Firas Zahabi – One of the best and smartest MMA Trainers in the world!

So Firas Zahabi is a name that many MMA fans will be aware of, mainly because of the fact that he is known for being one of the best and smartest MMA trainers in the game today.

He has coached so many high level fighters and martial artists to become as effective as possible in there respective discipline, but he specialises mainly in MMA training.

Some of the most notable fighters he has trained before are: Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones, Rory MacDonald, Robert Whittaker, Vitor Belfort, Anthony Smith, Kenny Florian, Alex Garcia, Olivier Aubin-Mercier, Joseph Duffy, Nordine Taleb, John Makdessi, Francis Carmont, Sage Northcutt, Joanne Calderwood, Randa Markos, Myles Jury, Mirsad Bektic, Elias Theodorou, Mickey Gall and many other phenomenal fighters.

If you look at the resumes of all of these fighters you will notice that they all have winning records and many of them are some of the greatest ever like: GSP, Jon Jones, Vitor Belfort, Rory MacDonald and Robert Whittaker.

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Where did he build from?

Well first off as a fighter Firas has his own respected set of accolades as he had won many titles such as the Canadian Muay Thai championship as well as winning titles in Jui Jitsu.

It wasn’t long though after achieving these titles that he would sort of just fall into being an MMA coach – in 1991 Zahabi with fellow martial artist and coach Conrad Pla would together found the Tristar Gym  in Le Triangle Borough in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Since then the gym has been growing from strength to strength as the effective training methods of Zahabi became more widespread.

Listen to his interview to understand who Zahabi is –

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Why is he so good?

Well as you can tell from the above interview Zahabi is a fascinating person and with his excellent martial arts calibre, fight experience, his Major in Philosophy and general understanding of psychology he developed a specific training style where he often will focus on shorter, high intensity training sessions.

He for instance has said statements like: “If you train for two to three hours, the intensity level can’t be the same as somebody who trains for one hour” this is based on the principle of training according to science to maximise results.

Along with another legendary coach in John Danaher, one of the greatest MMA fighters ever in GSP attributes much of his success to the training of Firas Zahabi.

Zahabi is known for using hour long sessions at various frequencies depending on the fighters proximity to a fight – these sessions will often be broken down into 10 minutes of warm up, 10 minutes cool down and 40 minutes of actual hard work, the hard work sections again varying in intensity depending on a fighters specific requirements at that time.

The results of his fighters speak volumes to any coaches effectiveness, and Firas Zahabi trained fighters have amazing results – also on top of masterminding this training system, he is always improving as martial artist himself due to often training at 100% intensity with the worlds best Wrestlers, Strikers and Jiu-Jitsu artists.

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Learn from the best and make a change!

You have to learn from the best in anything in life in order to become the best, you have to be willing to learn and even more willing to change in order to implement what you have learnt.

Firas Zahabi is built of this concept, the true path of the martial artist is one of honour, confidence, nobility, humility and an ever growing process of learning and evolution.

He has developed some truly special fighters from his Tristar gym so he is a truly legendary coach, easily one of the greatest ever and I for one hope he continues to grow and develop more because seeing what he has achieved in the sport of MMA as a coach makes me want to see him just go from strength to strength in life.

If you find yourself at UFC events, then you will eventually see him in person cornering many high level fighters on a regular basis.

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Take it easy!

Marley Dawkins

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