MMA Gym Equipment 2 – Venum Elite Shinguards Review – Top Class Protection

Product: Venum Elite Shinguards Red/White/Black

Price: $99.99 (USD)

Best place to buy: MMAWarehouse

Size: M, L, XL

Material: Premium Skintex leather

Colour: Red/White/Black (Or Neon and Black)

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

Shipping Rate: Free domestic shipping for orders over $49.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product Overview

Now if you want to excel in any mixed martial arts competition, be it amateur or professional levels, you will need to train all areas of your striking. So when your training you will need to have certain MMA Gym Equipment in place, and today we are looking at the Venum Elite Shin Guards.

These Shinguard’s are immense, I’ve had the same pair for years, they will enable to kick your training partner or heavy bag without the danger of injuring yourself or your partner. Also don’t go thinking that these things are going to weigh you down in training, because they are as light as a feather!

Seriously shin guards are the sort of thing that can easily be disregarded in some peoples training, but if you have heard the amount of stories I have then you will not want to forget shinguard’s.

I have heard many times about someone kicking too hard in the gym with training partners or on some sort of bag, and then they end up seriously injuring their leg.

You don’t have this issues with these Venum Elite Shin guards, which will give you all the shin protection you need in the gym.

Here’s a video that will show you what these shinguard’s look like in closer detail:

Best parts about these shinguard’s

  1. So firstly these shinguard’s are just so cool to look at and wear, they remind of the shin guards that ancient Spartans or ancient Roman warriors would wear before they go headlong into battle. Also with the trademark Venum snake design on them it just makes these shinguard’s look fierce and ready for battle!Venum_Elite_Shinguards_MMA UFC Bellator
  2. Secondly these shinguard’s are made from high density foam, with additional padding on the shinbone and instep. This gives them a really high level of enhanced shock absorption, which is just what you need in high level striking training so you can weather the impact no matter what your kicking. Just recently in training i had my Venum Elite shinguard’s on, and during a sparring session, I threw a hard low kick at one point with my training partner, my shin went straight into his knee as he checked it. Now if i didn’t have my shinguard’s on that one really would of hurt! I hardly even felt it with these amazing shinguard’s on.
  3. Also these Venum Elite Shinguard’s, are handmade in Thailand which is brilliant considering that Thailand is home to such an influential sport in MMA – Muay Thai. So you can rest assured that the level of quality is specifically designed to handle any kind of kicking techniques in the training room.

When its Venum its always quality

Who are Venum? Well they are one of the largest MMA equipment and apparel companies in the industry. They were started in 2008  by Jean-François Bandet and Franck Dupuis out of France, and now they operate out of America, Europe and Asia.

Since day one Venum has been known for making quality equipment for MMA and martial arts in general, to this point where their name is essentially synonymous with top quality in the industry along with other top brands like Hayabusa, Combat Sports, Century, Fuji, Atama and Badboy.

So when you purchase a pair of these Venum Elite Shinguard’s you are getting top class without question.


  • The premium Skintex leather construction really gives these shinguard’s, a top quality design and the durability to last for hours, weeks, months and years of shin protection!
  • The high density foam with additional padding on the shinbone and instep, really gives enhanced shock Venum_Elite_Shinguards_MMA UFC Bellatorabsorption, meaning you can kick as hard as you want and not have to worry about fracturing or breaking anything on yourself or your training partner.
  • They have an excellent lightweight design, which provide unrestricted mobility and speed. In fact In my opinion, and in the opinion of most martial artists that use these shinguard’s they are considered to be the lightest and most durable shin guards in the industry.
  • Large Velcro straps just make sure there is a no-slip fit, which gives a secure and comfortable feeling to them, as well as easy access for putting them on and taking them off.
  • The embossed label and slick graphics really give these shinguard’s a great look, and an extra boost of coolness.
  • The fact that these Venum Elite Shinguard’s are Handmade in Thailand, it shows that they really are designed for the hardest of kicking techniques, just like the best Muay Thai and MMA kickers are known for.


  • They aren’t cheap, but you know I’m scrapping the barrel when that’s basically the only negative thing I can point out – and even then we all know you have to pay more for the best quality.
  • My only other quibble is that the smaller sizes of these shinguard’s, tend to sell out quicker then the larger ones. So if your around my size (5 ft 8, 135 pounds) then you need to act quick to get a smaller size before they sell out!


Venum_Elite_Shinguards_MMA UFC BellatorSo overall these Venum Elite Shinguard’s are some of the best Shinguard’s in the industry that i have personally used, for all the reasons we have been covering today.

By now I’m sure your ready to make a decision about what your next piece of MMA Gym Equipment will be, and if you are needing to train your kicking techniques a lot then these Venum Elite Shinguard’s are what you need.

So if your tired of listening to me now, and you want to purchase a pair of these awesome shinguard’s, then you can do that right HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have any questions, or comments regarding this review or the product, then post something below.

Stay tuned for more MMA Gym equipment reviews, at the MMAGateway.

See you again soon!

Marley Dawkins


  1. The awesome review! I have signed up for some MMA classes and I have realized I do not know very much about things that I need. All I knew is that I can protect myself out in the world while looking awesome LOL. Will definitely see about getting these shinguards since I am such a weenie when it comes to shin pain. I feel that that would honestly be my weak point. But I do not know yet, thank you very much again!

    • Hey Adriana, great to hear you enjoyed this review and understand the value of these shinguards. For basic technique and cardio training you don’t need these shinguards. But as soon as start thinking about full contact sparring, makesure you come back here and get these shinguards!

      Oh yeah also keep your hands well wrapped

      Thanks for your support!

  2. Hey there MD,

    I love your review. I had no idea these shin guards could be used in MMA. I bet I haven’t ever seen them too much because they are so expensive.

    Or is it because they restrict movement? I wonder if they would work just as effectively for baseball players? That is if they don’t restrict movement too much.


    • Hi Tex, good to hear you enjoyed this review. But shinguards like this are not sanctioned in MMA bouts, but are really great for sparring in the gym. Theses Venum Elites do not restrict movement at all, and yeah possibly they could be used for other sports too.

      Thanks for your support!

  3. Thanks for posting this

    I always thought that shinguard would be heavy and immobilising but after reading this article I know that isn’t the case.

    One question. Wouldn’t wearing these whenever you are sparring take away the emphasis on proper technique as you can get away with anything? I can imagine feeling like I can do whatever what I want because I can’t hurt myself whilst wearing them.

    • Hi Jacob, glad you like the review, and exactly they are very lightweight while still providing excellent protection and durability.

      But no actually its the complete opposite because while your wearing these shinguard’s you will be learning how  apply proper technique and increase your accuracy, so that you always land with the full weight of your shin in your shots – because trust me taking a head kick or a leg kick from a shinbone is far more painful then getting hit by the foot usually.

      But if your planning on getting some gear and starting to train, then get yourself some proper hand wraps.

      See you around!

  4. What’s up MD? I liked your review on the Venum Elite Shinguard and how it can prevent injuries during MMA training. I would agree that preventing injuries to oneself or to your training partner is important. You mentioned this shinguard is light weight and durable, but what is the actual weight of the Venum Elite Shinguard?

    • Hey Edgar, I’m good thanks you? Yeah these Shinguards are amazing for protection and trust me they are so light that you really won’t notice them on. But depending on the size you choose, your looking at around 300 – 800 grams per shin guard which you really wont notice when your landing kicks.

      Personally i would prefer if they were a bit heavier actually, because then they would be great for weighted shadow training.

      If your thinking of doing some hard sparring, or hard bag work, then make sure you also get your self some quality gloves as well.

      Thanks for stopping by! 

  5. Hello Marley, that was an very awesome review!!! I have been considering taking up martial arts sometime in the near future, and the Venum Elite Shinguards would be something I would need to have in my possession. In order to protect yourself and your fighting partner, the Venum Elite Shinguards are something I would recommend highly!!! Thanks for the vital information and continue to do what you do!!!

    • Hey Ahmad, that’s great news! Make sure you enjoy your journey of martial arts – it is one which will teach you things about yourself that you didn’t realise and improve your life in a million ways 🙂 but yes these Venum Elite Shinguards are crucial if you start learning kicking techniques especially for sparring.

      Also make sure you have quality headgear when your ready to start sparring.

      See you again!

  6. Amazing review! Very interesting topic on shin guards.

    The Venum Elite Shinguard’s look awesome! I would consider this product.

    I like the fact the pros out weight the cons. The quality of the Venum Elite Shinguard appears to be well made.

    The price of $99.99 seems a little steep. Are their cheaper prices for the same product or is this the lowest price?

    Thanks for sharing this great info..

    • Hey Daniel, yeah the Venum Elite series are awesome in general, but if you want them at a cheaper price your not really going to find that out there, you could try these gloves instead, they are awesome too and slightly better priced.

      Thanks for your support!

  7. Marley, Thanks for the great product review. I have been researching taking some MMA classes for fitness and I never even thought about equipment needs I would have. Thanks for bringing this to light for me. I guess I will be touring the rest of your site to see all the things I been overlooking. Thanks Again.

    • Hey Russ, glad you like the review and great to hear our stating your martial arts journey! Yes Venum has great equipment like these Elite shinguards, but Fairtex and Hayabusa do as well.

      Any questions give me a shout, see you again soon!

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