How much are UFC tickets? UFC Fight Night Belfast Mousasi vs Hall tickets HERE!

MMA Gateway UFC TicketsSo maybe you have been wondering to yourself – How much are UFC tickets? Then after this, you probably are thinking  – where can i get UFC tickets from?

Well im just going to let you know about an upcoming UFC Belfast card on November 19th within this post, and where you can get your tickets from.

Now let me tell you if you have never been to an MMA event before, then whenever you decide to attend your first event, you will be in for a REAL TREAT.

Nothing compares to being at a live event – no matter if its sports, music, comedy shows etc. The experience, the memories, the flash and bang, the excitement, the closeness, the deep connections to the action – these things can only be achieved by being in the flesh at a LIVE EVENT.


Watch this video to give yourself a taste of whats to come in Belfast on November 19th:

Upcoming Events/Tickets

UFC 205:

Now unfortunately i am going to miss this one due to my work schedule, but UFC 205 Mcgregor vs Alvarez at MMA_Gateway_UFC_Fight_Night_99_Belfast_gegard_mousasi_michael_dunnMadison Square Garden, New York is coming up on November 12th. If like many MMA fans you also are going to miss this historic card, then don’t worry because the next card in BELFAST, Northern Ireland at the SSE arena on November 19th is going to be a great card too.


After everyone has come down from the Conor McGregor buzz of New York from UFC 205, UFC fans especially UFC fans in the UK/Europe area will not want to miss UFC FIGHT NIGHT 99, at the SSE Arena in Belfast Northern Ireland on November 19th. Heres the main bouts to watch out for:



  • Conor McGregor’s long time friend and training partner Gunnar Nelson, was supposed to be headlining this Belfast card on November 19th by fighting South Korean stand out veteran “Stun Gun” Dong Hyun Kim. However unfortunately Gunnar Nelson is now injured, so this fight has been removed from the card.
  • But luckily for UFC fans, stand out Dutch Middleweight contender Gegard Mousasi, has just today agreed to fill in the main event spot on short notice, by having a rematch with Uriah Hall on November 19th In Belfast. The first time these two warriors fought, was in September 26th 2015, when Uriah Hall shocked MMA fans by landing a spinning back kick into flying knee combo to finish Mousasi by TKO. Mousasi has always maintained it was a fluke, and as a Mousasi fan myself i am SO EXCITED, to see him back in action again, and don’t be surprised if he gets revenge against Hall in Belfast on November 19th.
  • In the likely co-main event UFC Flyweight contender Ian “Uncle Creepy”McCall, returns to the octagon to battle it out with Dublin Irelands veteran Flyweight “2 tap” Neil Seery. Every Neil Seery fight i have ever seen is always exciting fast paced action, so i expect this will be a fast and exciting contest.
  • Artem Lobov vs Teruto Ishihara is a potential fight of the night winner for me – Ishihara is a very talented fighter that im looking forward to seeing again, but both men love to strike, this will 100% be contested purely on the feet, both men have KO power, so a KO is highly likely here, so if this one goes to the judges i will be genuinely shocked.
  • Sunderland England’s own UFC lightweight veteran Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson, takes on US veteran James Krause in what is sure to be an action packed MMA contest.
  • Timothy Johnson vs Alexander Volkov in the Heavyweight division speaks for itself – its a Heavyweight bout, so dont blink, it could be over in one strike!
  • Denmark’s stand out Anna Elmose returns to the UFC after her tough loss to Germaine De Randamie, to battle it out with US up and comer “ABC” Amanda Bobby Cooper – always a pleasure to see top quality female martial artists adding depth to this phenomenal fight card!
  • Better late then never – Flyweight title contenders Kyoji Horiguchi and Ali Baguatinov were supposed to collide on the cancelled Lamas vs Penn card on October 15th, so its a bonus treat for Belfast fans to be able to see these two Flyweight stand outs compete! Im a big Horiguchi fan, so its always a pleasure for me to see Kyoji displaying his talents in the octagon – this bout could be a dark horse for fight of the night.

What are you waiting for?

MMA Gateway UFC TicketsThere’s plenty of time to get tickets for this epic UFC FIGHT NIGHT 99 event, at the SSE Arena in BELFAST, Northern Ireland on November 19th, and the ticket prices for this card are brilliant.

So what are you waiting for? You were wondering how much are UFC tickets, well if you want to look at all the prices, and make your booking then you can do that right HERE.

Have fun at this event, and if this is going to be your first event, then your in for a treat, because its going to be a GREAT NIGHT, and who knows if you go ahead and book a ticket, i might bump into you at the show 🙂

Stay tuned for more events/tickets information here at MMA Gateway, and as always, any feedback or questions then give me a shout in the comments.





Marley Dawkins


  1. being a sport fan is my choice but he problem that i use to encounter is that i sometimes dont attend because i dont have the information about the types of the sport including the upcoming one

    thanks for sharing this vital information ever and please keep me updated with any other information again


    • Hi Jose, thanks for your feedback, anytime you need information on upcoming events, then stay tuned for schedule updates here at MMA Gateway.

  2. I have always been a boxing fan and now an MMA fan also. I would love to go to New York and see the McGregor fight and Ireland is on my bucket list. I’ll be back to your site for sure to see when some fights are coming closer to my area. Do you know offhand of any fights coming to Canada? I agree with you on seeing the fights live!

    • Hi Sherry, that’s awesome that your a Boxing and MMA fan 🙂 but yeah tell me about it, i would definitely be seeing UFC 205 McGregor vs Alvarez if i had some extra time off work – but UFC in Belfast on November 19th is going to be awesome!

      Yes There is a card in Toronto on the 10th December – UFC 206 Cormier vs Johnson – anytime you need to stay up to date on an upcoming card, go to the schedule anytime, and like you say, theres nothing like being at a live event! 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback

  3. Thanks very much for the info.

    I have always wanted to go to a UFC event just to see what it was like, but I did not know how much it would cost or where I could get tickets.

    I think I will go for a fight which is not too expensive just for the experience. If I enjoy it, I will be back to see some of the big guns. Do you have any recommendations?

    All the best!

    • Hi Mark, no problem well now you know where to come for UFC event information 🙂 this particular UFC event in Belfast Northern Ireland on November 19th has some of the best UFC ticket prices ive seen.

      This is because it is “Fight Night” card, which typically are a smaller card with not as much tv coverage or “star power” as the pay-per-view big events like UFC 205. I definitely agree that starting with a smaller show is good for a first experience, and i would just say that you should stick to “Fight Night” cards which typically have the best ticket prices usually around the £90 or $120 range for good seats.

      For the big pay-per-views its much more, UFC 205 for instance has starting prices of $700! But you know the cameras shine brightest when the stars are out, and Conor being on the card bumps up the ticket price a lot, on top of it being the first ever UFC event held in Madison Square Garden New York, which has also added a massive premium to ticket prices for that event.

      MMA is so unpredictable too, so who knows the UFC Fight Night 99 card in Belfast, could end up having more compelling and entertaining fights on then UFC 205.

  4. Hey Marley,
    Awesome overview on the different upcoming fights. U seem very motivated and enthusiastic to attend these fights, and I feel that your high spirit was transferred to me. I strongly agree with you there is nothing like being at the action scene watching it live from there. I have previously attended various soccer, basketball and volleyball events and I remember how exciting it was. I have never been at a fighting competition and I believe that if I am going to try one, then nothing is as exciting and amusing as MMA. But I won’t be able to have a vacation except at the end of January/beginning of February. Do are there any exciting events in this period?

    • Hi Esso, yeah your right i am very motivated to attend as many MMA events as i can, good to hear my enthusiasm is rubbing off on you lol. Definitely live events are a powerful experience that we never forget, none more so then UFC events in my eyes.

      Yes MMA can be exciting and amusing as well as about a million other things too, to me it really is the most exhilarating sport in the world! UFC events take live action to a level you will have never felt before 🙂

      Its a bit early for a January schedule at the moment, as the UFC still hasnt confirmed some of there December cards yet, but as and when i find out, it will be posted in the schedule here.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  5. Hi Marley,
    Your page is great! very informative about all the upcoming big ticket MMA fights! I’m from South Alabama and they have a good bit of small MMA tournaments around, but I’ve never had the pleasure of attending a real BIG TICKET MMA EVENT. DO you know of any that are upcoming in any of the Southeastern United States within the next several months? I will be checking in regularly to see was on the upcoming agenda!

    • Hi Rusty, thanks for your feedback! That’s awesome that there are a lot of smaller MMA shows in your area, i know the UFC has been to Alabama before. Nothing coming up that i can see, but there will be card in Las Vegas and California in the next few months, but you can always check the schedule anytime for more info 🙂

  6. It looks like there are some great match ups coming to the New York & Belfast MMA events. As you say, it can be unpredictable what happens and I guess that’s what intrigues people to watch it.

    I remember watching sometime ago the highlights of the UFC in Melbourne AUS where Rhonda Rousey got KO’d. I was quite stunned to see it, and I was impressed by the skills and the speed of the fighters.

    So the fans who can make it to see the MMA events live in New York & Belfast are going to be in for a real treat.

    • Hi Adrian, yes there is a a lot of great UFC cards coming up over the next few months, the UFC owners are good at putting on some of their best cards towards the end of the year, and this year is no different.

      Yes When Holy Holm KO’d Ronda Rousey via head kick in Australia, i think everyone was shocked by that, Ronda was so dominant for so long, but in the world of MMA it only takes one off night, one tiny mistake in a fight that can cost you your consciousness, especially against a seasoned striker like Holly Holm.

      But yeah anytime you need event information, then this is your first stop 🙂

  7. Great info Marley! I can tell how much you love this sport! I have never seen an MMA fight before but I have friends who love, love, love this stuff. How many fights have you been to live?

    • Thanks Jennifer 🙂 yeah MMA is one of my central passions in life without question, has been since i was born basically lol, and im glad to hear you’ve got friends who love MMA too – make sure you let them know about this site 🙂

      I’ve been to hundreds of amateur events across the UK and a couple of UFC cards so far, i went to the card in Sweden last year to see Johnson vs Gustafsson and i saw Bisping vs Silva at the O2 in London earlier this year – Amazing events, you will have to see a show yourself sometime, honestly its the most exciting live event shows I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to loads of different live events like music, comedy, theatre.

      Well you know where to come if you want to get your tickets for any future events 🙂

  8. Very informative, I have been to a few UFC matches before, what a thrill! Haha there really is nothing that compares to live action. Or live fans! Thank you for all the info, I’ll be watching and waiting to see if any MMA matches are coming up in my area!

    • Awesome Andrew! You know what the buzz of live UFC action is like then 🙂 anytime you need to look for events near your area just drop by the schedule here.

      Thanks for your feedback

  9. This is an education for me,when we are posting on international sites we cannot take anything for granted. I know nothing about the martial arts and has never followed, so initials like SSF-MMA and UFC mean nothing to me and probably others,so a little explanation is always helpful.After reading your about Me page I was able to relate and saw your enthusiasm for the sport. Thanks for sharing. Good luck.

    • Well im glad you find my website informative, but thats the point – you had to research what MMA stands for 🙂 next step now is to get to a live event like this awesome event coming up in Belfast 🙂

  10. Good job explaining what kind of ticket to go for and what is for what with detailed appropriateness.

    You must be very close to the game and huge passion for it for that i thank you for providing this valuable contents.

    I will sure favorite this page and i think a i know a person or two who can benefit plentifully from this amazing article.


    • Hi Richard, thanks for your compliments, glad you liked this post. I just wanted to give people to get themselves some tickets to an event, because theres nothing like a live UFC event.

      MMA is one of my biggest passions in life, so yeah share and stay tuned for all your MMA updates 🙂

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