then i will let you know 🙂

      And really that depends on hard you hit and how often you hit the bag, but the one i use at my local gym has been getting beaten by martial artists everyday for over 2 years, and it has some wear now, but no splits, or anything broken on it.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  3. The Wavemaster looks like a great freestanding training bag. I recently tore my ACL and have been looking for other ways to get a good workout (I used to run a lot).

    I like how heavy this one is, by no means would I have the power to floor this thing but it is nice to no that it is stable and would not bounce around much.

    I will have to consider purchasing one of these as my leg continues to heal.

    • Hi Jeremy, yeah the Wavemaster really is an awesome freestanding bag, but wow i wish you a speedy recovery bro, my friend did that last year, and it happens in MMA a lot.

      I know i went off on a tangent a bit about flooring the bag lol, but the point is to just get a good workout regardless of power, it really doesn’t matter at all if you cant floor a freestanding bag, but trust me sometimes some guys in some gym get really competitive about things like that – i bet i can floor this bag more then you type a deal lol

      Yes you should go ahead and get this bag to help with rehab as you slowly get back to full fitness – thanks for your comment!

  4. Dawkins i must say well done for the well detailed review.
    I never take a closer on this type of boxing bag before but with this report, i am well informed.

    I like the colors and varieties out there and the pros and cons are well stipulated.

    Thanks for this great report and i have bookmarked it to come back for more tips.

    Keep it up.

  5. Great post, from your comparison The pros sure outweighs the cons. I was searching for training bags to recommend to my readers, Though I have not used it before but I am so sure if I recommend to my clients following your advice they will come out happy. Training bags should be sturdy,

    • Hi Queen, yeah the Wavemaster definitely has more pros then cons, if you want to recommend this bag to your readers, well you will be giving them goood direction 🙂 Thanks for your comments

  6. I used to participate in Shotokan Karate, and I loved working out on these wave masters. I am thinking about getting back into some type of workout, but do not have the money to spend on something like this. Any suggestions on a cheaper bag? If you had a choice to workout with a freestyle bag, like this wavemaster, or Century Arashi 770 Hybrid Bag, which would it be?

    • Hi Joe, that’s awesome! Shotokan Karate is a beautiful form, and yes freestanding training bags like the Wavemaster are brilliant, particularly for striking based martial artists.

      But yes I know this Wavemaster is a bit expensive for some people – I do have some suggestions about the best cheapest freestanding bag, and i will be reviewing some soon actually, so stay tuned for that 🙂

      And for me i would rather have both bags lol, but for me i would go with the Wavemaster ahead of the Century Arashi 770 Hybrid, mainly because it has more weight and padding to it then the Arashi Hybrid which is important to me for a good freestanding bag.

      Don’t get me wrong hybrid type bags are good for an all round workout, a lot of them are good for wrestling drills i find, and i will be reviewing bags like the Arashi in the future, but if i had to pick just one bag i would rather go with the Wavemaster 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback!

  7. Thanks for this information. I’ve started working out again and kickboxing/boxing is one of my favorite ways to get in shape. I could really use one of these for sure. I like that you were very detailed and provided both positives and negatives for the product. The videos are very handy as well.

    • Hi J.R, awesome to hear your getting back into boxing and kickboxing, and glad you liked the review – this Century Wavemaster XXL will get you into good shape in no time 🙂

      Thanks for your supportive comment!

  8. Hey Marley,

    Very good and thorough review, I’m a kickboxing instructor and i use these bags all the time, if i had the set up available where i could use a hanging bag i would, (helps with movement and timing a little more) however this free standing bag does a great job as a suitable replacement for those that do no have the proper set up for a hanging bag. You can definitely get an amazing workout with these and the convenience/quick set up is whats really amazing, also the fact that you can bring this from indoors to outside if you’d like, very durable. love your review…and great site btw…MMA is my passion as well as personal training. this is a great tool for both.

  9. I like the sound of this bag. Iv been thinking about getting one for a few years now but i was always looking a the hanging type. I don’t have a great place to hang one in my house with out being in the way.

    This seem like the option for my, i can just hide it when not in use. Thanks for the review it was al ot of help

    • Hi Gareth, yes this Wavemaster is a great heavy bag, and just like you say, most people cannot get a hanging bag at home, because a lot of peoples ceilings won’t take it, or there isn’t the space for it – Freestanding bags like this are great for storing away when your not using it – i think you should seriously consider getting one of these Century Wavemaster bags Gareth.

      Thanks for your support!

  10. My uncle does martial arts and he said he was looking for a training bag, i think this might be the one he wants , thanks for this review , it looks really cool I’m going to show him your post and see what he thinks , do they come in different colours? What colours do they have?

    • Hi Emma, yes this should be a great option for your uncle, but yes you can get this in Black, Blue or Red. But make sure he gets a good pair of gloves too while working on this bag – try these.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  11. I have been out of training the past month due to a horrendous shoulder injury and in the meantime I have been looking to upgrade my training bag – just seen this post, what an awesome product review and the warranty is a winner. I like the fact that it can stand stable and I also hit an almighty punch! The fact that it doesn’t roll over is a major plus and something I have been after (my old one is crap in comparison). Thanks again for the very detailed review, a great help indeed

    • Hey Ryan, sorry to hear about the shoulder injury, those can be serious so take your time getting back to full fitness – I can tell you can see the quality of the Wavemaster and really it is the best freestanding bag i have ever used, it can take a serious pounding! So go for it if your looking for a new one.

      But at the same time, here is another option if you want something a bit smaller that has a wider variety of uses.

      Thanks for the support bro!

  12. Great article a very useful review about this training bag. I really enjoyed reading all the pros and cons about this bag and i would recommend this article to everyone who is interested in practicing martial arts or box or even kill stress this way! I would definitely enjoy such a bag and go punching every day in order to get away all the problems

    • Hi Max, glad you liked this review and you can see the quality of this Century Wavemaster bag. Also if you want another option then try this one.

      Thanks for stopping in!

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