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Jon_Jones_being_interviewed_K.O. Artist Sports_UFC 237_Tickets_MMA_Review_Jones_Santos_Holm_Nunes Las VegasAre you a huge MMA fan? Well in that case you should always be aware of the upcoming  List of UFC Events, because every real fan needs to go and taste an MMA event live in the flesh, up close and personal at some point in their lives.

Then when you have zeroed in on an event that you want to go to, then you might ask yourself – How much are tickets for this awesome upcoming event?

Well don’t worry because today at the MMAGateway, you will get a full fight breakdown and all the ticket information you need for the upcoming UFC 239: Jones vs Santos fight card coming up on Saturday 6th July 2019 at the world famous T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, NV.

This event should be a great one and it will be amazing to see Jones back in action again after his Unanimous decision win over Anthony Smith in February. against the absolute beast, the man on fire at Light Heavyweight right now in Thiago Santos. Then in the co-main event we have another absolute treat when the UFC Queen, the double champ, the Lioness Amanda Nunes defends her 135 belt against the always game and skilled striker, in the veteran Holly Holm.

Have a look at this quick promo to give yourself some chills for this great event –

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So what does the fight card look like?


Jon Jones vs. Thiago Santos TITLE FIGHT – In the main event I’m really looking forward to seeing Jon Jones back in action again as always,John_Jones_kick_Vengo Films_UFC 237_Tickets_MMA_Review_Jones_Santos Holm Nunes Las Vegas but even more so given his opponents explosive stand up talents in Thiago Santos. I actually firmly believe that if Jon Jones stays on the feet with Santos that he could get outstruck on the outside and possibly could even suffer his first KO loss. Santos has the explosive power and increasing striking acument to do that.

Good thing for Mr Jones that he is such an intelligent fighter, so I do not expect him to spend too long on the feet having a kickboxing match with Santos – He will close distance into the clinch where he will use wrist control, elbows, knees then work some trips and takedowns, then I fully expect Jon Jones to win this match via ground and pound KO or getting a submission.

Should be a great clash of styles though, but I do feel that Jon Jones will be retaining his UFC Light Heavyweight title thanks to his phenomenal Wrestling, Clinch skills and ground and pound.

Amanda Nunes vs. Holly Holm TITLE FIGHT – Great fight in the Co-main event for the UFC 135 belt, I expect it to be competitive as long as Amanda_Nunes_UFC 237_Tickets_MMA_Review_Jones Santos Holm Nunes Las Vegasit lasts on the feet, but honestly despite the fact that Holm probably has better striking volume, cardio and possibly Wrestling, I think that simply put Nunes should be superior to Holm in most areas, especially when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu and KO power on the feet.

That is what I am actually expecting in this fight, I think Nunes will be able to get a trip or single leg takedown and lock in a submission – or she will likely catch Holm on the feet with a big combination to put her down in what I feel could be a fairly easy title defence for the two division champion.  

But I have learnt that one should never count out Holly Holm, because if she can avoid getting knocked out or submitted early and she can get Nunes tired into the later rounds, then Holm has a definite avenue to a decision victory.


Diego Sanchez vs. Michael Chiesa – decent fight which has that classic smell of young lion vs experienced veteran, which can sometimes lead to some of the best fights, as on the feet I expect this to be fairly even, with neither man really being a striking expert. But Sanchez should have the Wrestling advantage, while Chiesa should have the Jiu-Jitsu advantage.

So I expect it to be close and it could maybe even come down to who’s cardio can hold up the longest. But ultimately in these fights it always feels safer to predict the young lion to win, so I think that Chiesa will find enough in his performance to outwork and possibly submit Sanchez to get his route to victory.UFC 237_Tickets_MMA_Review_Jones_Santos Holm Nunes Las Vegas

Luke Rockhold vs. Jan Blachowicz – This is easily one of the best fights on the card as it has been long awaited debut for Luke Rockhold at 205, this will be no easy first outing for him though as he is taking on the always super tough Jan Blachowicz.

But that’s just it for me, Rockhold should literally have the advantage anywhere the fight takes place, however Blachowicz should definitely be the tougher man in there, with better striking volume and possibly a cardio edge as well.

That being said Blachowicz really doesn’t have much KO power and due to Rockholds more advanced skill set, It’s hard to look past Rockhold winning this fight, so thats what im expecting.

Sean O’Malley vs. Marlon Vera –  As a Sean O’Malley fan it’s great to see him finally back in the Octagon after having an injury and a medical suspension. This will be no easy first match back for O’Malley as Marlon Vera has shown himself to be a skilled opponent at 135 and actually I think he will push O’Malley more then anyone we have seen.

But ultimately I fully expect O’Malley to find a way to get the W here due to his excellent striking speed and creativity in the wight class.

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So how much are tickets costing?

Tmobile_UFC 237 Tickets_MMA_Review_Jones_Santos Holm Nunes Las VegasDon’t forget that all UFC fight cards have varying prices for tickets which is mainly dependant on three things – how many big celebrity name fighters are fighting on the event, how close to the action you want to be seated and also what the UFC’s running costs are for holding the event at a certain arena.

So for this UFC 239: Jones vs Santos event ticket prices are currently ranging from $197 – $3,705 meaning there is a great choice of tickets that can fit any fight fans budget! But remember, just like any top UFC event – tickets will sell quickly, but make sure you are realistic about your budget and don’t overstretch yourself financially (hotels and travel costs are not included in ticket prices).

If you are ready to start looking at where you want to sit on the night of the fights, and you know what you can afford, then you can have a look on this excellent ticket website.

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Let’s get it on in the Fight capital!

I love Las Vegas, I have been a good 4 times now, 3 times for UFC events in my life and honestly there is a reason why it is called the fight capital of the world. The whole place just feels like a giant amusement and entertainment park in the middle of the desert – and when UFC rolls into town the excitement around Vegas is palpable.UFC 239

Ready to stop talking and just book a ticket right now? Well this UFC 239: Jones vs Santos fight card coming up on Saturday 6th July 2019 at the world famous T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, NV is gona be a classic I can feel, so book a ticket now before it completely sells out which won’t be long! Make your order right HERE.

That’s it for today so I hope you enjoyed the fight analysis and are clear on ticket information, because this event will be awesome – any questions don’t hesitate to ask, please like, share, subscribe and as usual stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

Stay up people!

Marley Dawkins

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