MMA Mouth Guard – OPRO Black/Gold UFC Gold Mouth Guard Review – Care for your gums!

Product: OPRO Black/Gold UFC Gold Mouth GuardMMA_Mouthguard_UFC_Opro_Protect_Teeth_Jaw_Octagon_Fight_Grappling_Wrestling_Reviews MMAGateway


Price: See for yourself HERE

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

Weight: 99.8 grams (Shipping weight 141 grams)

Size: 5 Inches in width

Brand: OPRO
Colour: Black/Gold
Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy
Shipping: Costs vary based on your country and shipping choice.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product Overview

MMA_Mouthguard_UFC_Opro_Protect_Teeth_Jaw_Octagon_Fight_Grappling_Wrestling_Reviews MMAGatewayIf you train any form of combat sports at an amatuer or professional level, then you need to make sure you use a mouth guard an MMA Mouth Guard especially for any hard striking.

So today we are reviewing the OPRO Black/Gold UFC Gold Mouth Guard, let’s get into it – Now I don’t know about you but when it comes a Mouth guard I just want to know a few things – that its comfortable in my mouth/easy to breathe, it protects my teeth/mouth/head area and that it is hygenic.

All those boxes are ticked with this Mouth Guard and the colour scheme is cool as the black/gold design really works! Let’s be honest as well, the UFC is the largest MMA organization in the world with only ONE championship and Bellator even getting close to competing.

But getting in the UFC should be an aim of any aspiring young fighter especially in the west, so wearing this UFC Mouth Guard is really good for motivation during training.

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Best Parts of this Mouth Guard

  1. Competition level protection – No it’s not some little piece of kids foam that won’t protect you from a full on smack in the face, this mouthguard will make sure that your teeth and general mouth area stay safe during amauteur or high leve pro bouts. I mean seriously you will be surprised when you get hit really hard with this OPRO Black/Gold UFC Gold Mouth Guard in your gums, MMA_Mouthguard_UFC_Opro_Protect_Teeth_Jaw_Octagon_Fight_Grappling_Wrestling Reviews MMAGatewaybecause I guarantee you the shot will not hurt anywhere near as much as if you had no mouthguard, but of course don’t try to get hit in the mouth!
  2. Hygienic and antimicrobial – This is a such an important point because when you train MMA a lot, then you will know that spitting out your mouth piece and it rolling around on the matts, on top of getting sweat and bacteria in your mouth all the time os very common. So the design of this mouth guard is perfect because the antimicrobial additives in the mouth guards design, just makes sure that you won’t be getting affected by any nasty bugs in the gym or the ring/cage.
  3. Comfortable and easy to breathe – There really is some perfectly placed ventilation holes on this mouth guard which really makes it so much easier to breathe while its in. Some mouthguards on the market have terrible ventilation, but this OPRO Black/Gold UFC Gold Mouth Guard has some of the best I’ve used, It also has stretch zones a aswell which only further assist with breathing and speaking.

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  • It’s so easy to fit, the anatomical fins and special stretch zones just makes the mouth guard have a really snug fit to your teeth.
  • It’s so easy to breathe and speak with this mouth guard which again is down to the special stretch zones and well placed ventilation holes.MMA_Mouthguard_UFC_Opro_Protect_Teeth_Jaw_Octagon_Fight_Grappling Wrestling Reviews MMAGateway
  • This is an officially licensed UFC product, meaning you know you are not getting some cheap imitation, but getting real high quality.
  • The antimicrobial additive protects you against 99.9% of bacteria and makes it really easy to keep it clean. If you gym is a bit unhygienic sometimes, this mouth guard will keep your mouth hygienic.
  • The Octagon shaped case for the mouthguard is also very hygienic but also very cool!
  • Completely latex free.
  • Lots of different Protection Levels so you can get the right type of mouthguard to match your needs.

  • It comes with an Extended 18 Month Dental Warranty of up to $15,000!
  • It is actually a mouthguard trusted by professionals, which is why Opro is the official mouthguard of the UFC, England Rugby, England Hockey, New Zealand Rugby, GB Taekwondo, and many other athletes and teams.
  • OPRO is a top level company that makes great quality fight equipment, with years of experience.
  • Has up to $15,000 worth of dental warranty, which is great just in case you have any problems once you start using the mouth guard.
  • It offers competition level protection and its made with over 20 years of industry experience, so you can enter into any bout confident that your teeth/mouth/head area will be really well protected by this mouth guard.
  • Good range of colour choices available.
  • It looks so cool in the black and gold colour scheme, you really can’t ask for a cooler colour scheme then that!


  • Make sure you follow the instructions, because if you don’t you may have difficulty fitting it perfectly to your teeth design.

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Keep the UFC in Your Mouth!

MMA_Mouthguard_UFC_Opro_Protect_Teeth_Jaw_Octagon_Fight Grappling Wrestling Reviews MMAGatewayI mean seriously if you are an MMA fan and are busy training trying to get into the UFC – I really don’t think anything can be more motivating that having the UFC literally in your mouth protecting you as you hone your craft and build you professional record.

Every time you finish rounds of sparring or your amateur and underground pro fights – every time you spit out your Mouth Guard you will be reminded of your end goal of getting to the UFC.

Also this OPRO Black/Gold UFC Gold Mouth Guard is actually made with high quality, which you will notice when you wear it and feel how comfortable it is and how easy it is to breathe. So if you are ready to order one of these bad boys now then you can do that right HERE.

That’s all for today though folks, so I hope you enjoyed this post – if you did then make sure you like, share, subscribe and as always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway

See you soon!

Marley Dawkins


  1. Wow great niche here! I haven’t seen this topic before so you really did well with the UFC Opro mouthguard. It’s amazing to think that this is one of the only pieces of equipment that an MMA fighter uses. And it better be a good one because it’s so important in reducing the risk of concussion. To go along with breathability and protection I also like the look of this mouth guard. Also I like that it’s hygenic and antimicrobial. You found an outstanding product here, well done!

    • Hello my friend, cool glad you like this review it is a solid mouthpiece that definitely will give you a lot of support if you start doing hard sparring at a gym near you.

      Also you might want to look into some Shinguards, Gloves and Headgear if you are training seriously.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Hi.

    Very well written preview. I use single sided mouth guard because i can talk, breathe and drink water while wearing. If you are buying, I highly recommend boil and bite styles. But it’s nice to hear that is easier to breathe and even talk with OPRO. Thank you for this, I will definitely procured in the near future.


    • Hi Andrej, thanks for your feedback and i know what you mean single sided mouthguards are practical when communicating with coaches during sparring and you are right boil and bite styles are great to get an excellent mould to your teeth.

      But yeah this OPRO UFC Mouthguard is great for breathing and speaking, so when you buy it I know you will love it! Also you will likely enjoy these Handwraps and Boxing Boots too.

      Have a good one my friend, see you round! 

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