MMA Gym Equipment 2 – Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator (with base) Review

Product: Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator (with base)cen-1056_black_01_xl_d93538dd-cab5-471c-9a07-04107145cbbe_grande_MMA_UFC_Century Fight Simulator Review

Price: Have a look right HERE

Best place to buy: amazon.com

Size: 13.75″ Diameter x 66″ Tall

Weight: Approx. 110 lbs.

Material: durable vinyl

Colour: Matte Black/Red/White

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 8 out of 10

Product Overview

Are you looking to start training MMA? Well if that’s the case then you need to get some MMA Gym Equipment – this week in our second part of our MMA Gym Equipment series, we review – Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator.

If your building a new gym, or a home gym geared towards MMA, then you need equipment around that can help people drill as many element of Martial Arts as possible. Wrestling, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay thai, Taekowndo, Karate, Kickboxing are all martial arts that you can drill on this Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator.

This simulator, is not good enough to replace a human training partner, but for working your Wrestling/Grappling and various striking techniques on your own its amazing. There are flaws that will come out later in this review, but there’s also a ton of benefits, so lets look at all the parts from the good to the bad.

Here’s a video by famous MMA trainer Greg Jackson about the Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator –

The best parts of the VS.1

Honestly there is a lot of great points! But lets try and compress them into my top 3 parts of this Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator –

  1. Firstly as I mentioned at the top of this review, its definitely one of the most versatile training bags I have ever cen-1056_black_01_xl_d93538dd-cab5-471c-9a07-04107145cbbe_grande_MMA UFC Century Fight Simulator Reviewused. The weight means that its not difficult to take down, so you can work your take down technique without the danger of injuring yourself. Then anything from jumping knees, spinning kicks, big overhands, spinning elbows, any strike you want to drill no matter how flashy can be done on this bag.
  2. The top and bottom handles are really nice for working Muay Thai techniques specifically. So If you love throwing knees and elbows in the clinch, then you will love this Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator, because it actually has handles on the top which means you can really drill getting your full plum clinch  when training Muay Thai. Also because its not too tall it keeps the clinch height practical for most people.
  3. This Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator is made of a really tough and durable heavy vinyl construction, so it will be good for years and years of training to keep you in top shape, no matter how hard you go!

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  • Practice a full range of combination strikes no matter what you wana drill, anything from – low/high punches, elbows, knees, side, front and round kicks and literally any strike you want to use!
  • Training versatility, as i said in the last section one of the best parts is the multi-discipline training you get with this bag – Anything you need from stand up sparring, take downs and a variety of ground workouts. Its particularly good for takedowns for me, because it doesn’t weigh too much and is a good height.
  • The fact that your getting a full body engagement means it can stimulate an improvement in aerobic conditioning, to build endurance and accelerate a lot of fat burning possibilities.
  • The natural rebounding properties provides low impact  when practising strikes and kicks,and the movementcen-1056_black_01_xl_d93538dd-cab5-471c-9a07-04107145cbbe_grande_MMA_UFC_Century Fight Simulator Review of the bag improves timing and reflexes when striking.
  • Its really convenient and easy to use, making it ideal for home use, perfect for gyms, schools and fitness centers.
  • There’s a larger striking surface than a lot of traditional hanging heavy bags or weighted free standing bags.
  • As we mentioned in our top 3 parts, there is top  and bottom handles, which allow for a multitude of workouts including dragging, knee strikes, sit ups, leg lifts, resistance band workouts and more.
  • This bag requires no hanging fixtures, bag stands or permanent installation which makes it nice easy to move or store in any location logistically.
  • It’s built with a really durable heavy duty vinyl construction.
  • The base is Pre-filled with sand weighing 100-110 lbs, so it requires NO additional water or sand filling.
  • Combines the uses of a standard freestanding bag with those of a grappling dummy, giving you one of the most realistic workout next to training with a real human partner.
  • It just looks cool 🙂


  • Honestly if you kick or punch this bag hard you will knock it over all the time, which if you have a lot of power in your strikes will annoy you a lot when your trying to drill combinations. So in the striking phase you literally have to go very lightly, because I did have issues having to continually stand the bag up.
  • For the price flat out there are definitely better options for training hard striking or grappling, but for combining both striking and grappling benefits the Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator is solid.
  • My Jiu-Jitsu training partner prefers straight grappling dummies, so he thinks that the Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator should have some arm or leg limbs on it to help drill different arm/leg locks.
  • As my training partner also pointed out – do one or the other. Because the versatility of this bag will be loved by some people, but anyone like my training partner will find it annoying because he wants to do striking or grappling with a bag, not a bag that cant decide what its doing as he says.

If you want variety this is for you

cen-1056_black_01_xl_d93538dd-cab5-471c-9a07-04107145cbbe_grande_MMA UFC Century Fight Simulator ReviewSo yes there are some clear pluses and minuses here, but bottom line if you want a training bag that is going to give some of the best versatility on the market, then this Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator is honestly one the best you can get.

Sure there are better options for striking or grappling individually, but I love the concept of this bag, so from my perspective it should be a foundation part of any MMA Gym Equipment, for you you to get a great all round workout!

Obviously this can’t replace a real human training partner which gives the best workouts of course, but with a lot of professional MMA fighters – they are not always available when you need some extra training, and in those moments you will be glad you have a Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator.

So what are you waiting for? If you need a spare training partner in the gym, then it would be smart to make an order right HERE.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, any feedback or questions then feel free to drop a comment below, and I will get back to you quick time – Don’t forget to subscribe, like share and stay tuned for the next instalment of this MMA Gym Equipment series right here at the MMAGateway.

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Marley Dawkins


  1. The product name is confusing. I thought Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator was a comparison of two products for a second. Besides the confusing name I would love to have that piece of equipment in my house. Training without much equipment kind of works for me though. MMA was something I thought about doing and sometimes I still do. If I really took it serious I would definitely get the Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator.

    • Hi Max, yeah i know what you mean the name is a bit of a mouthful lol. But I’m glad you can see this would be a great piece of equipment to have in your home gym.

      Also if you want another good option to use at home, then i suggest you look at this.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Hi Marley!
    I’ve always wanted to get to train MMA… but I’ve never done it. I really liked this Gym equipment, but maybe for start it’s not going to work if it’s used alone. Which other equipments would you need, to start as an MMA fighter and cover all the areas of the sport?

    • Hi Pablo, great to hear you would like to start training MMA and your right every home gym needs to have more then just this Fight Simulator.

      I suggest you have a look at something like this. But also go back through past reviews to find the right equipment for you 🙂

      Thanks for dropping in!

  3. Hi Marley! I have been thinking about getting something like this for such a long time and I didn’t because I don’t have enough space in my house. I love the fact that you don’t have to hang it. I can see myself training in my backyard 🙂 The price is also affordable. Very nice review! Thank you!

  4. Hi Marley! I have been thinking about getting something like this for such a long time and I didn’t because I don’t have enough space in my house. I love the fact that you don’t have to hang it. I can see myself training in my backyard 🙂 The price is also affordable. Very nice review! Thank you!

    • Hey Fabiana! Awesome sounds like you need to get yourself a VS.1 pronto 🙂 in the backyard or anywhere you like is good for this, it so mobile and easy to transport.

      Thanks for dropping again!

  5. I am looking for a gift to my cousin as he is training a lot. And Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator seems to be a great choice. However, he is a teenager – would this equipment be suitable for him? I really like the way this product looks – it is cool, I have to agree with you.

    • Hi Arta, yes this is great for a teenager actually, because it will help to build a great core in the kid as his hormones and physical growth spurt from puberty happen – throw this thing around for a few years and he will be one strong 20 year old!

      Also you should look to get him some good protective gear and things to help improve his striking and of course great gloves

      Also make sure he visits MMAGateway a few times a month, as things he will learn here will help him further his Martial Arts journey 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!

  6. Hi, Marley!
    I used to think that buying a treadmill, but it is not mean that I love sports. As you know, the girls don’t want to become fat, fitness is necessary. However, I am lazy that don’t want to go outside to do exercise. Yes, my home does not have such spaces to store the treadmill and I am not willing to waste too much money on buying it.
    It is great that you give another choice to do exercise at home. Thanks for your sharing, your sharing product is suited for me, this type of lazy person!

    • Hi Chlo, well if you don’t want to go outside to exercise, then yeah you should think about getting some good equipment for your home like this Century Fight Simulator, will get the job done even for a lazy person 😉 lol

      If you want a bag designed just for grappling then you could try this one as well.

      Thanks for your comment!

  7. Hey Marley,
    Loved this post bro, I love to keep fit and exercise and am always looking for new ways of training to keep me motivated. Right now I am struggling and a little bored and although I love to box I have never even thought of this product which I can easily add to my home gym. It gives me a new world of variations. Inexpensive versatile and just what I need.
    Thanks for the eye opener

    • Hey Paul, always nice to hear from another athlete and martial artist, and as you can tell this Century Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator is great to give you a varied workout while improving your martial arts skill, and like you mention its at a great reduced price!

      You might also like this post if you want another variation to your training.

      Thanks for your support!

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