Martial Arts Headgear – Hayabusa T3 Headguard Review – Top Protection and Comfort!

Product: Hayabusa T3 HeadguardHayabusa_T3_Headgear_MMA_Sparring_Review_UFC Striking

Price: Have a look HERE

Best place to buy: amazon.com

Material:100% genuine, full grain, drum-dyed leather

Colour: White/Grey

Size: One Size

Height: 7.50 inches

Length: 10.50 inches

Weight: 394 Grams

Guarantee: Standard 30 day returns policy

My Rating: 10 out of 10

Product Overview

Hayabusa_T3_Headgear_MMA_Sparring_Review UFC StrikingOk look if your sparring or thinking of sparring in your gym on a consistent basis, then no matter what kind f striking your doing, then you need to get the correct Martial Arts headgear. Today we are looking at the Hayabusa T3 Headguard.

Now let me tell you I’ve tried a few different bits of sparring headgear, and this is one of the best I’ve used flat out, because the level of comfort, freedom of movement and protection is all combined nicely, which is the main things to be aware of with sparring headgear.

I don’t often say anything is literally perfect, but at a 10/10 from our ratings, I will say that it is one of the closest to perfection that I have personally used.

So as always at the MMAGateway, we will take this product through our analysis, and let you awesome readers know what is the good, the bad and teh ugly.

If your short for time, then you can get a quick look at the Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite 3.0 MMA Headgear in this video:

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The best bits about this headgear

So when looking at the finest points about this Hayabusa T3 Headguard. I have to say the following –

  1. First off its the comfort for me, I mean seriously the open top cranial cast construction, the high shock force chip cup, the beautiful 100% genuine, full grain, drum-dyed leather and exclusive Hayabusa AG™ inner fabric that its made from, all lead to such aHayabusa_T3_Headgear_MMA_Sparring Review UFC Striking enjoyable feeling just wearing it. It fits all head sizes too, which means the comfort is for any head size! – you will feel like a warrior from thousands of years ago, who has acquired the most comfortable battle helmet he has ever used, meaning you will be fully ready for the upcoming combat!
  2. It’s really cool to look at, because for me when it comes to headgear, I want basic black/grey coloration’s, while making sure it also looks awesome. Like I said in the previous point, I liken sparring headgear to battle head gear that warriors would wear before combat in the ancient world – but we are not in the ancient world, we are in 2017, so crucially remember we are never aiming to go to war with our training partners when sparring, never go 100% effort unless both of you agree.
  3. Also like most Hayabusa products, it has the X-Static® XT2®, (I know that sounds like a secret weapon lol), which is an anti-microbial technology that not only keeps your headgear bacteria free, this is in turn also delivers excellent anti-odour properties, which is amazing because if you’ve spent time in a lot of gyms, especially the over crowded and under funded gyms, then you know the smell of sweat can sometimes be very over powering lol – its always good to stay fresh with the Hayabusa T3 Headguard.


  • The lightweight, open-top Cranial-Cast™ construction with High Shock Force™ Chin-Cup, always ensures a protective and comfortable fit every time, which is so crucial in sparring.

    Hayabusa_T3_Headgear_MMA Sparring Review UFC Striking

  • The patented T-Cross™ adjustment strap closure prevents unwanted shifting,  and seriously as a Martial Artist doing hard sparring, you know you don’t have time for headgear that moves around a lot – this Hayabusa T3 Headguard. is stable from the first bell to the last.
  • According to Hayabusa, it is scientifically shown to provide 30% greater field of vision compared to standard headgear. Now I cannot personally verify this, but it does give a better field of vision then any other headgear I have tried before, which again is so important when kicks and punches come flying your way!
  • It is designed with Hayabusa’s new Vylar®-2 Engineered Leather which is shown to provide advanced crack resistance for improved durability, which again is another crucial factor in having headgear that not only protects, but lasts!
  • It is “powered by” or more accurately the fibres of this headgear have X-Static® XT2® in their design, which in basic terms, means this headgear is made with an anti-microbial technology that reduces bacteria, and delivers anti-odour properties – one of my favourite points!Hayabusa_T3_Headgear MMA Sparring Review UFC Striking
  • The exclusive Hayabusa AG™ inner fabric and improved ventilation provide enhanced breathability and thermo-regulating properties, meaning that you wont sweat too much with this headgear, also catching your breath and staying cool is a breeze.
  • It fits all sizes of heads, so don’t worry this Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis MMA Headgear is not prejudice to any head shapes, from big to small it doesn’t matter, this will fit you perfectly either way!


  • Price – personally I don’t think its too expensive but some idiots will. But anyone who’s used to reading my reviews will know, that anytime in a review if I say that the price is the only con, then you know its a great product with no major negative factors – I mean seriously 7 Pros and 1 borderline Con, its a landslide.

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A helmet fit for a king of the gym!

Hayabusa_T3 Headgear MMA Sparring Review UFC StrikingSo now you know all about this Hayabusa T3 Headguard., and as I have been saying within the review, it really is one of the best Martial Arts Headgear that I have come across – it will give you comfort, durability, style and ultimately protection!

In my opinion it is a helmet fit for a king before he enters into battle! So if your expanding your MMA training equipment, then this is really a must have as far as I am concerned.

So if you have made your decision and you’re ready to make a purchase, then you can do that right HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and please leave some comments, questions, or general feedback below and I will always message you back.

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See you soon!

Marley Dawkins


  1. I like your advert on the hayabusa tokushu headgear for MMA. There is plenty of information there for the reader to make a choice to see if they would buy one or not.You could have maybe put a bit more information regarding the cons of it but all in all its a very good piece.

    • Hi Andy, glad you like Haybusa Tokushu products, and that you like this review – but i want to remind you that there really is no cons to this piece of headgear, so i really couldn’t elaborate anymore then what i did lol.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Safety is so important with any contact sport and martial arts is no place for taking chances. This product certainly seems to have a lot going for it and two features that really stand out to me are that it is thermo regulated, which means you shouldn’t over heat and it’s also hygienic. Admittedly, this product has lots of great features, but as this headgear is used as protection in a fast paced contact sport, what is the expected longevity of this product?

    • Hey Daniel, yes your right safety is important in all contact sports, but martial arts more tnen any others. Yeah it is great that it regulates heat, and is really hygienic, but you can expect this Headgear to last for years, possibly even decades if you look after it 🙂

      Hayabusa are just a great company in the industry, heres another great piece of headgear they have. 

      Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Hi Marley,
    Thanks for putting me on point as to what I need to do with comments. Although I am a martial artist myself, I have never sparred with headgear. However I certainly understand the importance of it. If I were shopping for headgear after reading your post I would be very interested in doing some comparison shopping starting with Hyabusa Tokushu at the top of the list.

    • Hi Harrison, no worries. Well if you ever do start sparring in your life, then comeback and get one of these 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback!

  4. HI

    The layout is good and there seems to be enough info to make a decision should I decide to buy it.

    I did notice though that the price you have listed on your site is different from the price on the MMA warehouse site. You have $116 and they have $89. Now if the price is a big thing against it, having a higher price is going to stop a lot of folk clicking it. Could you have just a check the price button and mention the price on a certain date within the article? Or could you get a dynamic price to show on your site

  5. “30% greater vision.” That is very interesting! I had no idea any sort of gear could do that. I have been debating whether or not to take up martial arts for a while now… I have no peripheral vision as a result of a stroke, so I am not sure if I would be able to do training properly. But still I am thinking about it. Thanks for the helpful review! I will be keeping an eye on this site. It will be helpful if and when I decided to take up a form of martial art.

    • Hi Darcy, good to hear you are interested in starting martial arts, and dont worry it doesnt matter if your disabled because everyone starts at their own level, just pace yourself and take your time 🙂

      check out this post to understand more about the benefits of martial arts and how it can help you improve all areas of your life 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback!

  6. How good is the vision on this headgear? I like to keep my peripheries open. I’ve found headgear pieces with cheek protectors kinda block my vision and I don’t know it just annoys me. Maybe I rely on my eyes too much.

    It does look really comfy by the way lol. Good review!

    • Hey Jack, yeah i know what you mean when headgear blocks vision even a little bit it can be really annoying, usually happens when the headgear is a bit oversized, or has too much padding. 

      But don’t worry you wont have that problem with the Regenesis series, because this headgear will not block your vision at all! Well as long as you don’t have a tiny pinhead lol!

      And trust me Jack this is easily the most comfy headgear i have ever used.

      Do you spar kicks as well? If you do then make sure you have some quality Shinguards

      Thanks for the feedback!

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