MMA Gym Equipment 1 – Combat Sports Grappling Dummy Review – The Eternal Training Partner

Product: Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy 140 lbsMMA_Gateway_UFC Combat Sports Training Dummy 140lbs

Price: See for yourself HERE

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

Size: 5′ 10″

Weight: 140lbs/63.5 Kgs

Material: Heavy Duty Nylon

Colour: Matte Black

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Product Overview

If your seriously into MMA like me, then no doubt your always needing to find some MMA Gym Equipment – if that’s the case, then your in the right place, as within this post, which is the first week of our MMA Gym Equipment series, we will be reviewing great MMA Gym Equipment. This week we start with the – Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy.

Do you ever find yourself in gym or at home, and everyone has gone, but you still want to drill certain positions? Well if you have experienced this, then the Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy will be an interesting product for you.

Because this Dummy, is essentially an eternal training partner that is always there for you. So it’s perfect when your short of a human training partner for grappling. Ok sure its not a good enough to completely replace a human training partner, but just for drilling positions any time you like, this is one of my favourite items.

Check out this video to have a look at one version of this Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy –

The best parts of this training dummy

Now everything has its pluses and minuses, which we will cover later, but for now I want to focus on my favourite parts of this Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy

  1. Now first off, I just love the fact that this dummy has some extra weight on the standard version. Usually this dummy is 120lbs, but the version we are looking at today weighs 140lbs! Now the best part of this for me, is that the dummy very accurately replicMMA_Gateway UFC Combat Sports Training Dummy 140lbsates the weight of a smaller training partner.
  2. Secondly the height is really good standing at 5ft 10″, because again this perfectly replicates a well sized fighter, meaning that this dummy is ideal for drilling correct take down entries at the right angles, and this makes it perfect for submissions as well, as the legs and arms are in the correct proportion of a 5 ft 10″ fighter.
  3. And also I just love the fact that this grappling dummy is really durable, meaning it doesn’t matter how hard you throw this dummy around, or how hard you hit it, there is no way you will be able to actually break the dummy. Well that is of course unless your planning on attacking the dummy with a samurai sword or something, because it is not designed for that, it is only for grappling first and foremost.


  • Go as hard as you want! Seriously this dummy is so highly durable you can just throw it around and beat it up as hard as you like and it will still be in shape and ready to receive more of your punishment!


  • Great alternative if your short of a training partner – lets be honest you cant always have a high level human training partner available to roll with, so if your short of a partner, this dummy is perfect.


  • Not only does this Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy serve as a great alternative training partner, but also there is no risk of injuring this Dummy the way you can with a real human training partner.MMA_Gateway_UFC Combat Sports Training Dummy 140lbs


  • Its made of really strong Heavy Duty Nylon, which is where it gets its durability.


  • Quality design, with all the limbs being in the correct proportion of a human partner, which makes all your usual drills easy to perform on this dummy.


  • Excellent weight, meaning you can work up a real sweat throwing this dummy around as it weighs a good sized 140lbs, but its not too heavy that you risk injuring yourself lifting it, so 140lbs for me is a perfect weight.


  • Really good height at 5ft 10″, which is a typical height for many fighters, so this dummy will enable you to really perfect your take down entries, throws and locking in submissions.


  • Ok so its not cheap depending on your viewpoint and financial situation – but as I have said many times in many other posts – if you want quality, it comes at a cost!


  • The reality is that this dummy can’t completely replace a human training partner, so bear in mind It is static and not free flowing like a real person! But who knows, one day I might be reviewing a real robot training partner!


  • The shipping costs do vary a lot based on what country your in, and while I like companies that cover shipping costs or give a flat rate, for a product of this size and weight just remember that shipping costs can be expensive for certain countries.

Everybody needs a training partner in the cupboard.

I mean its pretty clear to me that if you are looking for MMA Gym Equipment, then this training dummy is an MMA_Gateway_UFC Combat Sports Training Dummy 140lbsimportant piece of equipment for any gym to keep you in top shape!

We all know this isn’t going to replace a real human training partner, but you know how it goes with people especially professional martial artists and athletes – they are not always available when you need them, and in those moments you want to be able to call upon a spare training partner that you can literally store in the cupboard or cellar when your not using it.

Maybe you might even want to give your dummy a name, because just like a car or a favourite piece of clothing, this dummy is something you will get attached to for your training needs, especially when your short of a partner in the gym or at home.

So if you have made your decision, and you want to make an order for your Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy, then you can do that right HERE.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, and stay tuned for the next instalment of this MMA Gym Equipment series right here at the MMAGateway.

Any feedback or questions then feel free to post something below and I will get back to you asap.

Thanks for your time!

Marley Dawkins


  1. Great review on the Combat Sports Grappling Dummy, as a life-long Martial Artist I’ve used this dummy a few times in the past few years. I agree with you when you said that the dummy can’t completely replace a human training partner. However, I believe that if you don’t have someone to train with then the Combat Sports Grappling Dummy is the next best thing. You said that the dummy is durable, how long will it last?

    • Hi WMP, good to hear you have used this grappling dummy before, so we both know the pluses and minuses with it. Definitely is a great product to buy, but yes it really is durable, we have two in my local gym and they have been getting beaten up for over 3 years and still they haven’t been broken!

  2. Great review, I really like the pros and cons, very thorough and detailed argument. I am with you on the price, it is definitely not cheap but at least I know so I can consider it for another time, maybe like a christmas gift for myself!

  3. Great review! I really like the pros and cons. Very thorough and detailed argument about whether to buy it. I like that you were honest enough about the pricing. It is definitely pricey for me right now but at least I know so I can consider buying as a Christmas gift for myself!
    One thing though, I clicked on the video but it says that I need a google apps account. Am I the only one getting the error? Just want to make sure it is only me and not the video itself. Thanks for the useful review!

    • Hi Liliana, thanks for your comments, glad you like this review, every woman needs a big dummy to grapple when you want 😉 lol. But yes if the funds are tight now, then make sure you come back when your gearing up for Christmas or bonus month 🙂

      I suggest you set up a Google apps account if your being prompted to do so, because the video works fine at my end, anyway thanks again have a great day!

  4. Great review, these could be the answer to many people who train alone’s problems.

    I have always been interested in MMA but I do not have access to a local training club. Do you think I could use the grappling dummy to get started on my own?

    Do they come in different weight categories? It would be good if you could buy one to suit your own weight to ensure you practice at the right weight.

    • Hi Craig, nice to hear you enjoyed this review, and yes this Combat Sports Grappling Dummy is a great support when your training alone. Yes you could definitely use this to start training on your own,a nd they do come in different weights, but this is the heaviest one at 140 lbs.

      To be honest if you had a huge 250lb grappling dummy even heavyweights would have to be careful not to injure themselves while using it – so 140 pounds is a good weight for anyone to use.

      Thanks for your feeback!

  5. Awesome review on combat sports grappling dummy. My oldest son does mma and he is always working on his technique at home. He even made his own makeshift punching bag, and he uses it daily. I think this would be an great upgrade, and i’m sure he’ll love it. How long does it last? Thanks.

    • Hi Garrett, great to hear your son trains MMA, and that he is resourceful 🙂 this grappling dummy is a perfect spare training partner. Thanks to its durability you can expect this dummy to last a good 5-10+ years and beyond.

      Find any equipment you need to take your training to the NEXT LEVEL!

      Thanks for your feedback!

  6. I am a little on the old side for MMA but I found your content so captivating that I just keep reading.I like the fact that you shared pros and cons so a person knows what they are looking at.I didn’t see your weight listed but was curious about the 140 ibs, that seemed light to me but as the expert, you feel comfortable that is a good training weight?
    I will go back to your site because of the way you presented the content, I didn’t feel that I wouldn’t enjoy reading all your content.I might learn something.

    • Hi Jim, well yes you might be too old to compete professional MMA, but martial arts has no age limit, so its never too old to start learning new philosophies and ways to defend yourself.

      Yes 140 lbs might sound light, but Combat Sports made this their heaviest grappling dummy – because if you imagine having a 250 lbs grappling dummy, it would be dangerous even for Heavyweight fighters to train with, and injuries could likely occur. 140 lbs is a good size for anyone to work up a sweat with a grappling dummy.

      Glad you enjoyed the review though, definitely come back soon as I’m always doing updates on the world of MMA.

      Thanks for your support!

  7. Hey Marley,

    I host an MMA training session on Saturdays at my place, and I’m interested in adding to my equipment arsenal, mostly for our conditioning circuits. I’ve used these in the past, but not too sure if I should invest in one, as the ones I’ve experienced tend to go limp or tear at the limbs.

    Have you had any experience(long term) with this particular dummy? Just want to see how it holds up.


    • Hey Oscar,

      Thanks for coming back again, that’s awesome that your an MMA coach! But yes every good coach needs the right equipment and you can get anything you need at the MMAGateway.

      I know what you mean, i have used plenty of different grappling dummies before, and your right a lot of them go limp and tear easy. But this is the toughest one i have ever used, as we have one in my gym which has been thrown around for over a year, and its still really firm and rigid with no tears.

      Any more questions give me a shout, but also check out this freestanding bag, which is good for striking and grappling!

      See you again soon!

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