Henry Cejudo – The Messenger makes history as the first Triple Champion!

I love Henry Cejudo, from his walkout song to his fighting style, to his character – he may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think he is an absolute legend and i’m a huge fan.

If you don’t like him, or feel indifferent then at the very least you have to respect he man’s accomplishments, and that’s what we are focusing on today at the MMAGateway because from my perspective Henry Cejudo is a winner that should be celebrated.

In case you didn’t know Henry Cejudo this past weekend became UFC Flyweight and UFC Bantamweight champion by defeating the devastating striker Marlon Moraes by 3rd round TKO at UFC 238.

With this win Cejudo has become the newest member of UFC fighters to hold two belts at the same time, along with other greats like: Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier and Amanda Nunes.

For a man so diminutive at 5 ft 4, Henry Cejudo has a will to win that is much larger than most MMA fighters. He truly is an inspiration, any small men who are not yet fans of Henry Cejudo must follow him immediately and all MMA fans generally should celebrate the amazing narrative of Henry Cejudo,

Here’s what Henry had to say to Joe Rogan straight after becoming the triple champ, injecting the question of if he is the greatest combat sports athlete ever –

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What a UFC run What a story

Sometimes in MMA you hear fighters being on a great run, but then when they fight the very best at their weight they crumble – but just look at who Henry Cejudo has beaten since joining the UFC.

When he arrived in the UFC in 2014 he immediately hit the ground running, storming up the rankings by defeating solid competitors straight away like: Dustin Kimura, Chris Cariaso, Chico Camus and the top 5 Flyweight in Jussier Formiga.

Then he had back to back losses, first to the legendary Demetrious Johnson in his first title fight, then he lost a close split decision to Joseph Benavidez soon after.

But it was really these losses that I feel caused Cejudo to train and dream harder, to go on to do what he would do next – he knocked out Wilson Reis, then soundly beat the at the time surging Sergio Pettis by decision.

Then he got a rematch with Demetrious Johnson and this time Cejudo actually managed to defeat one of the pound for pound kings in MMA in Demetrious Johnson, a man who was undefeated for 6 years, to become the UFC Flyweight champion in August 2018 at UFC 227.

If that wasn’t a great enough feat to impress you, then after that in January this year, he only welcomed Bantamweight legend and at the time UFC Bantamweight champion in TJ Dillashaw down to Flyweight. Cejudo brutally knocked out Dillashaw in 32 seconds of the first round. Unbelievable.

Then TJ was stripped of his Bantamweight title for failing a drug test after the event, so with the UFC Bantamweight title being vacant, Cejudo took his time to strike and this past weekend defeated the incredible striker in Marlon Moraes by 3rd round TKO.

Cejudo was losing badly against Moraes in the first round, but came back to completely take over the fight in the second and third rounds. Which is a real testament to Cejudo’s toughness and will to win, especially once we found out Cejudo had a terrible sprained ankle before the fight and could have pulled out.

What a legend, Henry Cejudo is the perfect example of why you never give up on your dreams –

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The Only current Gold medalist in the UFC.

Now as Henry likes to remind people, he is an Olympic Gold medalist in freestyle Wrestling at the 2008 Olympics. Now as he pointed out on the mic in his post fight interview, he is the only current triple champ in the UFC right now with two UFC titles and an Olympic Gold Medal – I also believe he is the only current active UFC fighter with an Olympic Gold Medal to his name.

If you scoff at this, then I say you don’t get how special Henry Cejudo really is – the man is such an athletic competitor, who really is fearless, has unbelievable wrestling and hits way harder than people expect.

Some haters have said Cejudos claim of being a triple champ is not valid, but I for one agree with Cejudo a Gold Medal at the Olympics in some form of combat sports, is something akin to a world title to me.

So to all the haters, why don’t you go and see how easy it is to get a Gold Medal at any weight of Wrestling in the olympics? You can go and learn the hard way just how hard that really is, which would underline to you just how high level of a competitor Henry Cejudo really is.

Remind yourself of Henry Cejudo’s feats of greatness with these highlights –

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 A truly inspiring character in combat sports

1097px-Henry_Cejudo_MMAnytt.se_Triple champ_UFC_MMA_UFC 238 ReviewHenry Cejudo is an absolute legend, I personally think that he is the best smaller weight fighter to ever enter the UFC which I think his last 3 wins particularly highlight – a small man with huge power in life and truly first ever Triple Champ in the UFC.

Call his character and fight promotion cringey if you want, but I think the whole package of Henry Cejudo is all entertaining and just makes sense, even his name sounds cool to say I think – so no matter how you feel about him he is a truly inspiring character in the sport.

The man is full of deep meaning when he fights, when he speaks and in general so I think his nickname the Messenger is so perfect.

Some people may laugh at the prospect of Cejudo possibly moving up weights again in the future and taking on Max Holloway for the UFC Featherweight title to potentially be the first ever UFC fighter to hold 3 belts at once.

Please never change Henry Cejudo, you are a true legend, guaranteed hall of famer – thanks for all you have done in the sport of MMA, I hope you keep proving everyone who doubts you wrong, you are without question one of the greatest ever!

That’s all for today MMA fans, so thanks for reading – please like, share subscribe and as always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at MMAGateway.

The Show Goes On!

Marley Dawkins


  1. Hello Marley; Wow! Effort and talent eh? A man with much vim and vitality. That is suitable for the occasion. You have me thinking. I would say that Henry Cejudo maybe little, but he is ‘tallawah’! It is not Cheese for one man to hold thripple championship when so many competitors are on the scene. I wish him continued success. And your continual support to his endeavour.


    • Thanks Dorcas, yeah you could say Henry Cejudo is the biggest little man I know 🙂 incredibly talented athlete – if you want to see another amazing athlete have you seen Francis Ngannou?

      Also what do you think about the UFC Ring Girls? 

      Thanks for stopping by! 

  2. Henry Cejudo is indeed an iron Man that has won many battle and belts among his colleagues. I became a wrestling lover at the middle of  last year and I am able to watch every wise and hero actions he had performed. It got to a point where I have to ask my colleagues more about who this hero  because of his intelligent actions. I got a body lifting answer which triggered me to follow him up and become one of his fans. I am one of his loyal fans. This is a very interesting review capable of giving clue to anyone looking forward to know more about Henry Cejudo, the iron Man.

    • Thanks for the feedback Stella, yeah Henry Cejudo is definitely made of iron.

      Speaking of which this workout regime will give you an iron core.

      Have a good day!

  3. I love UFC next to boxing. You have mentioned names like Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier, and Amanda Nunes. I never knew the last two but I know Conor McGregor because I watched him fight for several times. However, Henry Cejudo is new to me and I got interested and I’m ready to watch the replay of his fights.

    Interestingly, Henry Cejudo proves that size doesn’t matter but strength, endurance, and mental alertness could be the factors that lead him to his victories.

    • Hi Abagatan, good to hear you love UFC and are a new Henry Cejudo fan 🙂 yes Conor is the biggest name in MMA really.

      You starting to train yourself at home? Get yourself a quality Freestanding Bag to work your striking technique and power.

      See you again bro!

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