How to learn MMA at home

mma gateway how to learn mma at homeNow if you are interested in training MMA, but are struggling to find the free time in your schedule to do so, then this article will help you.

Maybe your finding time to go to your gym once a week, but you cannot fit in anymore time then that, maybe you don’t even have the time for one day a week. If this is the case for you, then understanding how to learn MMA at home is crucial –

Now ideally you will either have been already training at a gym now and then, or you’ve been training in a specific Martial Arts discipline for years. If not don’t worry anyone can start to learn the basic fundamentals of MMA from the comfort of your own home!

I must stress of course, that you undertsand our journey as martial artists, is to walk a process of self-improvement, so please before you read on, make sure that you want to learn MMA for the right purposes of self-improvement as a human being.

Money Struggles?

So In today’s world of increasing financial stress, it is difficult for many to be able to financially devote enough mma gateway how to learn mma at homemoney to be able to train 3-7 days a week like the top UFC fighters are able to.

They have access to world class coaches/mentors/facilities, where the best techniques, nutritional tips, strength/conditioning regimes, equipment and partners are at their disposal – however i assure you this costs most top UFC fighters tens in some cases hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

But the question is – how can you improve your MMA training regime for a tiny cost from the comfort of your home? Well here at the MMA gateway you are kept in the loop about the best ways to improve, or just get started with your MMA journey.

You Really Can Start At Home!

Personally i have looked at many online training programs through the years, as well as going to my own local mma gateway how to learn mma at home renzocroppedgyms/facilities. I have to say that any program that can offer you advice, techniques, mentoring and nutritional tips of top UFC fighters for a fraction of the cost, is the way to go.

Brian Yamasaki and Brandon Kiser have been training high calibre professional MMA fighters for years, that have competed in amateur shows, or in top promotions like Pride, Bodog, IFC and UFC.

They have created an excellent online system for anyone that wants to know how to learn MMA at home.

Hundreds of Top MMA fighters have used this system to improve their overall MMA game, the world acclaimed Renzo Gracie academy stated on their twitter feed –

“A very comprehensive breakdown of Muay Thai techniques, physiology and kinesiology of the combinations.”

Kru Cade Sakit Anderson (Randy Couture’s Muay Thai Coach for his Heavyweight Title victory in UFC 68) stated –

“I’ve been trained by the best in the world, but coaches Brian & Brandon of Damage Control MMA always have new insights into the fight game to teach me.”


  • You will be saving huge amounts of time and energy, because you will be learning MMA in your own schedule when it is convenient for you from the comfort of your home.
  • Hundreds of detailed video tutorials of various MMA techniques available to you anytime.
  • Many Ebooks available for you to download.
  • You will receive various free bonuses for loyalty and dedication.
  • Access to some of the best professional strength/conditioning and nutritional tips.
  • Brandon Kiser and Brian Yamasaki have set up a 24/7 support system via email if you ever require help.
  • Access to guest instructor content from respected MMA names such as Nick Diaz, Josh Burkman, Jeff Monson, Kyacey Uscola, Derek Downey and Dennis Davis.
  • Tiny monthly payments of less then $10 a month.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.


  • The only cons here from my perspective, is it requires  you to follow and implement a serious training plan, so if your not serious about MMA then this is not for you.
  • While it is a monthly subscription service, the amount is so low, and the course gives you access to so much content that it pays for itself in my opinion.


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran of martial arts, you will find value here either way. But remember – the most important thing is implementation!

So if you decide to join this online training course and begin to understand how to learn MMA at home, remember that everything starts with YOU! So get started now and click HERE

Or if you want a good alternative here’s another program for starting to learn MMA at home from former Canadian MMA fighter Jeff Joslin.

Feel free to drop some comments below about this post, and thanks for your time.


Marley Dawkins


  1. You don’t gloss over the commitment needed to train at home, even with the affordable price tag. Commitment is key and doing MMA for the right reasons is also key. A comprehensive review to where even people who don’t know about MMA can understand it.

    • Exactly – even if something is $1 a month it doesn’t make any difference if you have no motivation to physically act on the training your getting. Like you say commitment really is key

  2. The UF has really put MMA on the world map. Love watching UFC.

    I actually pracitced JKD for a number of year until the gym I went to closed down. It was a great workout and called for a lot of discipline.

    May take a look at this to see if I can pick up MAA at home.


    • Absolutely the UFC is premier division of MMA, which like you say is an authority globally now.

      Jeet Kune Do is a great martial art to learn, straight from Bruce Lee himself, who is widley considered as one of the important founders of modern MMA.

      If you want to get back into training, then the the Damage control MMA system will give you all the tools and techniques to open up your MMA capabilities. Anyway always good to hear from an MMA fan and thanks for your input.

  3. Hey Marley,
    I practiced BJJ and MMA for roughly five years. I have to be honest – even if I were still training I would never follow a program like this. It may be better for individuals who are advanced and have the basics down, but starting out, you need a teacher to assess what you are doing right and wrong. You also need to live drill to actually get fluid at performing techniques.

    • Hi John, i hear what your saying and your right, having a teacher, a gym/dojo is always best to start out – this program is designed for people who are already advancing in their own training in their personal life, but at the same time it is a perfect program for newcomers who want to take action and expand their education at home outside of the gym.

      Remember not everyone has the time or the resources to go and train regularly at a gym, yet they still may want to advance their knowledge of MMA from the comfort of their own home. Its not for everyone John, and i understand you’ve had plenty of experience, but i think you would be surprised by what you could learn from the Damage Control system, i know that me, and plenty of amateur and professional fighters have too.

      Thanks for your feedback anyway

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