MMA is not a violent sport

MMA UFC Violence Barbarity Evans KOMany people say that MMA will never become mainstream, because the UFC is “barbaric” and apparently is too violent to make the cross over and be appealing to a wider audience. I am making this post to highlight that MMA is not a violent sport at all – yes there are violent consequences that happen within the cage or ring. Fighters get bad cuts that pour masses of blood, (although very often cuts that bleed the most are not always very large cuts), they can be put unconscious by a single or a barrage of strikes, fighters get bones broken, ligaments snapped, joints pop out of place, eyes gouged, and low blows etc.

But violent consequences can occur if you don’t concentrate when your driving, cooking, running etc. Violence is not something that is centralised to certain areas of this world, violence can occur in any moment because of humanity being unstable creatures. And when one considers that fact that we live in a world where wars start everyday, tens of thousands of people die as a result of starvation, preventable illness and war everyday, many of them being children – within this context how violent is two men agreeing to test their martial arts skills against each other for money? There is a referee present who will stop the contest when a fight ending event occurs, there is a panel of judges who score points and penalise/downgrade cheating within a contest, there is doctors, trainers and  nutritional experts who are all looking for the best health interest of the fighters. It must also be considered that nobody is going to get physically hurt outside of the two opponents, and there will be no societal consequences of abuse to the purity of the bout.

If both parties consent, both parties are highly skilled martial artists, neither are actually trying to kill each other, but simply show that their techniques are more effective, both parties are usually friends before the contest, and if they are not, they will likely become friends after the contest is over in 99% of cases – how can any of this be deemed as violence? Iv’e seen acts committed in this world  which resulted in massively violent consequences, which the UFC, Bellator or any other MMA organisations bouts cannot compare too.

MMA UFC Violence Barbarity Kids EducationIt cannot be denied however that many people do watch MMA because they want to see somebody get hurt – it is an unfortunate part of the sport at the moment, because sporting competition appeals to the war like nature of humanity currently. If you are watching MMA to see people get hurt, i suggest you stop watching it immediately, and do some serious re-education before you come back to watching it again. It is the utmost importance that while you become used to watching MMA events, that you build the mind of a martial artist, because it is imperative to live as an example to children and in general as proponents of the sports – Do you want to be considered a violent knucklehead forever by people we want to educate about the sport we love?

The purity of MMA is the expression of physical movement and technique displayed by two martial artists, and this should be your main reason for watching the sport. Not to be “entertained” by the suffering of another, but rather to enjoy the purity of physical movement, learning what techniques are the most effective to implement in live situations, and what martial artists can implement them in the most efficient way possible.

Bottomline that we all have to accept is that the UFC and all regulated MMA promotions/events in the world are a part of our world, and its time to make sure that everyone is clear on what the reality of this sport is.

Marley Dawkins

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