Joe Rogan MMA Show – Relax with MMA Discussions and the top names

If your a big MMA fan then you know who Joe Rogan is – he is the long standing colour commentator for the UFC and over the past year the Joe Rogan MMA Show or JRE MMA Show has been around.

I for one am a huge fan of this show so I have seen every show and today at the MMAGateway we are just gona take a look at the show in closer details and give you a summary breakdown of every show so far.

On top of being the main voice of the UFC during fights as a commentator, Joe Rogan himself is a high level martial artist holding both Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo black belts.

This always adds a layer of authenticity to his MMA podcasts that I sometimes see missing in other MMA related shows – just knowing that Joe Rogan can actually whoop an average guy on the street is one thing, but when former UFC Welterweight and Middleweight champion GSP says that the hardest back kick he ever felt was from Joe Rogan, it just adds more weight to Joe’s insights, interactions and interviews generally.

Also Joe Rogan is a stand up comedian, so he always knows how to lighten a situation up with comedy – furthermore Rogan also is a very open minded deep thinker about all kinds of psychology, conspiracies, statistics and philosophy which again adds more interest to the show itself.

Can watch every episode right HERE.

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So how does the show operate?

Well its a live podcast broadcast on YouTube and the whole premise of the show is Joe Rogan having the top names from the world of MMA on the show to discuss martial arts, fighting, life, some philosophy, science and conspiracies mixed in.

While the show is free flowing conversation, the point is really Joe getting into the persons head about martial arts, fighting and life – asking questions he is interested to know about the fighter or MMA community person and then going deeper into associated subjects giving feedback on things he has observed or solutions he suggests sometimes.

Joe Rogan always seems easy going on the show mixing seriousness, intellect and comedy to good measure throughout the conversations – yet if someone states something he doesn’t agree with he will call them out on it immediately, which is also a very cool part of the show, where mini disagreements occasionally happen.

Also Joe Rogan’s assistant off camera Jamie does a great job – he pulls up information on google about the things that become a big point in the conversation Joe’s having with his guest – Jamie also has  very chilled voice and character which adds to the chilled tone of the show in general.

Also Joe openly smokes weed and Jamie undoubtedly does this well with his voice, so that also explains some of the chilled vibe on the show lol.

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Whos been on the show?

Soon it will get to a point of who hasn’t been! But lets have a quick summary at every part so far –

  • Episode 1: Joe just randomly talks about MMA with Jamie along with his intentions to make regular MMA Shows, good start.
  • Episode 2: Its Joe on his own this time, purely audio so definitely not my favourite show – definitely he sounds really high on this episode lol.

  • Episode 3: Brendan Schaub makes his first and not last appearance on the show – understandable because of his friendship with Joe, and it was a funny episode due to their chemistry.
  • Episode 4: Was awesome having Justin Wren on the show, the man is a legend in MMA for his Wrestling skill set and his work helping poverty stricken areas in Africa, so there was interesting insights on fighting and some deep chats on his experiences and life in general, awesome show one of my favourites.
  • Episode 5:  Stipe Miocic The UFC Heavyweight champion graces the podcast, and despite Stipe’s well known quiet character the show was great having many funny moments, insights and fight discussions.
  • Episode 6: Another one of Rogan’s best friends is Tenth Planet Jiu-Jistu captain Eddie Bravo, was really cool to get his insights on Jiu-Jitsu, life and conspiracies.
  • Episode 7: This time Brendan Schaub returns with Bryan Callen, which obviously made for a really funny and entertaining show.
  • Episode 8: Jimmy Smith the former colour commentator has switched to the UFC now, and it was interesting having him on the show, because he is so similar to Joe Rogan in a lot of ways.
  • Episode 9: Jeff Novitsky is a name some fighters like and some hate, as the man is tasked with overseeing fighter drug testing regulations and procedures in the UFC, making sure fighters are clean and so it was interesting hearing his feedback on his difficult job.
  • Episode 10: Tyron Woodley is a polarising fighter in the sports amongst fans for a few reasons, but the UFC Welterweight champion is one of the best fighters in the world at 170, so it was cool to have him on.
  • Episode 11: John Danaher is GSP and many top fighters head coach, his level of understanding of fighting, psychology and philosophy is astounding, so it was really amazing having him on.

  • Episode 12: It was cool having the undefeated Ben Askren on the show, because the guy is really charismatic and is one of the biggest disappointments for MMA fans that he never got to fight in the UFC.
  • Episode 13: This was unique, Joe’s first female guest was current UFC straw weight champion Rose Namajunas and her head coach/boyfriend Pat Barry. Roses calm, peaceful depth to her along with Barry’s charisma made for a really cool show.
  • Episode 14: Matt Brown the Immortal one stepped onto the show and recounted some really cool stories and insights, from his storied MMA career.
  • Episode 15: Brendan Schaub returns again to bring his usual comical edginess to the show.
  • Episode 16: Again Brendan Schaub returns…ok I think MMA fans were getting a bit juiced out with Schaub this time, not saying he shouldn’t be on again but there is too many other people fans of the show want to see on now.
  • Episode 17: Yoel Romero is an absolute best at 185 in the UFC, an although his English isn’t the best, it was fascinating hearing his insights on fighting and life, with Spanish speaking legend Joey Diaz helping with moments of translation for Yoel – unique show.
  • Episode 18: A lot of people in the sport say the Miletich fighting systems was the first high level fight camp in the sport, so it was great hearing from the legend Pat Miletich himself about his fighting experiences, Politics and conspiracies as well.
  • Episode 19: Its usually all MMA fighters or MMA related people on the show, but on this show we had British Muay Thai legend Liam Harrison on with his coach Vinny Shoreman – some cool interactions.
  • Episode 20: If your talking about lighter weight class fighters in MMA few have had the incredibly storied career the likes of Yves Edwards, I’ve always been a big fan so it was awesome to have him on the show.
  • Episode 21: Yes Brendan Schaub again…..damn Joe thats some serious brotherly love lol.

  • Episode 22: Bas Rutten is  legend and I’ve always been a big fan, so it was amazing having the Dutch maestro on as he spoke out his fight career, his life insights, business ideas and ongoing injuries/illnesses.
  • Episode 23: There is few better at 205 in the UFC then the Mauler Alexander Gustafsson, and much like Stipe Miocic he isn’t the best for charisma, but hes a nice guy and a great fighter so it was just cool having him on at all.
  • Episode 24: If your talking charisma and confidence there is few fighters in the UFC with a game like Kevin Lee which on top of his amazing wrestling style in MMA was awesome having him on the show, funny guy.
  • Episode 25: Some fighters really have that captain america vibe to them and none more so then longtime Bellator poster boy Michel Chandler, very smart guy and a great fighter, cool show.
  • Episode 26: Big John McCarthy is a part of the furniture of MMA, the guy was there from UFC 1 as a referee and he has been pivotal in the growth of the sport globally in many ways, fascinating episode.
  • Episode 27: Robin Black is one of the most fast thinking, intelligent MMA analyst/commentators so it was really cool getting his insights on the show.
  • Episode 28: One of my favourite episodes so far as UFC legend Georges St. Pierre stepped onto the show and provided one of the most interesting shows for me as an MMA fan, GSP really shared a lot showed his intelligence, his understanding of health, fighting, business, psychology, philosophy and was funny too, awesome show.
  • Episode 29: Easily one of the toughest women in MMA with one of the craziest life stories is UFC Bantamweight contender Cat Zingano, she is so intense an interesting person and a great fighter, so this was a really cool show as well.
  • Episode 30: Sugar Sen O’Malley is really making waves in MM now s it was cool to have him on with his longtime friend and coach Tim Welch.
  • Episode 31: Daniel Straus the tough Bellator veteran recounts his fight stories and near career ending motorcycle accident along with kickboxing legend and friend of Rogan Joe Schilling, great show.
  • Episode 32: The most recent episode of the MMA Show was probably the longest and easily the most complex discussion as legendary MMA coach Firas Zahabi comes on to give an amazing chat about fighting, life, psychology and philosophy – the minor disagreements between Rogan and Zahabi in the second half of the show regarding philosophy and the design of reality added an fascinating edge to the show. here is its if you wana watch now –

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Awesome for martial artists to relax with

Its not a top trending podcast for nothing ladies and gentlemen, and if your  martial artist then it should appeal to you and be a perfect bit of chill out TV to watch in the evening or whenever you have some chill time in between training.

The Joe Rogan MMA Show is a beautiful thing, and long may it continue as far as I am concerned – so many more names I want to see on the show and who knows I may grace the show with my presence one day lol.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, so leave a comment or a question below and as always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

Thanks for reading and see you guys soon!

Marley Dawkins


  1. It is a good podcast and lets you see through the eyes of the fighters. Joe Rogan keeps things really light ad entertaining. I didn’t know that he also had some grand fighting stats. So now he’s a funny man who can also whoop ya!

    That adds more authenticity to his interviews since he really know his stuff. He also interviews bands too. I saw a really neat interview of him and Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame. What and interview!

    • Hi Jason, yeah I agree Joe Rogans MMA podcast really does let you see through the eyes of a fighter and yes Rogan is a genuinely skilled martial artist who probably could have been an MMA fighter himself!

      It definitely does add a layer of authenticity when hes interviewing high level fighters – but yeah I saw that Billy Corgan interview and I’m a fan of Smashing Pumpkins too, so I love that one – I had no idea Billy Corgan runs a Wrestling company!

      By the way have you read this book? Its one of the best MMA books I have ever read!

      See you around bro!

  2. I am a big Joe Rogan fan.  I am one of his 3.6 M subscribers on YouTube.  It is one of my favorite things to do when I want to relax.  Watch a Joe Rogan show!  I agree he is funny, interesting and he knows how to entertain.

    I have a few favorite shows, but his interview with Elon Musk a couple of weeks ago is definitely one of my favorites.  I find inspiration from his shows and also from the people he interviews.

    Thanks for a great post about Joe Rogan and your episodes summary.  I have picked up one or two I have missed.  Need to watch it as soon as I get a chance.

    Which episode is your favorite Marley?

    • Hi Rika, nice to see you here and even cooler to hear you are a Joe Rogan MMA Show fan, because I have to agree it really is a great show to watch when you want to relax and learn – definitely the Eon Musk Joe Rogan Experience episode was a great one! Probably one of the highest viewed as well!

      I don’t really have one particular favourite, but for MMA its definitely the GSP interview and for The Joe Rogan exp then I think the Elon Musk one is up there!

      Do you like Ariel Helwani? He is more of an acquired taste to some MMA fans.

      Have a good one bro!

  3. I agree with you, Joe Rogan is really funny. Not only that but he makes you think a bit to with all his philosophies on life in general. He has a refreshing way of looking at things.

    I am not a fighter, but love watching the martial arts and the discipline that goes into it. I often like to take their ideas and incorporate them into dances that I do with my students.

    I last listened to Joe Rogan a while back at my brothers house. It was the episode with Big John McCarthy the referee. I can see from your post he has done a few more since then, so I have some catching up to do. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Hi Michel, yeah exactly Joe Rogan really is a good blend of comedy with knowledge and I think they are important to blend together in life in general, so his show has always naturally interested me.

      Yeah Martial Arts is a lifestyle but you don’t need to be doing fight training in order to appreciate the show – there is a lot of correlations between fighting and dancing!

      Oh cool the John McCarthy one is a classic too!

      How do you feel about the UFC Ring Girls? They are just as polarising as the fighters in many respects – http://mmagateway.com/ufc-ring

      See you again! 

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