Hand Wraps – Everlast Professional Hand Wraps 180 Review – Wraps that will last the distance

Product: Everlast Professional Hand Wraps 180Everlast_MMA_UFC_Boxing_Muay Thai_Hand Wraps Hand Wraps Review

Price: Have a look right HERE

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

Colour: Black, White, Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow.

Size: 180 inches

Contents: 2 rolls

Material: machine washable cotton/spandex blend material

Shipping: $6.95 flat rate for US customers, varying costs for other countries.

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product Overview

Everlast_MMA_UFC_Boxing_Muay Thai_Hand Wraps_Hand Wraps ReviewSo when your serious about striking, whether your doing Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA or any kind of striking, then you need to get your hand wraps on before your put your gloves on. So today we will be looking at some of my basic favourite hand wraps – Everlast Professional Hand Wraps 180.

I don’t want anything special with my hand wraps, they just have to be a good length, not too thick, not too thin, be comfortable, protect my knuckles and wrists well, while also being stretchy and hygienic.

That’s what you get with these awesome Everlast Hand Wraps, they do all the basics well and like I say that’s the main thing with something simple like Hand Wraps.

Watch this video to look closer at these Everlast Professional Hand Wraps 180 and importantly how to wrap your hands correctly from top Bellator Lightweight Michael Chandler –

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The best parts of these hand wraps

  1. Simplicity – the best things in life are simple from my perspective, as soon as something gets too complex, its just becomes something that will only add stress to your life. These Everlast Professional Hand Wraps are simple to use, simple to clean (just throw them in the washing machine like any of your washing) and they provide good enough protection for your knuckles, hands and wrists.

    Everlast_MMA_UFC_Boxing_Muay Thai_Hand Wraps Hand Wraps Review

  2. Protection – Look this is the whole reason why we have to use hand wraps in the first place, its to make sure we limit the amount of damage done to our hands and wrists in our training and in the fight itself of course. These Everlast wraps will give you excellent protection for all your training needs. The Thumb strap ensures ease of use with a hook and loop closure for a secure fit, which also reduces the risk of hand injuries.
  3. Anti-microbial – Look we are all sweaty beasts right? When we are going hard in the gym everything tends to get wet with body sweat, but the most important things in that whatever training gear your using that it remains clean and avoids any infections developing. Its the patented EverFresh anti-microbial treatment that these hand wraps are made with, that fights strong odours and bacterial growth meaning your products stay safe and smelling fresh.


  • 180 inch of machine washable Polyester blend material, which provides breathable comfort for your hands while your training.

    Everlast_MMA_UFC_Boxing Muay Thai Hand Wraps Hand Wraps Review

  • When you wrap your hands correctly with these Everlast hand wraps, you will significantly reduce your chance of damaging your hands in anyway.
  • The excellent design quality of Everlast products makes these wraps really durable, myself and many of my training partners have had these same Everlast hand wraps for years, only occasionally getting new ones when the wear and tear catches up.
  • Thumb strap ensures that these wraps are easy to use with a hook and loop closure for a secure fit, which also helps with correct fitting of the wraps in my opinion.

  • The EverFresh technology is big, because I cant stand it when training equipment carries a stale sweat smell, and with these Everlast wraps they are made with an Anti-microbial treatment which fights bacteria growth, and keeps your wraps clean and smelling fresh!

  • Everlast are known for their prompt delivery services to anywhere in the world – I got mine delivered to the UK within 5 days from ordering!
  • Come in a variety of 6 different colours, giving you a nice choice at order.

    Everlast_MMA_UFC_Boxing_Muay Thai_Hand Wraps Hand Wraps Review

  • Completely Unisex, so don’t worry about looking for different wraps if your a female, these will serve just as well as they do for men – plus having the pink will be very popular with a lot of girls and women!
  • Very easy to store when your finished, because the natural rolling of the wraps makes putting them back into a roll very easy, and the Velcro strap secures the roll when your finished.


  • No free shipping? Its the only thing that stopped me from giving these Everlast Professional Hand Wraps 180 a flat 10 out of 10. If Everlast ever upgrade their delivery services to offer free shipping, then I will come back here and make this review 10 out of 10!

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Stick to the basics with wraps that last!

Everlast_MMA_UFC Boxing Muay Thai Hand Wraps Hand Wraps ReviewYou don’t need anything fancy, you just need Hand Wraps that will protect your hands and wrists when your sparring or any kind of striking with your hands that your doing in the gym – also you want hand wraps that will last!

These Everlast Professional Hand Wraps 180 are just what you need for your striking needs, yes they are not teh most fancy hand wraps in the industry, but with many thing sin life, its often the most basic that gets the jobs done in the best way.

So at this point if you are ready to take some action and get your hand wraps now, then you can make an order right HERE.

I hope you enjoyed today’s review, so please make sure you leave a comment or a question below as it all helps with interaction on here.

As always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA and the bets product reviews in the industry right here at the MMAGateway.

Thanks for reading!



Marley Dawkins


  1. Hi, Marley ! Your reviews are always on point – thorough and well researched – I see these professional fighters at the gym al the time and they will tell you just how important the right type of hand wraps are when training.
    I am happy to read that one doesn’t always have to purchase the most expensive product, to achieve the desired effect. Effective and productive. The Pros and Cons have been nicely documented and it tells me that there is no reason for me to spend more money than necessary.

    • Hey Rico, thanks for your support bro, yeah these Everlast Hand wraps are excellent for any kind of striking training with with your hands, but if you do that, then make sure you get yourself a pair of quality Boxing Boots as well, they are also great value like these hand wraps!

      See you again soon!

  2. Hi Marley,

    Again, great article!
    My daughter started to practice kickboxing, and I was wondering if she needs hand wraps to protect he hands?
    She still new at this sport and I am bit worry. She has excellent teachers, and I trust them, but you know, moms always worry:) Do you think she should wear these hand wraps? Or only professional boxers need to wear them?

    Thank you for this great post!

    • Hi Daniella, thanks for your support! That’s great news that your daughter is starting Kickboxing, its a great martial art for cardio and striking self defence. If shes under 9 or so then its not such a big deal – Hand Wraps become more important as children develop into young adults, because as they go through adolescence and there muscle growth accelerates really quickly that is when Hand wraps will be the most important for training or competing to fully protect their hands.

      But its never too young to get them in the habit 🙂 also you could look at getting her some quality headgear and gloves.

      See you again soon!

  3. Everlast is surely a good brand and the rating for this product is extremely high. Worth trying it out. This article also provide guide on the best way to wrap it up your hand and no doubt its always back to basic to get the best out of it. How much would it cost to delivery it to Asia continent considering that is the only cons that has mentioned?

    • Hi there, yes Everlast are one of the top combat sports equipment companies, they have been for a longtime now – glad you liked Michael Chandlers breakdown of how to wrap your hands properly with these Everlast Hand Wraps.

      Well I’m in the UK so I’m not sure about shipping costs for Asian countries, but when your at order you can look at the various options, I wouldn’t expect it to be much more then say $6 though.

      Also if your looking for some good gloves to use with these Wraps then look at these Venum Elite Boxing Gloves.

      See you again buddy!

  4. Hey Marley,
    Again I thought this was another great article. you always get right to what people want to know. I like how you added a video, thought it was a good way to extend your review. Thought the overall post was very clean and well put together. Thanks again for the awesome content, and keep it up!

    • Hey Rocco, thanks buddy glad you liked this post – these wraps really are so simple yet so effective, so make sure you get some if your thinking of lacing up eh gloves for any kind of striking with a bag or sparring.

      Also I’m not sure if you have seen these Shinguards? Also a must if your adding kicks to your game.

      See you round bro!

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