MMA Fight Gear – Kids MMA Shin guards – The Venum Elite Strikes Back!

Product: Venum Elite Kids Shinguardsven-0835_neonyellow-01_grande_mma_gateway venum shinguards review

Price: $64.99 (USD)

Best place to buy: MMAWarehouse

Size: Small (3-5 Years), Medium (6-8 Years), Large (9-11 Years)

Material: Premium Skintex leather

Colour: Neon Yellow/Neon Orange/Neon Pink/Matte Black

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

Shipping Rate: Free domestic shipping for orders over $49.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product Overview

We all want the best for our kids, and realistically if we want them to succeed in anything, then as the parents we have to give them the right equipment. Now to go far in any mixed martial arts competition, be it amateur or ven-0835_neonyellow-01_grande_mma_gateway venum shinguards reviewprofessional levels, you need to learn all areas of striking as safely as possible in the gym with training partners. So bottom line you will need to have the right MMA Fight Gear in place, and today we are analysing the Venum Elite Kids Shin Guards.

These Shinguard’s are brilliant, now I haven’t personally tested these shinguard’s as I have the adult version, but 3 kids in my gym have these exact shin guards. So you can kick your training partner or heavy bag with no worries about injuring yourself or your training partner. Also just like the adult versions, they really are very light, the kids in my gym say they are so light you hardly know you have them on.

Shin guards get forgotten sometimes in certain gyms, but in reality every good gym will demand that you put on all the right protective gear if your going to do live sparring with a training partner.

There is a million stories in MMA about a gym or group of fighters consistently not using the right protective gear while training, and their fighters will often get serious injuries, and leg injuries can be some of the most devastating in all Martial Arts.

But you don’t have to worry with these Venum Elite Kids Shin guards, because you will be protected from any damage during your hard sparring sessions.

Best parts of these shinguard’s

  1. So firstly I love that these kids shinguard’s come in such a variety of colours, because lets be honest kids love colours. Also the fact that all the colour options are in bright Neon, means they are really bright, so you won’t miss your little one running around the gym with these on!ven-0835_neonyellow-01_grande mma gateway venum shinguards review
  2. Secondly as a parent, which is really the most important, I need to know that when my little man is training, that the shinguard’s he is wearing really will protect him – These Venum Elite Kids Shinguards are pro-anatomic (meaning they move with the body) and also are reinforced in high-density foam, so don’t worry mum and dad our future champions will be fine with these shinguard’s on!
  3. last but not least these Shinguard’s, are handmade in Thailand which is really cool, because Thailand is where one of the most influential martial arts in MMA came from – Muay Thai. So the design of these Shinguard’s is made by authentic experienced hands, and are likely handmade by some Thai fighter who is a total bad ass in the ring.


–>Look at the adult version of these awesome Shinguards!!!<–

Venum always means top class

ven-0835_neonpink-01_grandemma_gateway venum shinguards reviewDo you know who Venum are? Well some of my usual readers will be well aware of who Venum are, but for the new people here – they are one of the largest Martial Arts equipment and clothing companies in the world. Created in 2008  by Jean-François Bandet and Franck Dupuis from France, but now they are a true global brand operating out of America, Europe and Asia.

Ever since they began Venum have been known for producing top class equipment for all forms of martial arts, to this point where their name is one of the first choices for combat athletes around the world when training in the gym, just like other select companies like: Hayabusa, Combat Sports, Century, Fuji, AtamaBadboy etc.

So when you buy some of these Venum Elite Kids Shinguard’s for your little critters,  just relax in the knowledge that you really have purchased a top of the line item in the industry, and us parents will only settle for the best for our kids.


  • The premium Skintex leather construction means they are made with quality materials which are durable enough to last for hours, weeks, months and years!
  • The Pro-anatomic, with high density foam and additional padding , just means the level of shock absorption is really high, I’ve never seen my son or any of the kids in my gym hurt their leg with these shinguard’s on.ven-0835_neonorange-01_grandeven-0835_neonpink-01_grandemma_gateway venum shinguards review
  • They are so light, meaning you can jump around with complete freedom of movement which is one of the most important things with using kicking techniques – from my perspective these shinguard’s are the lightest and most durable shin guards around.
  • These Venum Kids shin guards also have two Velcro closures and elastic under the foot and the heel, for a precise fit, like snug fitting gloves for your feet.
  • The embossed label and nicely designed graphics really give these shinguard’s the classic notorious look that you get with all Venum gear.
  • They are Handmade in Thailand, which really highlights that these shinguard’s are built by people who really understand martial arts.


  • Kids grow don’t they – I was having a chat with one of my training partners, and his kids have these shinguard’s, and he pointed out that its kind of annoying that he will have to buy bigger sizes for his boys as they get older and bigger. But as I reminded him a good parent never minds a few extra costs, so their kids dreams to become a champion can come true.
  • Remember parent’s the cool factor with these shinguard’s is through the roof, and we know kids get attached to things quickly, so if you don’t pay attention you might find your little one trying to wear them all the time!

Let your little champions shine!

ven-0835_neonyellow-01_grande_mma_gateway venum shinguards reviewSo bottom line these Venum Elite Kids Shinguard’s are without question some of the best Shinguard’s in the industry for kids, probably the best.

As parents it is our responsibility to make sure we protect our kids health and dreams, we have to use all our resources to make sure they have all the right equipment, so they can reach their true potential to become a champion in the ring and in life.

At this point its highly likely that you have made your decision about what piece of MMA Fight Gear you want to get for your little champion

Especially if you have your kids doing any kind of kick based striking (Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Taekwondo etc.) then you literally have to buy these Venum Elite Kids Shinguard’s so start placing your order HERE 

I hope you enjoyed this review, and as always any questions, comments or smart remarks then get typing below and you know I will get back to you asap.

Stay tuned for more MMA Fight Gear reviews, and everything from the world of MMA, right here at the MMAGateway.

Marley Dawkins


  1. Hi Marley.
    Very nice product review. You give comprehensive review, the pros and cons about the product. So your readers have good product knowledge. You also explain this product is safe for children because this the most important think. I like the shin guards color its very eye catching. I think kids will love it

    • Hi Henryan, glad you like the review, and yes these Venum Elite Kids Shinguard’s are very safe and like you say, very eye catching 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback!

  2. This is great I have a son who is looking into starting MMA classes next month. Would you recommend these shin gards for beginners? Or is this more of an experienced fighter type of item. I like the fact that they have many different colors also. Do they come in black?

    • Hi James, yes these shinguards are perfect for beginners or advanced martial artists, if he’s training MMA then he will definitely need these at some point, and yes they do come in black 🙂

      Also you might want to get your son one of these

      Thanks for dropping in!

  3. Hi there,
    Awesome article. This is something I want to look into when my daughter gets older. Right now She is only 2 but I want to get her into some form of martial arts training in the future. These shin guards are really nice and I love the reviews. Thank you again

    • Hey Yancey, cool man yeah 2 is a bit too young to start lol! But once they get to around 4/5 and they are comfortable wuth their balance walking and running – then its time to start training 🙂

      So yeah give it a few years and come back here when your daughter is ready to start her martial arts journey 🙂

      But for now if your thinking of starting to train yourself, then get yourself one of my favourite training partners for grappling

      Thanks for dropping in!

  4. I just read your article on Kids MMA Shin guards – The Venum Elite.
    Very good review! I have my youngster involved in MMA, but I am certain to make sure he is equipped with the proper gear.
    Do you have a suggestion on the best head gerar?

    • Thanks Brendon! that’s awesome that your kid is starting an MMA journey! But yes as a parent it is crucial that you take responsibility to give the best protective gear for your kids.

      In terms of headgear you have actually just reminded me i need to do a kids headgear review, but for the moment this full size adult headgear can do a job.

      See you again soon!

  5. Hey, Mate,
    Great review, these shin guards are a must for any budding champion and I can just see the kids packing them into their training bag with pride and joy. Injuries can sometimes hold a youngster back for weeks sometimes months, only to see him/her lose interest. So these shin guards are a necessity for any kid to teach their true confidence level and in turn produce their best results
    Great Job

    • Hi Paul, yeah definitely these shinguard’s are great for a kids confidence and definitely massively help to reduce injuries, which like you say can really hold a kid back so must be avoided at all costs!

      If your kids are getting into UFC then here’s something that they might like under the Christmas tree 🙂

      Thanks for your support mate!

  6. Yeah, I’d probably recommend Venum to others as well. Since I’ve started my kickboxing few years back, I bought some cheap protection for my body and they have have teared in just few months. Then I tried Venum products and to this very day I have no problems.

    Good review!

    • Nice Alex, yeah man Venum are a solid name in the combat sports industry, time to get rid of that cheap stuff and get yourself some quality gear that you can always do that in the reviews section. 

      Thanks for the feedback bro!

  7. Amazing product! I don’t do MMA or kick-boxing; however, I do boxing. These equipment are so helpful, but you need the right equipment. Material is very important and so does the weight. When I box, I use 12 oz. gloves and thin hand-wraps. Also, I might come back and buy one of these for my friend on Christmas; he loves kick-boxing and I think he wants new ones. Overall, thank you for sharing this article!

    • Cool Marques! But yeah these Kids Venum Elite Shinguards are awesome if you have a kid building his martial arts craft. But it sounds to me like you could always do with some new boxing gear yourself, so look at these quality gloves, and quality headgear

      See you again soon!

  8. Hi, this is a really stupid question but hope you can answer as you have the adult versions!
    Are the kids exactly the same as the adult, just smaller? I do Krav Maga and was hoping to buy the adult elite shin guards but I am too short! I need ones that will fit but don’t want to sacrifice protection.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Sarah, no its not a stupid question and yes the kids ones are exactly the same design/make but they are just smaller then the adult versions. If you around 5ft1″ or under then yes I would suggest trying the kids ones.

      Also do you want to get yourself some decent headgear? I like this one if you do.

      Hope you’ve been having a great holiday season/new year!

      thanks for dropping by!

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