List of UFC Events – UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson Tickets Here!

1200px-Jon_Jones_Vengo Films_UFC 232_MMA_Tickets_Review_Jon Jones_ Gustafsson_Cyborg_Nunes_Las Vegas T-mobileSo any true lovers of MMA will always be keeping an eye on the upcoming List of UFC Events, then after that you might be asking yourself –

How much are UFC Tickets? Because at the end of the day as great as it is getting a few six packs and watching the fights at home with your friends, sometimes being live and in the flesh at a UFC event just takes things to the next level for those special fight cards that don’t come around often.

So today you are all in for a special treat, because today you will get all the ticket information you need and a full fight breakdown for the upcoming UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson fight card taking place on Saturday the 29th of December 2018, at the famous T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With all due respect to Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes who will no doubt put on a great show in the co main event, as it is probably the biggest female fight ever put on in Women’s UFC history – there is one event that eclipses any fight on the card and that is the imminent return of legendary Jon Jones going against Alexander Gustafsson for the UFC Light Heavyweight championship.

I mean seriously what could be more exciting for an MMA fan then to see arguably the greatest MMA fighter ever get back into the cage live in person?

Cyborg vs Nunes is a fight that has been expected for around 6 months or so and I fully expect it to be a war – but the rematch of Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson is probably the biggest rematch UFC fans have wanted to see again since the two men had a truly epic encounter back in 2013 at UFC 165 for the UFC Light Heavyweight title.

There really is so much to talk about on this UFC 232 event, so here’s a promo video to hit the main chords for you –

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So who’s fighting at the event?

  • Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson TITLE FIGHT – This is the one for me, this is the fight that I am really looking forward to above any others on this fight card  in the Main event. Because while I am not a fan of some of his out of the cage antics, Jon Jones has always been one of my favourite fighters to watch in the UFC octagon, he is so dominant in every area expect for one. 

    The first fight was an absolute war, easily one of the best if not the best UFC Light heavyweight title fight in history, it was back and forth for the majority of the fight, both men having great moments in a mainly all out striking war. But Jones was able to just edge out a close unanimous decision win when many say it should have been a split decision or even a Gustafsson win!
    It was definitely Jon Jones’s toughest fight that I can remember him ever being in – it was because his boxing skills, have always been his weakest area of his overall MMA game, and it has always been one of Alexander Gustafsson’s strongest areas. So if Gustafsson can keep this fight in boxing range then he will always have a chance in this fight – but the likelihood is that Jones will keep this fight in Muay Thai, Wrestling and Grappling range, meaning I believe he will find a way to win with his strengths.

  • Cris Cyborg vs. Amanda Nunes TITLE FIGHT – This is truly probably the most epic women’s fight I have ever waited to see before as I mentioned at the top. 

    A champion vs champion fight as the UFC 135 pound champion Amanda Nunes goes up to 145 to face the UFC 145 UFC champion Cris Cyborg – this could possibly be the toughest fight of both women’s careers, and stylistically I don’t expect this fight is actually going to last very long.
    Both women are immense strikers, without question they are the best strikers in each of their respective divisions and both women hit incredibly hard. So it is for this reason that I fully expect this fight will not last very long and in a shootout of strikers in this type of fight I will usually back the bigger fighter, so it is for this reason that I am expecting Cris Cyborg to win by early KO in this fight. Plus Cyborg has a truly undefeatable aura about her, having still only lost her first MMA fight in 2005! I do not believe that Amanda Nunes can stop Cyborg, in fact can any woman in MMA right now?

  • Megan Anderson vs. Cat Zingano – This is a great fight, a fight between two women who have a real fighters spirit, these are two incredibly tough women and both of which are at the higher end of strikers in all of women’s MMA.

    This bout will be at 145 which is Megan Anderson’s natural weight class, but Cat is moving up from 135.Given the fact that Anderson is a naturally a bigger woman and is used to fighting bigger women, as well as the fact that she is younger and I believe has taken less physical and mental damage over her career in comparison to Cat, and she is a skilled striker – this is why I’m picking Megan Anderson to win this fight via unanimous or split decision and continue her climb up the ranks.

    But Cat is a warrior, one of the most ferocious female fighters in all of women’s MMA and has more MMA and UFC fight experience then Anderson as well as better Wrestling, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulls out a win or performs very well in defeat.

  • Carlos Condit vs. Michael Chiesa – This is another great fight on a truly stacked card, it will be Chiesa’s debut at 170 pounds but to go against one of the greatest Welterweight veterans in UFC history in the legendary Carlos Condit will be no easy feat in a first bout.

    But despite Chiesa having superior Jiu-Jitsu, I do not think his take down game is good enough to get Condit down, or not keep him there if he does at least not without taking a lot of short slashing elbows. I think Condit will be able to avoid getting choked out by Chiesa and I think he could actually roll back the years in this one and actually find a way to get a finish on the feet.Carloscondit_Rushmoore_UFC 232_MMA_Tickets_Review_Jon Jones_ Gustafsson_Cyborg_Nunes Las Vegas T-mobile 

  • Chad Mendes vs. Alexander Volkanovski – god damn when will these amazing fights stop on this card?! Seriously! This is another mouth watering affair as both men are in the elite of 145 pound fighters in the UFC – Mendes already proven, Volkanovski on his way to proving it.
    Stylistically I expect this to be an incredibly close fight, as both men are solid strikers and grapplers with phenomenal Wrestling, Cardio and chins. This for me is the hardest fight on the card to call, but I’m gona stick my neck out and say that Volkanovski continues his rise up the rankings winning a close fight by a split decision.
  • Andrei Arlovski vs. Walt Harris – Ooooh this is a real clash of the titans, but I don’t think it will be a fight I probably want to watch long because I have been an Arlovski fan over his entire career through the years and I fear that this fight will end suddenly and brutally with the incredibly powerful Walt Harris likely knocking out Arlovski in the first round and making me sad.
  • On top of all the amazing fights above we also have other fights that are also worthy of main card status as we see: Ilir Latifi vs. Corey Anderson, B.J. Penn vs. Ryan Hall, Petr Yan vs. Douglas Silva de Andrade, Tom Duquesnoy vs. Nathaniel Wood and more fights still to be announced!

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So what do the tickets cost?

TMobileArena_UFC 232_MMA_Tickets_Review_Jon Jones_ Gustafsson_Cyborg Nunes Las Vegas T-mobileUFC and MMA events always vary for ticket prices, because its all about what what celebrity name fighters are fighting at the event, how close you want to sit to the cage and also what arena the event is being held at, being as the UFC have to pay much more to hold events at some arenas.

So with all that aside the ticket prices for this UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson card on  Saturday the 29th of December 2018, at the famous T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. are currently ranging from $205 – 8,009 so make sure you can afford travel, hotels and spending money on top of your ticket costs!

The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas has probably had more UFC events then any other arena at this point up along with other classics like Mandalay Bay – so if you’re ready to start browsing all the seating plans for the arena so you can scout and book where you want to sit then you can do that on this awesome site.

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Say good bye to 2018 and hello to 2019 in style!

Once Christmas is over whats the next thing we all look forward to? New years eve right! So just before we go crazy on NYE lets all get together and watch arguably one of the best looking fight cards of the year.

There is no better way to end 2018 and start 2019 in my opinion because this UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson fight card taking place on Saturday the 29th of December 2018, at the famous T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada literally looks set to be a true classic with entertaining and divisionally relevant bouts throughout!

Have you had enough of me talking now? Ok well get booking a ticket for this colossal event then – get it done HERE.

I’m going to this event without question as I really do not want to miss the return of Jones, so If you get a ticket here then tell me where you are and I will get your drinks all night 😉

I hope you enjoyed today’s post – leave a comment and/or a question below. Of course like, share, subscribe that helps the site out a ton and as always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

See you in Vegas!

Marley Dawkins

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