Conor McGregor Returns – But will it ever be as good again?

So Conor McGregor’s return bout has been subject of much speculation in the world of MMA since his last fight, where he lost definitively and dramatically against Khabib Nurmagomedov on the 7th October 2018 at UFC 229. Finally we have had confirmation as of the past few days that Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone is on for January 18th 2020 at UFC 246 as the 5 round main event.

Immediately when you think of this fight, you think excitement because both men always bring hype to a fight, especially Conor of course and both men bring a high level striking game on the feet and I fully expect this bout to be solely contested on the feet.

If it does go to the ground you have to give Cerrone an advantage as he has always had a crafty submission game, so who know maybe Cerrone will throw in some takedowns here and there.

As someone who has followed Conor’s career since his first professional fight, I have to say that myself and many Conor McGregor fans have waned in our support of the Notorious Irishman.

You know you want this fight to happen as much as me –

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What happened to loving Conor?

Now some of the reason why Conor now seems to attract more hate then love then ever before in his career, is of course due to his infrequent fighting since becoming double champ in 2016, but is mainly for how he has conducted himself at times getting himself into all kinds of trouble outside of the cage which for me has left a bad taste in my mouth.

I have understood much of Conors antics through the years and even admired his mental tactics often, but although smashing a UFC bus, attacking a fan, getting in sexual assault cases, and all the shit he talked to Khabib, that was all bad enough –

but when he was filmed hitting an old man on camera for what seemed to be not accepting a drink from Conor, that really turned me off the guy as starting a fight with any significantly  weaker person is just not something I could ever do myself or condone in another.

If I saw any of my friends or family doing something like that, I would still likely block them out of my life as I have no time for pointless thuggish behaviour in my life.

Now I know that Conor did indeed release an interview where the Irishman apologised for some of his antics recently including hitting this old man, but while i appreciate the sentiment we have no way of now how genuine Conor is being in that interview or in general at this point.

If I have an absolutely legendary Rocky rise from poverty to riches in lightning speed, a story that inspires people –

but when I get to the top and have all the money I start literally pissing all over someone’s face with no money, that just gives me a really sour taste in my mouth that I just cant shake at this moment about Conor McGregor.

It’s a story that once upon a time lifted me like Rocky, but has twisted through the years into Scarface after Tony killed Manolo, it just all seems so sad now and has at times felt like an inevitable descent into getting shot in the back and falling from the top just like how Sousa’s killer finishes Tony in Scarface – it’s not cool to be bad anymore Conor, your just going to far man calm down before life gives you a Tony Montana ending.

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Will it ever be the same again?

Not until he fights more then twice in a 6 month period for me, if he increases his fight frequency then time will tell maybe he can get fans back on his side, but it will be a mighty effort.

Remember how you felt about Tony after he killed Manolo in Scarface? You probably thought dude you are an idiot killing your main man, a man who once saved your life directly – you deserve to die in a violent gun fight now. I think thats how many bitter Conor fans feel, because when I think of Conor fighting someone like Justin Gaethje or Jorge Masvidal, I literally can imagine Masvidal or Gaethje completely flatlining Conor for the first time on TV.

I have been hurt by Conor you could say, its cut deep now so for me he needs to fight, win and become a better human being or if you want to remain the washed up dude you are becoming before our eyes, then hurry up and fight the hardest hitters at 155 or 170 so we can all watch you get KOd stiff.

I feel that as sour as I have become on Conor in recent times, he could win back mine and many fans praise if he starts upward trending in every way, but will it ever be the same again as his rise? I’m not sure.

Anyway that’s it for today folks, but leave a comment below if you like this and as always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

Have a good one!



Marley Dawkins

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