MMA Hoodies – Men’s Reebok White UFC Fight Night Hoodie – Practical and Stylish!

Product: Men’s Reebok White UFC Fight Night HoodieUFC_Reebok_Fight Night_Hoodie_Review_MMA_MMAGateway_Apparel Training

Price: $89.99 (USD)

Best place to buy: UFCStore.com

Material: 95% Cotton/5% Spandex

Size: Small – XXL

Colour: White or Black

Brand: Reebok
Shipping: Order as many items as you like with a $4.99 flat rate shipping and handling

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Product Overview

UFC_Reebok_Fight Night_Hoodie_Review_MMA_MMAGateway Apparel TrainingI don’t know about you but I love a good hoodie, hoodies are great for fighters to train in to lose weight and a good one is always comfortable with a good sized hood and I prefer hoodies with a zipper which is why today we are reviewing the Men’s Reebok White UFC Fight Night Hoodie.

This is a great hoodie long story short, its great fr training, is comfortable and looks stylish, as it is exactly the same hoodie that a lot of UFC fighters, coaches and corner men will wear during fight week or on the way too the cage.

Some MMA fans and fighters don’t like the deal that Reebok struck with the UFC back in 2014 to be the official apparel provider for the UFC as there has been complaints about the constrictions on fighters money due to individual sponsors no longer being allowed by fighters in the UFC octagon and also the lack of sponsorship money that the Reebok deal is statistically bringing the fighters.

But no matter how you feel Reebok is synonymous with quality in the world of sportswear, and personally when I’m watching a UFC event I really like these Reebok UFC Hoodies that fighters and their corner will sometimes wear.

So I went ahead and bought one and I really haven’t been disappointed, so lets review this top in closer detail.

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The best bits of this Hoodie

  1. I keep seeing it at events – Well first of all which is what made me want to get one of these Hoodies in the first place, is the fact that thisUFC_Reebok_Fight Night_Hoodie_Review_MMA MMAGateway Apparel Training is the some official UFC hoodie that you see many fighters and corner men wearing during fight week – I’m watching UFC fights all the time I don’t miss any fights, so I keep seeing these hoodies so I got myself one and it does give you a cool feeling when your wearing it knowing that some of my favourite fighters wear the exact same top.
  2. Its actually really comfortable – this was something I wasn’t sure about before I got it, because I thought that maybe fighters and corner men were just wearing it because they were obligated to do so to meet a Reebok quota or something, but in reality fighters can choose any of the Reebok gear to wear and many choose this hoodie for a good reason- as soon as I put it on it had a really nice tight muscle fit to it, nicely designed hood with drawstrings and the cotton/spandex materials its made of just add to the comfort.
  3. I like all the zips – Some people prefer the hoodies with no zips, but I like the fact that this Men’s Reebok White UFC Fight Night Hoodie can be zipped up, unzipped or put over the top of your head like a conventional hoodie. Also the zip pockets are good and the pockets themselves have a lot of space.

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  • Quality materials with 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, making it comfortable, durable and stretchy.UFC_Reebok_Fight Night_Hoodie Review MMA MMAGateway Apparel Training
  • The screen print graphics are nicely done.
  • Excellent zip design, making it easy to take on or off.
  • Nice spacious and comfortable hood with drawstrings so it can be tightened to any hed shape.
  • Its a Midweight hoodie suitable for moderate temperatures.
  • Fantastic to use for training if you need to lose a few extra pounds.
  • The graphics are Heat-sealed which means they don’t rub ff or fade easily.
  • Two large front pockets both with zips.
  • Its machine washable, which is important to me, because I don’t have time to go to dry cleaners or hand dry stuff.
  • Its the officially licensed same hoodie that you see the top fighters wearing during fight week, which gives you a really cool feeling when your wearing the hoodie.
  • I mean its Reebok, which regardless of how you think about them, they are known for making great sporting equipment.UFC_Reebok_Fight Night_Hoodie_Review MMA MMAGateway Apparel Training


  • Some might say they need more colour variations, but I personally love it in all black or all white.
  • Although it has the lovely new clothes smell, mine was a bit creased when I got it out of the packet, so I had to iron it – its a small complaint, but I still have to mention this because I did think it when I opened mine out of the package.
  • The zips on the zip pockets are a tricky to open and close sometimes, because of how lightweight and stretchy the hoodie it self is – not a major problem, but it just means that single handed opening is not easy, so I suggest two hands!

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Bottomline this is a quality Hoodie!

UFC_Reebok Fight Night Hoodie Review MMA MMAGateway Apparel TrainingSeriously feel how you like about Reebok, and the whole deal with the UFC, because thats irrelevant in the face of a quality apparel – and that’s what this Men’s Reebok White UFC Fight Night Hoodie is, its a quality piece of kit, its lightweight, cool to wear, looks great and is a good help for training if you wana lose some extra pounds.

Its exactly the same one you see many fighters wearing in fight week and if you think like me, then you having been eyeing up getting one of these hoodies for some time!

But make sure you get a size smaller for you, because if you like a tighter muscle fit on your hoodies then that’s what you’ve got to do.

Sure its not a perfect hoodie, but it is really good and it actually is a perfect present for a true UFC fan, so if you have made a smart decision to get this item, then you can do that right HERE.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, if yu did then leave a few comments or questions below and as always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

Take it easy!

Marley Dawkins


  1. I’ve nothing against the UFC Reebok hoodies as it really compensates trend-setters. What I’m really worried about are their male trunks/shorts and female tops. I’ve seen in a couple of fights that it tends to loosen during fights, making way for unnecessary time-outs/reset. Furthermore, I like the hoodies very much!

    • Hi Ernst yeah I personally love these UFC Fight Night hoodies, yes some female fighters have wardrobe malfunctions in the cage, but that isn’t something Reebok can do much about really!

      Also have you got a favourite UFC event? You can always immortalise your favourite event right HERE

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I don’t really know what to say. but I’m really impressed with your Review.
    Looking Fit with GOOD hoodies create a sense of confident against your opponent.
    and also it can make your body flexing.
    And also, it’s a good news to hear that ‘ Men’s Reebok White UFC Fight Night Hoodie’ contains all this features.
    Nice one Dear, keep us updated!

    • Hi Bibian! Always nice to see a new person here, happy to hear you like the review and that you can see some great points about this MMA Hoodie from Reebok.

      Do you understand the process of how fighters move up the rankings in the UFC? Also are you doing your own fight training now? You might want a training dummy to work with at home.

      Any questions just ask me, and drop by again sometime!

  3. Your site has a lot of information on MMA. Your review of the hoodies is great. I am building a self-defense site and the way you set up your site is very helpful to me. I like that your posts end in reminding readers that control and kindness are important qualities for all martial artists.

    • Hi Carol,

      Glad you like this site and this review of Men’s Reebok UFC Fight Night Hoodie – sounds like we can help each other out to improve our websites, so message me sometime and we can work out something.

      Also do you know Conor McGregor’s story? Well you should read this book to get a clear picture from his head coach.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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