Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather results – Conor makes MMA proud in defeat

778px-Conor_McGregor_Posing_2_Mariah Garnett_FloydvsConor_Boxing Results MMA UFCSo Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather has passed – we went through all the hype, the press conferences, the back and forth exchanges on social media –

then on Saturday the 26th August we all bared witness as MMA Superstar “The Notorious” Conor McGregor had his first professional boxing match against arguably the best boxer of this generation in the undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather for the unofficial “Money Belt”.

It was without question the biggest combat sport event of my lifetime, so I feel privileged to have witnessed it.

But at the end of the day this was a sanctioned professional boxing match, which obviously put Conor at a disadvantage from the day the fight was announced –

Conor knew this, but he still put it all on the line for the chance to become the only fighter to defeat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match.

The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and co probably did the most comprehensive coverage of this event, so if you want a full breakdown on the whole event listen to this video while reading –

Or if you want a more comical quick breakdown then listen this Tommy Toe Hold video 🙂


So how did Conor do?

As you no doubt have found out by now, Conor did not win the fight – Floyd Mayweather won the fight via 10th round TKO.

However, while much of Ireland and all Conor McGregor fans will be disappointed with the outcome, it must be noted that Conor did far better then most Boxing fans imagined.Cropped_boxer_guys_Andrius Petrucenia778px-Conor_McGregor_Posing_2_FloydvsConor Boxing Results MMA UFC

In fact Conor actually won the first 3 or 4 rounds on mine and most peoples scorecards – yes Mayweather and Boxing fans claimed this is because of Mayweather studying Conor and allowing him to land shots.

Personally I don’t buy that, as I think Conors style was genuinely causing some confusion for Mayweather, and Conors powerful early counter punching was clearly an issue for Floyd. But ultimately it was the high output that Conor started with, he did not have the cardio to keep firing punches past the 10th round.

Mayweather with his huge gulf in pro boxing experience, capitalised on this mistake by Conor by increasing his aggression and punch volume as Conor slowed down.

By the 10th round Conor was having difficulty standing up as his legs were starting to turn to jelly from the fatigue, Conor disagreed with the stoppage, but as a fan of his i was glad the stoppage came when it did to avoid further punishment and embarrassment for Conor.

Some boxing guy started laughing to me online today about the fight. However, I laughed straight back at him, because I explained to him that Conor actually landed 111 punches on Floyd Mayweather, which is 30 more then elite boxing legend Manny Pacquiao managed against Floyd –

So Conor in his debut actually landed more punches on Floyd then any pro boxer ever has – that’s gotta be pretty embarrassing for boxing right? And if its an MMA fight LOL!! Don’t even get me started Floyd wouldn’t have a chance against Conor.

No matter what anybody says, how would you feel if you won 3 rounds and went 10 rounds with the best boxer in history? You would be proud wouldn’t you? Well that’s what Conor should be because everyone in the world of MMA was proud of his efforts in the fight.

Also I was proud of Conor’s humble nature after the fight, no bitching, no moaning just acceptance of defeat and congratulations for Floyd. No matter what anyone tells you, Conor is known for this – stupid fans that don’t know him and just judge his antics on camera think he is full of his own shit.

But I assure you off camera Conor is humble underneath it all, he is classy, honourable, respectful and will always admit defeat when it is placed before him, the man does not know how to act like a runty weasel, it is not in his vocabulary.

—->>Thinking of starting boxing? Well make sure you have amazing gloves first!<<—-

Will there be anymore MMA/Boxing cross over?

Ever since Conor announced that he would be fighting Floyd Mayweather, many MMA fighters have also voiced their desire to have professional boxing bouts.

UFCWelterweightNateDiaz_Streetice00_FloydvsConor_Boxing_Results MMA UFCThe most high calibre fighters to mention this most notably have been Stipe Miocic and Nate Diaz – Miocic has openly been asking for a fight with Anthony Joshua, and Nate Diaz will be open to any star boxer around his weight class of 155 -170 pounds – Conor has also been considering a pro bout with Paulie Malinaggi considering the heat that has brewed between those two.

So long story short I believe we will see more MMA/Boxing cross overs in the future, and considering how the MMA fighters and MMA media rallied around Conor for this fight, I guarantee that we will always back our guys that choose to compete in pro boxing.

But ultimately, MMA fighters their boxing game is not as developed as pro boxers, because in MMA if you throw as many punches as boxers, from the angles they do, then you get kicked in the head, walk into a big knee or elbow, or you get taken down, then ground and pounded or submitted.

So most boxers if they tried MMA would be defeated much easier then Floyd defeated Conor in a boxing match, as Randy Couture proved when he fought former pro boxer James Tony in the past.

Whats next? And what was my takeway from the event?

So for Conor as usual its all up in the air the guy generated over $100 million by fighting Floyd, sure hes not keeping all of that, but bottom line he has done amazingly well with this one fight, so I don’t expect to exactly see him fighting again next week.

But the world is his oyster, he can pretty much fight anyone he wants to around his weight and everyone wants to fight him purely because of the draw his name brings.529px-McGregor_London_2015_Andrius Petrucenina_FloydvsConor_Boxing Results MMA UFC

Rumours have already been spinning around about a trilogy fight with Nate Diaz back in his familiar world of MMA, or taking one more boxing fight against Paulie Malinaggi.

Conor’s stock only rose in this fight for me and he really did add more weight to his nickname “The Notorious” because he is without question more notorious then anyone for his accolades in the fight game so far – Well done Conor your the man!

Floyd Mayweather, well he is now officially retired, well until another huge payday opportunity comes up again I expect 🙂

He rides off into the sunset with most impressive record across all combat sports at 50-0 and the biggest bank balance as well – word his he has netted over $300 million for this fight alone and is officially the highest paid sportsmen ever.

For me Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather really showed that Boxing and MMA are two different sports, and that MMA fighters will always do much better in boxing, then boxers would do in MMA.

I’m privileged to have witnessed this event in my lifetime, because I will remember it till my last breathe, but now we continue withe ever developing world of MMA.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any comments or questions about this fight or anything else MMA or Boxing related, then please post something below.

Stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

Thanks for reading!

Marley Dawkins


  1. Hi Marley,
    First off, I want to say Great Post! I respect your thoughts on MMA fighters crossing over to the Boxing world and vice versa, as I completely agree with you. Mayweather wouldn’t stand a chance in the Octagon, but McGregor proved that MMA fighters are more equipped and can step into any ring and give a great fight. I personally would have liked to see McGregor win, but I am proud of what he DID accomplish in a Boxing Ring. Well done McGregor! Cheers,
    Darren D.

    • Hi Darren, thanks for your support and your bang on Conor clearly proved that MMA fighters from a full martial artists perspective are far more equipped for professional boxing then a pro boxer is for an MMA bout – 

      For a pro boxer an MMA fight is similar to taking the strongest guy in the world and throwing him in open water – I don’t care how tough you are on land, when your taken into the deep waters of the world of MMA you will always be eaten by the sharks if you cannot adapt to the water.

      Conor adapted his MMA game to be competitive against the best boxer in the world in a boxing match – could Floyd do the same by adapting to MMA? Highly unlikely.

      Anyway onto the next one and its back to MMA so if your around Vegas in October then get a ticket for this card.

      Thanks for your feedback bro!

  2. Great post fight review. I was one of those people that was hoping to see (by some miracle) Mayweather go down in this fight. But I was also realistic in knowing that this probably wasn’t going to happen. I would also have to agree that Mayweather probably did let Mcgregor win a couple rounds just to figure him out. That is always what Mayweather has done.

    • Hey Austin, yeah me too I’ve been with Conor since day one so i had no reason to doubt him in this fight, but at the back of my mind i knew this could happen, because under boxing rules Mayweather is supreme, but would Mayweather step into the UFC to fight Conor – not likely 🙂

      Anyway onto the next event now, so get a ticket if your looking for some quality UFC action!

      Thanks for your input again bro!


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