Martial Arts Meditation and Psychology – Keeping your mind sharp

So today we start another new series at the MMAGateway, with our Martial Arts Meditation and Psychology series. The aim of this series is to support Martial Artists especially those that take an in interest in sharpening their mind as well as their fighting skills.

Also this series is just for anyone in general, because if you are just a fan of MMA, or just Psychology and wanting to improve your mind, then you will still find great support in this series – if you love both, then this will be perfect for you 🙂

Because it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, or where you are in your life, in a world where so many atrocities happen everyday  – everyone needs to look in the mirror and build the best version of ourselves mentally and physically.

I mean I don’t know about you, but I know that when I die, I don’t want to leave the world the way it is, I want to leave the blueprint for a better world – and the disciplined mind of a true martial artist is a part of that better world.

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The mind of the perfect fighter

Whether you compete in MMA professionally, or at amateur level, or you just compete in different martial arts tournaments, there are certain traits that set the top fighters apart from others, and one is mentality.

Some martial artists can look amazing in the gym, but fold in live fire situations and a common reason for this, is this fighter has not tested the depths of their fears – he or she is not yet ready to die in an instant, in any moment, because as strange as this concept may be to some people, this concept is key for the best martial artists to have.

Because It is only when you are used to facing your fears continually, putting yourself in compromising positions constantly, expanding the limits of your capabilities, learning new information and how to implement it – when you do this consistently you will build a confidence, an unshakeable stability within yourself, where you are able to smile in the face of death and come out the other side victorious literally shaping the world as you see fit.

This is the mind of the perfect fighter. In ancient Japan it was common for samurai to meditate on death 434px-Demian_Maia_Peter Gordon_MMA_Gateway Meditation Psychologyeveryday, to imagine oneself being in the worst of scenarios, getting used to facing your fears daily. This has known to be an effective self-brainwashing tool to prepare oneself for the physical reality of these terrible situations happening, so that you will not be paralysed with fear when the moment is here and now in front of you –

You will still be able to make your actions clear in the heat of the harshest situations  – is it any wonder that their are countless stories of Ninja and Samurai through the ages that have completed a single definitive action even after there body was shredded or their head was decapitated.

Remember the mind of the greatest martial artists is ready for combat at a moments notice, ready for the last breathe in any moment –  if you look at two MMA fighters that are good examples like Demian Maia and Conor McGregor, who are two very different characters, but both have that indomitable spartan fearless nature of a true martial artist.

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Only my hands can rebuild me

What does a weak minded martial artists do when they are defeated in combat? They complain immediately, they Bowing_Thai_greeting_Kru Tony Moore_MMA_Gateway Meditation Psychologylash out at people, they have an excuse for why it happened, even completely fabricating injuries, personal issues etc to save face. Weak minded people in life in general will always look to blame someone or something else for why things are not being victorious for them.

But what do the greatest martial artists do when they are defeated in combat? They admit they still have a lot to learn, they congratulate their opponent, ask to train with them perhaps, and remain humble and honourable during this hard process of self-improvement.

So in a nutshell strong minded people in life see defeat more as an opportunity to grow, to see ones own limitations and find ways to get beyond that, and fill the hole in our life that the defeat exposed to us.

So remember it is never anyone else’s fault why you lost in combat, or in any endeavour in life – while we may have support from others, it is only our own hands that can rebuild ourselves, only we can be the driving force to achieving our own success in anything.

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The power of writing

Backlit_keyboard_colin_mma_gateway_meditation psychologyBefore combat and in life in general, what I have found to be an effective tool to keep my mind organised, sharp and ready is the power of writing.

You need to get used to writing about yourself, about what is in your mind, because we all need to get to the point of what what is causing our mental discomfort so we can transcend these discomforts. So self-writing must include what you feel, why you feel it, where does it come from, how is it happening, when is it happening etc. This means all your fears, judgements, your angers, jealousies, lusts, your habits, memories, secrets.

It is crucial for you to understand as a martial artist and just as anyone in life, it is only when you see how messed up your mind is written in front of you, only then will you empower yourself to forgive yourself of these limitations you have imposed on yourself and release the mental discomfort – you can literally then learn to re-script yourself once you have revealed the worst of yourself to yourself. Don’t ever hide from yourself.

You cannot afford mental issues/distractions in a live fire situation like an MMA bout, or in life in general, mental issues/distractions are what cause huge mistakes, huge accidents, and crushing consequences.

So get used to facing yourself, and directing yourself in writing.

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The power of breathing

Now while some of the concepts I’m talking about today might seem pretty deep or complex to some people, this is an easy one for everyone to understand – just breathe.

Controlled deep breathing is proven to maintain a relaxed stability within a person, and also I have found in moments where emotions feel like they will overtake me, stopping for a moment and doing some deep controlled breathing assists me to remain stable instead of exploding in the emotion. Breathing also supports brain cell growth, which when you get hit in the head for a living is highly important.

When your emotionally unstable as a martial artist or in life in general, you will make countless mistakes in fights and in your day to day life. Because actions based on emotions are always reckless, and never consider common sense, what is best to do in this scenario – making common sense decisions firsts requires that we are cool, calm and collected.

Only through breathing will you be able to maintain your stability in the worst of situations, because breathe is who we really are, not the thoughts and emotions that run wild through our head everyday – so never forget the power of breathing!

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Walking the talk on the path to life

So now all the talking is done, my part in this deal is done – now its your turn to uphold your end of this deal, byInside_my_head_cropped_andrew_mason_mma gateway meditation psychology making sure that you start walking the talk in your life, walking a continual path of self-improvement from this breathe to your last.

If you ever believe you have nothing left to learn, that you are a master, or you ever meet someone who believes that in life, then you must stop, because learning is an ongoing process, and there is always areas of our lives where we can improve our knowledge and conduct to be the most beneficial human possible.

To become the best Martial artist possible, and the best human possible, you must make sure that your are always walking your talk, and continuing to learn new levels of yourself.

If you want to have a look at the History of different martial arts, then you can always check our History section.

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I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any comments, questions or general remarks, then please post them below, and of course make sure you drop by again soon for all the latest information from the world of MMA, right here at the MMAGateway

Thanks for reading.

Marley Dawkins


  1. Very nice article on MMA and the body/ mind balance. I have always dabbled in MMA, and while my heart is there, I have two blown disc in my lower back that keep me on the side lines.
    Do you have any recommendations on training material that could help me out” Not that I am looking to get in the cage, but I do enjoy getting in some training.

    • Hi Brendon, thanks for your feedback, sorry to hear you have some serious back issues that keeps you from training hard. I would suggest you go through the techniques and links in this review, you could gently try an MMA train at home program like this one also read more content on this site to keep yourself in the loop of alternative training techniques.

      Come back again sometime!

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