Kids Boxing Gloves – RDX Kids 6oz Boxing Gloves Review – Top protection for our little Lions!

Product: RDX Kids 6oz Boxing Gloves

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Price: See for yourself HERE

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

Weight: 60z – (shipping weight 399 grams)

Material:Maya-Hide Leather

Colour: Green/white/black or Orange/Grey/Black
Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy
Shipping: Costs vary based on your country and shipping choice.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product Overview

As a parent I feel its very important to get kids into martial arts from a young age as a means of developing confidence, discipline, self-esteem 81F1s4glGAL._SL1500_MMA_MMAGateway_UFC_ONE_Bellator_Boxing_Children_Kids_6oz_Kickboxing_Training Review Equipmentand of course self-defence. There are many types of martial arts you might want to try for your little lions, but if you choose to get them into Boxing, Kickboxing or Muay Thai then you will need to get them some top class gloves for working on heavy bags and sparring – perhaps leading into an MMA Career oneday.

So today at the MMAGateway we are taking a closer look at the RDX Kids 6oz Boxing Gloves with a full product review and giving you all the information you need to get a pair of these gloves for your kids.

RDX are known for creating quality combat sports equipment and are a popular choice generally for boxing gloves specifically for children. Thees gloves can handle the pressures of daily training for kids that are serious about their training and are even made to protect kids hands as best as possible and to assist superior performance with unique technology as well as phonmenal grip.

These gloves might be limited on the colour options, but they have phonemnal shock absorption, they are really breathable and they really have an amazing price point for the level of quality. Also they are waterproof, come in a variety of sizes and are extremely durable.

Watch this video to get a closer look at these gloves –

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My Top parts of these gloves

  1. Fantastic shock absorption and protection – As a parent im sure the most important thing you want to know is if your child is striking in the gym, that their hands are as well protected as possible. Well RDX gloves are know for being some of the most shock absorbing gloves in the market – the fist area is heavily padded with foam, however what these gloves have over many others on the market is an additional layer of latex shell shock gel padding on the knuckle area as well as a Jack mold in the inner part of the palm, which will absorb the most powerful punch any child can throw.813d07FvjpL._SL1500_MMA_MMAGateway_UFC_ONE_Bellator_Boxing_Children_Kids_6oz_Kickboxing Training Review Equipment
  2. Amazing sweat free ventilation – Every person who has trained striking before knows that gloves that get sweaty end up slipping in random directions, putting you at a higher risk of hand injury. No problem with these RDX gloves though, as they have a moisture wicking lining technology which keeps your hands dry. There is also a Nylon Mesh in the palm, which assists with comfiness of the gloves generally as well as encouraging air ventilation for your hands keeping away moisture.
  3. Made to last – These gloves will not tear or show any wear easily as they are made of a strengthened highly durable Maya-hide leather, which means you don’t have to worry about needing to get another pair soon after buying. During childhood these gloves should be the only ones your kid needs to excel with their striking training and also the gloves are made with a a really resilient stitching, which again just maximises durability and overall performance.

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  • These gloves really are affordable, look at every other review about these gloves and everyone agrees how great the pricing is for them.814X-pfjCIL._SL1500_813d07FvjpL._SL1500_MMA_MMAGateway_UFC_ONE_Bellator_Boxing_Children_Kids_6oz_Kickboxing Training Review Equipment
  • Completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any sweaty gloves and you could literally training in the rain and your hand would still be dry. Its the moisture wicking lining technology which keeps hands dry and odorless. Also the QD-1 lining technology has great moisture evaporation.
  • These RDX gloves also have great ventilation which again is achieved with the QD-Lining and the Nylon mesh which along with nicely designed airing holes further speeds up ventilation.
  • Very durable which is down to the quality Maya-Hide Leather meaning they will likely last throughout childhood and maybe a another few kids after! Because the Leather is so good it also means they are also crack resistant and the double stitched seams just enhance the gloves overall durability.
  • Great range of sizes so no matter what your child’s hand size is if they are between 7-16 years old then you should be able to find a perfect fitting glove.
  • They really do look cool as well the design and the colour scheme really works for a professional and stylish look._SL1500_MMA_MMAGateway_UFC_ONE_Bellator_Boxing_Children_Kids_6oz Kickboxing Training Review Equipment
  • Great wrist support and hand comfort from the enriched Quick-EZ hook and loop technology ans QD-1 lining which provides a comfortable and snug fit. With the long hook and loop strap, the gloves don’t slip while punching and will support a child’s developing wrists. Also the closure system inspired by the EZ-Smart design also helps with wrist alignment of our young lions!
  • Amazing shock absorption which according to the design is down to the Shell Shock Gel Padding,  Denzo-tron Foam and the calibrated impact sheet, all giving fantastic impact resistance and hand protection.


  • May be bigger then expected, so maybe try a size smaller my little lion needed a size smaller.
  • I want more colours! As much as I like the design and colour scheme of these gloves, they still should have blue, red, purple and yellow ones as well  if you ask me

Our Little Lions are ready for action!

71e1c7SkCLL._SL1500_814X-pfjCIL._SL1500_813d07FvjpL._SL1500_MMA_MMAGateway_UFC_ONE_Bellator_Boxing_Children_Kids_6oz Kickboxing Training Review EquipmentBottomline is if you want to make sure your little Lion is really ready for action, then these RDX Gloves are fantastic – anyone who says children shouldn’t engage in combat sports don’t understand how the best martial artists in the world are forged because it always starts in childhood.

What matters the most is if you have a child passionate about martial arts, that we as parents do what is best by proving the best equipment we possibly can that will protect them and enhance their game so that their road to success will be easier –

who knows one day they may become the most famous MMA fighter in the world with our assistance.

So if You are ready to take some action being a supportive partner for your child’s martial arts future by making a purchase, then you can do that right HERE.

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See you soon!

Marley Dawkins

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