Kids MMA Gear – Bad Boy MMA Children’s Accelerate Boxing Head Guard Review

Product: Bad Boy Children’s Accelerate Youth Boxing Head GuardKids_MMA_Gear_Bad Boy_Headgear_UFC_Martial Arts MMAGateway Review

Price: Have a look right HERE

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

Colour: Black or Blue

Sizes: Small/Medium, Large/X-Large

Material: Synthetic leather

Shipping: Free UK Delivery/ for all other countries shipping varies from £1.99-£4.75

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Product Overview

Kids_MMA_Gear_Bad Boy_Headgear_UFC Martial Arts MMAGateway ReviewWhen your a parent and either through your own direction or their own, your kids are training MMA and wanting to compete, then its your responsibility to make sure they have the best Kids MMA Gear in the industry – enter the Bad Boy Children’s Accelerate Youth Boxing Head Guard.

Its difficult to review a product that I cant field test myself personally, but I’m lucky enough to know a few kids that train Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing in my local gym.

One kid lets call him Tim is 10 and wants to start doing live sparring, so I got his parent to agree to buy this headgear so we can review it today!

So we are going to look at all the angles, but bottom line while it doesn’t have any special bells or whistles like a lot of the adult MMA equipment has, still this Bad Boy headgear will serve a purpose of making sure our kids are well protected while they start doing live sparring.

Lets take a close look –

The top 3 parts of this headgear

  1. The Multi-layered Eva-foam apparently provides excellent protection according to my assistant Tim for this review! He says its like a helmet for war and he doesn’t even feel it when his sparring partner lands big punches! Ultimately protection is the whole point of wearing headgear, so the heavy padding is top notch on the Bad Boy Children’s Accelerate Youth Boxing Head Guard.Kids_MMA_Gear_Bad Boy_Headgear UFC Martial Arts MMAGateway Review
  2. It looks really cool and Tim says he really like the eyes of the Bad Boy logo, which reminded him of a bad guy he likes in a cartoon he watches lol, but it always reminded me of the focused eyes a fighter has for a fight stare down before the first bell. Also Tim says the black one is much cooler then the Blue one and I am inclined to agree with him really because I usually wear mostly Black.
  3. I personally really like the open face design of the headgear, because it really helps to increase visibility during sparring. Its really crucial to be able to see what your doing when your sparring or fighting, so your vision will not be affected by this great piece of Bad Boy headgear.

–>>Your child wants to start MMA sparring? Well look at these Shinguards!<<–


  • Made with an extra-tough synthetic leather which gives long-lasting durability, so you can expect this headgear to last years through the process of your kids development into a top martial artist. 
  • Great price meaning its no big expense to keep your little soldiers well protected! So there’s really no excuse why you wouldn’t want to get this for our mini warriors!Kids_MMA_Gear_Bad Boy Headgear UFC Martial Arts MMAGateway Review
  • The multi-layer Eva-foam construction provides optimal protection, as Tim says you cant even feel the punches! I love the positive outlook that kids have don’t you? 🙂 but as a parent protection is the optimal thing to ensure when your little one is taking martial arts training seriously! 
  • The open face design gives superior visibility during training and live fights, meaning your kid can focus on executing the right techniques!
  • The design and colour schemes are great, from the blue or black choices, along with the awesome Bad Boy logo on the forehead of the headgear just gives it that really cool vibe.
  • Excellent ear protection.
  • Simple Velcro strap to secure headgear in place.
  • Free delivery if your in the UK and very cheap delivery to any other country.
  • Inner lining and the headgear in general is really comfortable according to Tim!Kids_MMA_Gear Bad Boy Headgear UFC Martial Arts MMAGateway Review
  • Tim also says as a side note that you can use the headgear for football if you want as well lol!


  • One of my training partners pointed out when he was watching Tim spar with me, that the open face design of the Bad Boy Children’s Accelerate Youth Boxing Head Guard, is actually lacking a big of cheek support, but as I said to my training partner, kids rarely hit hard enough to cause a cheekbone fracture or anything, and the increased vision you get makes up for the lack of cheek support I think. If you want better cheek support then wait for the next kids MMA headgear review. 
  • Every parent knows that kids grow incredibly quickly, so remember that they may not really get much time to wear this headgear if they are going through a big growth spurt. I would say that if your child is over 13 and already well developed that you should stick to adult head gear.

–>>Never start sparring before you get the right Mouthguard!<<–

Gear for the warriors of the future!

Preparation is so crucial for any martial artists, and when our children start to walk the path of a martial artists at a young age, we have to make sure that we prepare them as a best as possible by buying the best Kids MMA Gear Kids_MMA_Gear_Bad Boy_Headgear_UFC_Martial Arts MMAGateway Reviewthat money can buy.

As long as we do provide the best quality that we can, then our children will become some of the greatest martial artists ever as they develop into adulthood.

We have to realise as parents that Martial arts will integrate an understanding of discipline, confidence, humility, honour, concentration, respect and physical strength into our children, so the benefits are massive and therefore crucial for a child’s development!

I will be reviewing other kids headgear in the future, but really this Bad Boy Children’s Accelerate Youth Boxing Head Guard is one of the best I have seen, Badboy is a superior name in the world of MMA equipment so this headgear is made with the best possible quality in the industry.

So at this point if you are ready to place your order then you can do that right HERE.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, so please leave a comment or a question if you have any feedback for this post and of course stay tuned for more of the best MMA product reviews in the world right here at the MMAGateway.

Thanks for reading!


Marley Dawkins


  1. Hi, Marley, the young grandson has just started learning boxing he has just joined the local gym, he is a good lad but just lacks that little bit of confidence. I am hoping that if he gets involved and likes it, it will do wonders for him in the self-confidence stakes.
    Just thinking that getting over that live sparring hurdle can be a real breakthrough, my thoughts are that good headgear can help in that department and I think that it may ease some of his mum’s and gran’s concerns as well.

    The headgear in your review looks very sturdy, the padding will offer good protection, the open face area will give that visibility as you described, that can be so helpful if you can see what you are doing it makes all the difference when you are just starting out.

    The headgear offers that ear protection as well nothing like that blow to the ear to wake you up. I really like how you got some feedback from one of your young students, and I can see the young ones going for that Badboy name as well.

    One of the selling points for me is that they can start out and use the same gear as they grow if you feel good about the gear you are using it can help make a difference as well.
    Thank you for taking the time to review this product, I like the look of it.

    • Hi Alexander, man that’s awesome that your grandson is getting into boxing! Because like you say it will have the benefit of a big increase in his self-confidence if he sticks at it, as well as a whole host of other benefits!

      I know what you mean, when there’s kids classes in my gym its very common to get concerned parents asking a lot of questions, but yes definitely headgear is a must at any age of sparring, but it is initially a big hurdle for a kid to get over the fear of being hit in a real fight.

      But as long as everything is controlled closely in the gym by experienced instructors, and the right protective gear is used, then the training sessions will always be safe.

      Yeah if you grandson is like Tim i guarantee he will like this headgear and just like you pointed out the name Bad Boy alone is always attractive for a young lad lol.

      You might also want to get him a quality freestanding bag to train his combos at home so have a look at this.

      Thanks for dropping in!

  2. Hey man, this is some great information on head guards.

    I’ve been looking for a better exercise routine and I’ve seen some MMA studios popping up around my city. I’ve been a little hesitant to join as I’m a bit of a pansy and the idea of actually battling it out kind of scares me. But hey, if they make head guards for small children, and they can do it, why shouldn’t I give it a try.

    Do you have any recommendations for starting out?

    • Hi Dustin, yeah its becoming common for more people to notice MMA gyms popping up around the globe as the sport is always growing – don’t worry if your hesitant about starting martial arts and fighting, those feelings of doubt never go away before you get in there and commence the battle – just ask any UFC champion yourself, in privacy they will tell you that they often get scared before the fight, but during and after the fight or tough training session the fears dissolve.

      Your supporting yourself mentally as well by noticing that there are kids in this world that are brave enough to learn and fight in unarmed combat, so you as an adult have no reason to be afraid – kids are great like that in general to show us dumb adults the limitations of our own fears!

      You should start gentle by just learning technique and philosophies, then slowly build up your physical training – 

      This post will help you get in the right mid frame for becoming a martial artist. Also consider starting this online course as a great first system to learn for self-defence in any scenario.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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