Darren Till – The Stars align for one of England’s hottest MMA prospects!

Darren Till, he is one of the big talking points in the world of MMA currently, because the guy is incredibly talented, only 24 years old, is undefeated and has a unique charisma which comes across as a cool, nonchalant and confident attitude towards fighting and life in general, this is common for many fighters from Liverpool, England.

Everyone at 170 pounds in the UFC wants to fight Darren Till right now, because he is a fighter who’s drawing power is steadily on the rise, as well as his skills progressing at an accelerated rate.

But Darren Till was always  ahead of the curve as far as MMA was concerned, Darren never fought bums, he tested himself from day one in his career and when you are fighting decent competition outside of the UFC and your unbeaten before you have your first UFC fight, that can often be the sign of a very talented fighter.

I mean before Till even had a fight in the UFC he was 12-0 in MMA and yeah sure there has been a bit of padding in that record, but that’s good for a young fighters development and since joining the UFC in 2015 he is 4-0-1, so he clearly is really mature as a fighter and is making big waves.

Heres an awesome highlight video of Darren Tills best moments in the octagon –

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How did his stars align?

Look I love a story that shows the power of destiny, fate – Darren Till’s story is something straight out a movie, from the street fights in Liverpool, to the moving to Brazil for years to train and escape crime etc. His story came to a

GDANSK, POLAND – OCTOBER 21: (R-L) Darren Till of England punches Donald Cerrone in their welterweight bout during the UFC Fight Night event inside Ergo Arena on October 21, 2017 in Gdansk, Poland. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

beautiful crescendo when Darren Till knocked out longtime high level fighter Donald Cerrone back in October at UFC Fight Night 118.

I will never forget it, and I know Darren Till will never forget it either – I knew he would win the fight months before it was officially announced and as soon as I saw him walking out to the iconic track Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” It was such a beautiful moment as a fight fan for me, It gave me goosebumps –

It was one of the best walkouts in MMA to define what fulfilling your destiny really means, I mean you could literally see Till with his assured confidence knowing this was his moment, with a smile on his face, knowing this was his moment, literally feeling it calling in the air tonight.

Then he goes out there and shows everyone again just how good he is by stopping such a respected veteran like Donald Cerrone with ease in 1 round.

Now that Darren Till has taken his moment with both hands, his confidence and belief are sky high, which is helping him to train more effectively, improving all areas of his game rapidly.

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What does the future hold?

Well the world is his oyster right now, and as I just mentioned when your undefeated, young and talented your confidence and skill levels can expand unbelievably fast, so I truly believe that every time we see Darren Till in the octagon from this point on will be the best version of Darren Till that we have ever seen.

In my eyes he is going straight to the top to be the first scouser to claim a UFC title against whoever is the champion, I think he could beat current champ Tyrone Woodley, but Till has said himself that he wants nothing given to him, he wants to earn a shot by just beating whoever is in front of him – he speaks with the confidence of a man who knows that his talent and his youth = time and a lot of it so he knows he will fight for the title sooner or later.

Speaking of which Mike Perry would have been a great next fight for Darren Till,  given the heat the two men have, but now that Mike Perry has lost to the Argentinian wrecking machine Santiago Ponzinibbio, the Perry vs Till fight doesn’t seems a likely next step for Darren Till.

He may end up crossing paths with Mike Perry at some point, but I feel that someone like Stephen Thompson, Jorge Masvidal or Colby Covington perhaps. But regardless of who it is, Darren Till could sell out any UK arena right now, especially in Liverpool.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, so if you have any comments or feedback about Darren Till, this post or MMA in general then feel free to post something below.

Of course make sure you stay tined for more from teh world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

See you soon!

Marley Dawkins


  1. I had heard of Darren Till once before but have never watched any of his fights. I watched the clip you haved posted of him on this site and he truly is a beast! Does he prefer to stand with his opponents or take them to the ground? Also what’s his favorite strike and or submission to use? Many thanks

    • Hi Noah, yeah your right Darren Till is definitely a beast in the octagon, he usually prefers to stand up and looking for the KO, but he is a very capable grappler as well and honestly you can expect him to be wearing UFC gold in the near future.

      Oh yeah also you should check out these awesome boxing boots when you get a moment, and this cost effective treadmill if your thinking of training.

      See you again soon bro!

  2. This guy looks incredible!! MMA world is now crowding with incredible talent from many weight classes and different backgrounds.

    This boy is just so so young but very talented and I hope he will get to the heights where he deserves to be. And with this pace I foresee that eventually he will.

    • Hi Tyler, yeah your right man Darren Till is an absolute beast, easily one of the top talents in MMA full stop right now, like you say with MMA growing, more talent and weight classes coming, which all just makes for a more entertaining sport.

      Oh yeah by the way, do you wana get some of your own UFC Gold? Its great for fun, or as a great piece of decoration in your house 🙂

      See you around bro! 

  3. I had heard of Darren Till here and there but never really paid any attention to him until his fight with Donald Cerrone. It was really impressive how he was able to finish Cerrone, especially since “cowboy” is no joke. He’s and interesting fighter to watch and I look forward to see what the future holds for him. Thanks for the interesting post.

    • Hi Logan, well now you know who Darren Till is, the whole MMA world does now – he will be a future champion in my eyes.

      Get yourself some quality headgear if your thinking of doing your own training bro.

      See you round!

  4. Hi Marley,
    Great story about an obviously talented fighter. Watching his video he reminded me a little of Connor Mcgregor, with his southpaw style and his massive left hook which is obviously a lethal weapon. He certainly has an air of confidence and with him only being 24 he is only going to get better.
    I’m not a regular UFC fan but when I like someone I like to follow his career so your article has given a young champ to follow and I know simply by his style I will be a fan of his throughout his career.
    Great read mate thanks

    • Hey Paul – yeah Darren Till is a great fighters and even though he lost to Tyron Woodley recently, he will still grow to be one of the best and yes I see the similarities with McGregor to Till.

      Speaking of McGregor have you got yourself a ticket to see the mans return against Khabib at UFC229?

      Thanks for dropping by!

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