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Robert_whittaker_RealistKilla_UFC_225_Tickets_MMA Analysis ChicagoSo lets be real, if your a serious MMA fan then you like keeping an eye on the upcoming List of UFC events – now do you want tickets for an upcoming UFC event? Well today your going to get the full info on everything about UFC 225: Whittaker vs Romero II fight card on Saturday June 9th, in the United Center, Chicago, IL.

So first of all lets breakdown all the main card fights, and then we will discuss all the ticket booking information for this amazing looking event.

I say amazing because in the main event we will see the current Middleweight champion in Robert “The Reaper” Whittaker having a rematch against the fearsome number 1 contender at Middleweight in Yoel “Soldier of God” Romero.

These two fighters last fought at UFC 213 in July 2017, and it was a close back and forward  bout, which went all five rounds and resulted in a unanimous decision win for Robert Whittaker – Both men are easily the cream of the crop at Middleweight right now, and this is one of the most logical rematches I can think of in recent  times in the UFC.

Now if you haven’t been to a UFC fight card before, then this event will be an excellent first one to see – sure this card still has a few fights to fill it out, but what we have announced so far is really exciting! And trust me when I tell you NO LIVE EVENTS compare to UFC events for pure entertainment!

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So what does the card look like?

  • Robert “The Reaper” Whittaker vs Yoel “Soldier of God” Romero – As I said at the top, this is one ofYoel_Romero_UFC_225_Tickets MMA Analysis Chicago the most logical rematches in the UFC right now, because the first fight was really competitive and Romero is just coming off an impressive KO win over the former number 1 contender Luke Rockhold.

    Stylistically its just a fascinating one, as it was the first time – Whittaker is probably the best technical striker in teh division, he slides in and out of range so well and has brutal KO power particularly in his hands. Also his take down defence is excellent, but Yoel Romero is easily the most physically imposing fighter at Middleweight with insane Wrestling credentials and unmatched KO power with any limb.

    So tough to call just like the first fight, but because Whittaker is coming off a serious injury and Romero is coming off such an impressive win I have to go with Romero to find a way to get the job done and beomce the new UFC Middleweight champion.

  • Alistair Overeem vs. Curtis Blaydes – This is the moment for Curtis Blaydes to announce himself as a 443px-Alistair_Overeem_THE REEM_Dominick-cruz_Ryan McKinnell_UFC 218 Holloway Edgar Ticketsserious title contender after his impressive win over Mark Hunt in Australia recently. The man has some of the best Wrestling at Heavyweight and if he can implement a similar game to what he did against Mark Hunt (Without getting rocked early!) then he should be bale to get a win here.

    But Alistair Overeem is one of the most seasoned fighters in all of MMA and still possesses some the best Muay Thai and striking savvy at Heavyweight. But I feel that the wear and tear of MMA is catching up to Overeem and I personally see Blaydes putting on another Wrestling clinic in this fight to get the biggest win in his career.

  • Joseph Benavidez vs. Sergio Pettis –  Be under no illusions here this is a legitimate number 1 contender bout at 125, because a win for either man here will likely result in a title shot against the legendary reigning champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson.

    If Pettis can keep this on the feet he definitely has an avenue to win as his striking is really tight and technical, also his Jiu-Jitsu is phenomenal. But Benavidez is such a veteran, he has basically long been considered the best 125 pounder in the world not named Demetrious JOhnson – I feel that Bendavidez will employ a solid Wrestling game and will dominate on the ground and maybe get a late submission for the win – Alpha male guys can make a lot of high level grappler’s look average on the mat.

    441px-Joseph_Benavidez_in_2017_X2o_UFC_225_Tickets MMA Analysis Chicago

  • Claudia Gadelha vs. Carla Esparza –  Oh man this is a SERIOUS fight at 115 in the women’s division, because both women are still champion material, obviously Esparza still holds the crown of being the first title holder at 115 in the UFC.

    Gadelha is probably the best Jiu-Jitsu player at this weight class and has cardio for days, meanwhile Esparza is probably one of the best Wrestlers at this weight division with excellent boxing.

    This will almost certainly go to the judges and be a razor thin decision as I see both women’s games nullifying each other, but I think Esparza’s boxing class on the feet could be the difference maker here to get the win.

  • Also we have Rashad Evans vs. Anthony Smith which should be interesting as young lion vs old lion matches are always interesting and on top of all this there are still loads of fights yet to be announced for this card!

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So whats the ticket prices?

united center_UFC_225 Tickets MMA Analysis ChicagoEvery UFC ticket ranges in price a lot, but don’t worry there is a seat for anyone’s budget size – don’t believe that if you don’t have much money, that you cant afford to see one of the best live shows on Earth.

But directly, everything depends on where you want to sit in the arena – if you wana be right at cage side, then you will literally be surrounded by celebrities so yes these kind of tickets cost a lot more – But also it makes a big difference who’s fighting on the card as well as the arena costs for the UFC to run an event there are factored into ticket prices.

So for this UFC 225: Whittaker vs Romero II fight card on Saturday June 9th, in the United Center, Chicago, IL. the ticket prices at the moment are between $188 – 2,350.00 (USD) – you can check all the seating plans on my favourite ticket booking site.

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Strolling like Al Capone into the United Center!

Chicago is such a cool city in America, one of the biggest as well so its only fitting that we have one of the biggest fight cards of the UFC calendar year in this historic city!800px-United_Center,_Chicago_Kjetil Ree_UFC 225 Tickets MMA Analysis Chicago

By now if your like me, then you probably can’t wait to book your ticket right now so that you can guarantee your place at this awesome live UFC 225 event. So if your ready to get booking then do it now right HERE – also don’t forget to keep your eye on the List of UFC events as well as the future schedule.

That’s it for now so as always please leave some feedback or questions in the comments below – like, share subscribe and of course stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

See you in Chicago!

Marley Dawkins

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