Conor McGregor Merchandise – The King Is Back Shirt Review

MMA Gateway Reebok Conor McGregor The King Is Back ShirtProduct: Men’s Reebok Conor McGregor Gray UFC King Is Back Banner T-Shirt

Price: $28.00 (USD)

Best place to buy: ufcstore.com

Size: Small – XXL

Colour: Dark Grey

Guarantee: Standard 30 days return policy

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Product Overview

What did Conor say in his post fight interview when he defeated Nate Diaz via Majority decision in their rematch? Well just in case your memory has been compromised, or your just not a Conor McGregor fan then let me remind you exactly what he said –

“Surprise surprise mother*****r the King is back!”

Now I don’t know if you missed seeing UFC 205 live at MSG on November 12th like I did, but if your a massive MMA fan, then no doubt you watched on TV as Conor Mcgregor became the first ever UFC fighter to become a two weight world champion at the same time –

Conor McGregor Merchandise has been getting much more popular in the past few years, as Conor’s escapades inside and outside the octagon have increased in excitement – Now if your a massive UFC and Conor Mcgregor fan like me, then you already know how good a martial artist Conor McGregor is, and maybe like me you have known since he first stepped foot in the UFC that he would be a champion.

So it makes sense to have a T-shirt which symbolises Conor’s character and achievements in my eyes, which is why I bought myself this The King is back T-shirt just after UFC 205. Also when Conor eventually comes back to the octagon in 2017, after he has had his first child with his partner Dee Devlin around May next year, then the first fight promo for his return, no matter who he fights will be simple –

“The King is back”

So as far as I’m concerned if your a Conor Mcregor fan of any capacity, then this T-shirt is a MUST HAVE for his comeback fight, and from my perspective there is no more relevant UFC fighter t-shirt then this one right now.

Because even those that dislike Conor Mcgregor (and there are plenty of those), have to admit that Conor Mcgregor is on top of his game right now, and as the first ever two weight world champion, most can agree that he is the King of the UFC right now – no wonder Conor has recently been talking about owning the UFC.

The Icon Of The Fighting Irish

MMA Gateway Reebok Conor McGregor The King Is Back ShirtEverything has a starting point, and just as Bruce Lee (one of Conors Idols growing up) is widely regarded as being the creator of MMA – Conor McGregor is without question the first Irish star of MMA, that has shattered records in the halls of the UFC.

Sure there has been some great Irish fighters in the past, but truth be told 99.9% of them were all strictly boxers – Conor McGregor on the other hand is a true Phenom, with a wide variety of striking bases from Boxing/Karate/Taekwondo and Muay Thai, while also having an ever improving Wrestling and Grappling game with his head coach John Kavanagh and long time training partners such as Gunnar Nelson, Cathal Pendred, and Artem Lobov – Conor is without doubt the first massively successful complete Martial Artist from Ireland.

Even before capturing a second UFC title, years back Conor had already captured two titles in Cage Warriors when his career was still in its infancy – what he has gone on to do in the UFC since 2011 has been nothing short of stunning:

Blazing a Trail Through The Best

UFC debut nerves are real, if you really think it is easy to step into the cage of the largest fight promotion in the world, you are sorely mistaken – trust me if you haven’t tried it, try stepping into a ring or cage at some amateur show to have a fight and see how nervous you get when you walk out – Then add tens of thousands of extra people watching you in the arena, and millions more at home – Most crumple under this pressure especially at the first time of asking.

But not Conor – he handles pressure as if it does not exist – personally I could tell there was something special about him when I saw how explosively impressive his UFC debut was in 2013, where he gained a TKO victory over tough veteran Marcus Brimage in the first round.

Anytime someone comes into the UFC and has an impressive debut, you should always know that you are likely watching a future top 15 fighter, title contender, or even champion.

Ever since the Brimage fight McGregor has blazed a burning trail through the UFC’s best fighters at the 145-170 weight range defeating Max Holloway, Diego Brandao, Dustin Poirier, Dennis Siver, Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo, Nate Diaz and Eddie Alvarez – 

His only loss in the UFC came in the first Nick Diaz bout via submission, however he quickly set the record straight in the immediate rematch, where he battered Nate Diaz for the majority of a back and forth 5 round war, gaining a deserved majority decision victory.

My favourite part of this T-shirt

Anyway before i get too lost in Conor’s story, lets bring it back to this awesome Reebok Conor McGregor The King Is Back Shirt, now I don’t know about you, but I found Conors  Billionaire strut to be hilarious, and more and more people agree with me, as fans, fighters, atheletes and celebrities have all been copying Conors rendition of the famous strut –

This Billionaire strut was made famous by Vince Mcmahon “the notorious” CEO of the WWE, and Mcmahon just did it as a way to show off to people through a walk that he has more money then them – every man can affiliate with feeling like a King when we get a load of money, and then wanting a walk to show that in your excitement.

Conor also did it for this reason, but also to me his rendition of the Billionaire strut was more meaningful, because it was also such a fitting celebration after defeating such a tough opponent like Eddie Alvarez with ease, making unprecedented history gaining two UFC belts.

This strut perfectly defined how Conor’s confidence fuels him in a way, where it assists him to almost glide past many of his opponents.

So everytime I put on this t-shirt, I like to just for a moment in the day do Conors Billionaire strut, and it always brings a smile to my face 🙂 The King Is Back!


  • Firstly this t-shirt has a coolness rating which is off the scale in my opinion – so no matter where you are MMA Gateway Reebok Conor McGregor The King Is Back Shirtthis shirt will give you a seriously cool vibe – the vibe of a king you can say, and if you get yourself a pair of shades like the ones Conor McGregor often wears, then your coolness will go to the next level! 


  • This t-shirt is literally the most relevant UFC t-shirt you can get of a UFC fighter right now – imagine how amazing it would feel to be wearing this t-shirt at his comeback fight in 2017 – The King is back 🙂
  • There’s really good quality print of the text on this t-shirt, remember If you get a cheap version of this t-shirt you might find some horrible print peeling or fading.


  • It washes really well, in terms of the all the printed text doesn’t wash off in the washing machine, the way cheap t-shirts do.


  • T-shirt also features the Reebok Delta Logo design, which is the same design all UFC fighters wear on their apparel in the cage and throughout fight week.


  • It is mainly made from cotton, which makes it nice and soft – so have no fear this t-shirt isn’t of some cheap mix of Nylon, Acrylic or Polyester.


  • Makes anyone feel like a King while wearing it, even if you don’t like Conor – seriously try doing the Billionaire strut in this t-shirt and tell me you don’t feel good 🙂


  • If you know someone that is a fan of Conor McGregor, MMA, UFC, Reebok and being a KING, then this t-shirt is a literal perfect present for them.


  • If your in the UK, then you will have to pay additional VAT upon this T-shirt entering the UK, which adds to the cost a lot, so remember that if your in the UK!


  • Personally I really think the creators need to make a black, white and red version of this T-shirt –  I think that only having a Dark Grey colour option is not giving fans enough variety.

A T-Shirt Fit For A King

MMA Gateway Reebok Conor McGregor The King Is Back ShirtI mean really its unanimous, and if you like Conor McGregor or not, it is really irrelevant, because this shirt is fit for a King hands down, so if you want to get that royal feel from a simple t-shirt then you better get this t-shirt right HERE.

Conor McGregor merchandise of any kind is something everyone needs a piece of at the moment from my perspective, and remember, like I said at the start – you can be sure that when Conor has his next fight in 2017, the first UFC promo video will undoubtedly be  –

“The King is back”

Then just imagine what a buzz you will get when you are wearing this Reebok Conor McGregor The King Is Back Shirt and your watching Conor walkout live in his next fight, which will likely be his biggest one ever!

Words cant describe really 🙂

As always any comments, questions, issues, smart ass remarks and the like, then post below, or fill in the contact form.

Catch Ya’s Later




Marley Dawkins


  1. Love the site. Love the sport. So, my thoughts just on this review:

    As a fan of the sport and knowing the history about Conor, you go into great detail of why you think he is the king. I have not looked at other reviews you have done, so I don’t know if they are as long as this one. This seems too long as a review on a single product.

    Conor is going to be the Michael Jordon of MMA. So you have picked a good product to review.

    Keep it up, I will definitely follow your site.

    • Hi Brad, yeah your right i do have a habit of over wording things at times lol. But glad you like my site and thanks for your comments 🙂

  2. I have to admit I am starting to hate Conor McGregor. At first, I thought he was funny and charismatic. Now, I just believe he is annoying and arrogant.

    I believe he was a fool for fighting Nate Diaz. Honestly, that second fight could have gone either way. But, now he is trying to fight Woodly. Seriously?

    Sorry for rambling. But, I can say Conor has marketed himself very well. Maybe he should make a shirt with two belts on it.

    • Hi Garen, I understand your perspective – but trust me most of what you see on camera with Conor is just WWE type bravado to sell a fight because he understands the business model of MMA like no fighter before. Behind the cameras, he is a grounded down to Earth figure which is the key to why so many Irish and British people have supported Conor since the beginning of his career.

      And seriously i don’t think you realise how much of a beast this Nate Diaz 2.0 is, this isn’t the same guy that got blown out of the water by RDA a few years back, and the Diaz brothers have always been on another level of Boxing, BJJ and toughness in MMA around the 155-185 weight classes. So really maybe you should consider respecting Conor for fighting Nate, taking his loss, and then beating him in a close rematch – remember he is not 21-3 with 18 KOs at all levels of competition for no reason.

      But yes i agree Woodley could be too much of a stretch, Conor will definitely be out matched for strength, mass and wrestling in that one. Still though, don’t be surprised if Conor beats Woodley if that fight happens – never doubt Conors capabilities inside the cage.

      Yes a new t-shirt with two belts will be on the way on the future, but for now a King is back t-shirt will do just fine 🙂

      • I can agree that it’s all for a show. It’s great for him. Makes him a lot of money. I can respect that he is doing what is best for him and his family. He is a great fighter and has lots of dedication. No one at that level doesn’t have some serious skills 🙂

        I do respect him, though. I guess we will see if Conor ends of fighting Woodley.

        • Cool Garen, glad you can see Conors bravado infront of camera is not real, and that he is a highly skilled martial artist.

          Yes Conor vs Woodley would be an amazing fight to see.

  3. Wow wow wow! I love this man! I am a Conor McGregor fan all the way. I did not know him before but when he beat the lights out from Jose Aldo, it was then that I started to follow his games.

    An now he holds 2 belts at the same time! feat never before done in UFC. He is really I great warrior!

    You got a very good niche and I believe that you are enjoying good profit too!

    • Awesome bro 🙂 yeah i think a lot of people realised how good Conor is after the Jose Aldo fight, me i was there from day one 🙂

      Funny how the UFC have stripped him of his 145 belt so quickly, its been getting a little heated between the two parties.

      Yeah MMA is the most entertaining sport in the world by far, and the cheese could be better, but could worse too 🙂

  4. As a former mixed martial artist…I must say this site is kickass!! I love how you jumped right in with the Connor McGregor shirts (which are awesome by the way). There isn’t many sites that have that shirt which i kinda find odd. Maybe it’s just me, but i would much rather wear that then most of the McGregor shirts I’ve seen floating around.
    I’m going to have to send my girlfriend to this site later today,….Christmas is coming fast 😉

    • Hi Nick, thanks for your compliments MMA has and always will be one of my focal passions in life.

      But yeah i know what you mean, not many sites have this t-shirt at all, and its personally one of my favourite Conor t-shirts because even if your not a Conor fan, its just a cool shirt because every dude knows that feeling of being a King 🙂

      Sounds to me like someone needs a certain birthday present from his lady 😉 lol, my girlfriend steals this shirt off me sometimes, so beware bro this shirt is also dangerous for making the ladies go crazy – 60% of the time, it works everytime lol

  5. I don’t know if I’ve ever read a tshirt review quite as thorough as that with such a back story! Lol nicely done. While I know that colors differ from screen to screen, have you found that the color represented by most sites showing pictures of the shirt is accurate to what the shirt looks like in real life? How is the sleeve length? Thank you!

    • Hi Eric, yes i know it was a very long review lol, but with Conor McGregor there is so much to talk about 🙂

      Yes the colouration is accurate to real life, because my t-shirt is exactly the same colour as this – im not 1005 about the sleeve length, its just standard t-shirt length, so around 6 inches really.

  6. awsome site marley i need to catch a flight and come for a match some good day,reallynice work man keep it up,and let me know when there are any tickets on discount

    • Hi David, thanks for your support – i intend to cover MMA for as long as i am able to, it really is one of my biggest passions in life. Ok yes i will let you know when reduced price tickets are available – in the next few weeks i should have some reduced price rickets for UFC London coming in March, so stay tuned 🙂

  7. Haha, I remember that moment when Conor said:
    “Surprise surprise mother*****r the King is back!”

    Thanks for putting it all together,
    would love to get one of those t-shirts!
    For a next workout session OR a day off, doesn’t even matter.

    Dudes absolute beast! Loving it!
    Also, what makes it all even better, is how he somewhere along the lines pointed out that it has nothing to do with talent – It’s only hard work, hard work, hard work..

    The level of work ethics are off the chart.
    My hats off to that.

    • Hi Henry – yeah you can’t forget when Conor said that right 🙂 glad you like this review and the tshirt itself its a great all rounder as you mention.

      Great reminder that his story is about work, not talent, talent develops through work in many cases, and that’s always worth saluting right 🙂

      Also i bought this t-shirt recently and its awesome as well 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback!

  8. It’s almost that time. Are you going to be watching the fight? Who do you think will win? My money is on Mayweather, but I can’t help but respect McGregor a lot more than I respect Mayweather because he’s so confident that he can step outside his element and still win.

    That takes guts and that’s why I was looking for T shirts like this so I can get one. Like I said, I think Ffloyd will win, but I’m definitely a McGregor fan now.

    Thanks for the review. The T-shirts look awesome.

    • Hi again LaShaun, yep we are almost there, I will certainly be watching the fight, but im afraid you will be disappointed there my friend – Conor will finish Floyd.

      Glad you like the t-shirts bro, you might also like this one

      See you on the other side! Do not bet too much on Mayweather :p  

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