MMA Insurance – Quality cover is a basic right for all Fighters

MMA_Insurance_MMA Insurance_UFC_Bellator_Fighters_Protection HealthImagine your job was literally putting your life on the line multiple times a year – what would be one of the first things you would want to have? Security that if something goes wrong you will be protected right? People in the army, the fire service, the police and professional fighters need this – so today we are looking at the subject of MMA Insurance, because from my perspective it is a crucial point to give the best to all fighters for the growth of the sport of MMA.

The UFC did a few years ago announce some form of medical insurance for the fighters, but as many fighters have stated that the cover is very subjective and flimsy for certain fighters.

Jacob Volkmann for instance years ago mentioned how if you are not on the main card of UFC events consistently that the UFC owners will not necessarily cover all medical expenses for all fighters equally, that they have huge deductibles per injury on the insurance, no signing bonuses, no retirement funds etc.MMA_Insurance_MMA Insurance_UFC_Bellator_Fighters Protection Health

Some people think Volkmann and other fighters that have stated similar things has merit like me, others think these fighters are just bitter about getting cut/not winning etc. I think there is some truth to both sides of the argument, but because the UFC are a private company, it is impossible to get hold of some UFC contracts to see the wording of how the medical cover is worded in 2018.

This to me is a subject that is incredibly important, because I know UFC fighters who have had unbelievably good healthcare cover provided by the UFC and other promotions which covered everything, yet I also know UFC fighters that have said similar things to Volkmann, so we need to get clear on what is really what here.

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Why would a fighter need insurance?

Why would they not? MMA Fans are funny, many think that we should blame the UFC’s health insurance plan being introduced years ago, for fighters pulling out of more fights, which maybe has some level of truth to it.

But in the reality would you get in a cage and fight another pro fighter if your healthcare costs if you get injured will not be covered? Because when you have health cover as a professional fighter, it is helpful to know that if you have a really bad injury in training camp or in the cage that the company will take care of you – that you don’t need t try and “tough it out” through a serious injury just to get to the fight, only to worsen the injury in the fight, crippling careers, or paying huge premiums out of your own fight purse for your own healthcare costs.

In the long term we will ultimately have a better longevity of fighters, because people can perform better in the cage if they don’t have to worry about any injury costs, so that you have the option to pull out if you medically need too, which is better for your body and longevity for fighter careers, which is better for business for the promotions.

Insurance is all based on risk, so underwriters of the policies have to determine what is the likelihood that the covered person will need to claim and the insurance company have to pay out for treatment costs.

Fighters are a big risk for insurance companies, but the consequence of not providing quality cover to our athletes is people trying to fight through serious injuries and messing up there own bodies/careers, which ultimately is detrimental to the sports growth.

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We all need the comfort of security

You can play tough all you like but we are all flesh and bone – of course some are stronger then others due to genetics and experience, but anyone can be injured and broken, so when it happens in reality you will need to be covered by your company especially in something as dangerous as MMA.MMA_Insurance_MMA Insurance_UFC_Bellator Fighters Protection Health

Point being we all need a blanket of security, that comfort of security in life and I feel that MMA Insurance should go to the next level as well in my opinion in terms of not only protecting fighters health equally across the board, but also giving fighters access to cutting edge healing technology, likes various forms of stem cell technology, gene therapy, cryo-therapy and various kinds of biotechnology.

Because when a fighter does get injured, not only do I want promoters to fully protect their health with the best healthcare, I also want the fighters to get back to full fitness as quickly as possible so they can fight more often.

In 2018 no fighter should be left to cover any healthcare costs, and should also get some kind of pension plan for retirement and a general increase in fighter pay, and if you disagree I would say you a personally detrimental to the sport of MMAs growth.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today’s post, so please leave a comment or question below if you have had some experience with MMA Insurance and as always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

See you soon!


Marley Dawkins


  1. Hi there,

    Thank you for time and effort and providing great content to read much appreciated.

    As as ex professional boxer I now can imagine how important insurance is for a fighter because you put your body through so much training and damage so very important to get some insurance, you need that security.

    I never really watched a MMA full fight but thanks for your great info

    • Hi Mitchell, glad you liked the post – it doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen an MMA fight before, because anyone who has done any type of combat sports knows that injuries can happen. This is why I feel its so important that in 2018 all fighters get the right protection from the promotions they make millions for.

      Also being as you haven’t watched an MMA fight yet, maybe the feel of a pair of Official UFC Gloves will push you to start watching the fights.

      See you round bro!

  2. You have brought up a very interesting subject.

    I wonder about some of the nuts and bolts details. How much does a decent health insurance plan for a fighter cost, over one fight or a long-term plan? How does that even compare with the prize payouts to the fighters?

    There has been a lot that has been revealed in the last few years about long-term health problems to pro football players. There are the joint problems long known about and now so many have been suffering from permanent debilitating brain injury. An insurance plan for that kind of problem would be a sort of lifetime plan and I guess pretty expensive. MMA promoters are bound to be afraid of this kind of expense.

    I have noticed that safety is much better than it was 20 years ago with rule changes to ban certain moves like head-butting.

    Do you have any thoughts on these matters?

    • Hello Mr Powell, yeah it really is an interesting topic to debate and the cover levels do seem to vary for many fighters – you are right though it is difficult for promoters to take the risk of protecting fighters health into retirement especially for serious injuries.

      But some form of retirement payout maybe with some government funding assistance would be a good start in my eyes, as well as equalising a basic standard of healthcare for active fighters.

      Also do you train yourself? If your sparring striking then make sure you get the right Shinguard’s!

      Thanks for your feedback!

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