List of UFC Events – UFC 229: McGregor vs Khabib Tickets Here!

Any real MMA fan like me is always staying on top of the best up and coming MMA fight cards, the UFC is the biggest promotion out there right now, so you need to keep an eye on the List of UFC Events at all times.

Then after you have located an event that you really want to see, the next question is simply – how much are tickets for this amazing looking historic event?

Well today we are looking at a true historic event, because its finally happening isn’t it – the return of the golden Irish child The Notorious Conor McGregor is imminent against the undefeated Eagle Khabib Nurmagomedov, at UFC 229 and it will be happening Saturday October 6th, at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV.

This fight is the main course that all MMA fans have been desperate to see, especially in Ireland which is the next Conor McGregor fight and its finally here. I don’t care how you feel a about Conor, the mans a literal legend in the world of MMA and while the task of trying to beat Khabib seems more difficult then breathing underwater for every fight he has faced – if anyone can work it out then I would not be surprised if Conor McGregor was that man.

What do you think will happen in this bout for the ages? Well watch this promo video to get really fired up for this!

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So whos on the whole card?

  • “The Notorious” Conor McGregor vs Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov – Honestly guys we are mainly going to be previewing this fight because it is likely going to be the biggest pay-per-view fight in MMA history.

    This really is the MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! I mean even as I write this now tickets are almost sold out even though its still a few months away!Its the heat in the build up that is the main reason why tickets are flying off the shelves already – Khabib and his crew bullied Conors friend Artem Lobov and in response Conor and his crew attacked the coach that Khabib was on in Brooklyn at UFC 223.

    As a fight though this is what real MMA is about, its a perfect clash of styles as the striker Conor steps up against the purebred Wrestler in Khabib. It should be a simple structure to the fight – the Wrestler looking for the take down and the Striker looking to keep it on the feet.

    Conor has never faced a Wrestler as good as Khabib, that’s pretty obvious, but at the same time Khabib has never faced a striker like Conor which just makes this fight even more exciting. Its such a tough fight to call, but realistically I think Conor’s movement and pure punching power could be too much for Khabib.

    But at the same time we have literally never seen Khabib lose a fight and we have witnessed Conor lose 3 in his MMA career, also Conor has been inactive in MMA for 2 years only having a super money boxing match against Floyd Mayweather in between. Meanwhile Khabib has been active the whole time – so even though I think Conor will land a big shot to finish Khabib, I would not be surprised if Khabib takes Conor down and simply mauls him on the ground for 5 rounds – so excited to see what will happen here!

  • Then on top of the biggest MMA fight in history, we have a stacked under card so far comprising of: Ryan LaFlare vs. Tony Martin, Michelle Waterson vs. Felice Herrig, Ovince Saint Preux vs. Dominick Reyes, Sean O’Malley vs. Jose Quinonez, Lina Lansberg vs. Yana Kunitskaya, and Alan Patrick vs. Scott Holtzman. Then on top of all these great fights, we still have many more fights to be announced for this card!

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What are the tickets actually costing

mma_gateway_ufc_213_garbrandt dillashaw tickets tmobileWell for all UFC events ticket prices vary a lot, it really depends on the venue running costs for the UFC owners, how close you want to sit to the cage and also how many superstar fighter names are competing on the card.

So bare that in mind with this card and any MMA event you want to go to – but for this UFC 229: McGregor vs Nurmagomedov fight card, the remaining tickets are ranging from $660 – $45,455 per ticket.

As you can tell from the ticket prices this is no cheap event to attend, but for Conors comeback the UFC owners could really put any ticket price as many will see tickets for this event as literally priceless! But still there is an excellent range in ticket prices for this historic event.

Now if you are ready to start scouting all the seating plans and get your ticket set in stone, then you can look at all the layouts and make bookings on my favourite ticket website.

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When Conor fights its like winning the Lottery!

doesn’t happen every day, but when it happens and you strike jackpot its so satisfying that you just want to scream from a mountain as if you you have just won the lottery…Ok so maybe I’m exaggerating a tad there, but you get my point, its that Christmas of MMA feel about it especially now that Conor has literally been paid more money and sold more tickets then any UFC fighter ever.

The wait is finally over! UFC 229: Conor vs Khabib is simply going to be so sick, so AMAZING! in capitals, its so hard to call but stylistically, and with the heat leading up to it, this really is an unmissable card – So if you are ready to book yourself a ticket for this historic fight card in the legendary Las Vegas, then you can do that right HERE.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, so if you are going to see this historic event live then leave a comment or question. Don’t forget to like, share, subscribe and as always stay tune for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

See you again soon!

Marley Dawkins

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