MMA Protective Gear – Sisu Mouth Guards – Aero 1.6 Review – Free breathing and top protection!

Product: Sisu Nextgen Aero Mouthguardsis-1004_charcoalblack_grande_MMA_Mouthguard_UFC Boxing Protection Review

Price: Have a look HERE

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

Colour: 11 different colour options

Material: non-compressible thermo-polymer

Shipping: Varies based on country

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product Overview

Look I don’t care how tough you are alright, if you want to seriously train MMA you better take it seriously by having sis-1004_hotpink_1024x1024_MMA_Mouthguard_UFC Boxing Protection Reviewthe right MMA Protective gear – a mouthgaurd is an essential piece of protection across all combat sports and today we are looking at the best of the Sisu Mouth Guards by reviewing the Sisu Nextgen Aero Mouthguard.

Seriously you have to have a comfy fitting mouthguard that’s the first thing and  that’s one of the first things you notice with this Mouthguard, it moulds to your teeth and gum shape within a few minutes, which makes speaking, breathing and drinking so much easier then most mouthguards.

Also impact, man this thing can take some real punishment, I personally and nobody I know has ever had any mouth/tooth damage whatsoever while wearing this mouth guard.

Here’s a little video to show you how this Sisu Nextgen Aero Mouthguard works in action, and gives an excellent fitting guide which you should follow step by step –

Who are Sisu?

So the name Sisu might not be as common to you as say a Venum or a Hayabusa in the MMA world for MMA sis-1004_forestgreen_grandesis-1004_MMA_Mouthguard_UFC Boxing Protection Reviewgear, but that’s because they focus on just one thing which is making quality mouthpieces for athletes to use across all sports, but particularly combat sports of course.

The word Sisu actually comes from Finland and historically means something that is brave, determined and resilient, but it is actually an American company behind the Sisu Nextgen Aero MouthguardsAkervall Technologies Inc (ATI) is the manufacturer for all Sisu sports Mouth Guards, and the Aero model that we are reviewing today is one of their most popular mouthguards.

Akervall really put a focus on the science behind mouth guards, to produce one of the most resilient, comfortable, custom fitted and functional series of mouth guards in the industry and long may it continue.

My favourite parts of this mouth guard

  1. Firstly I just love that this Sisu Nextgen Aero Mouthguard are all custom fitted to your exact teeth/gum/mouth shape, which really means that it fits like a perfect glove for your teeth. You literally just follow the steps in the video above and once that’s done, it will fit perfectly every time, meaning it wont be slipping around your mouth during a competition like numerous low grade mouth guards do. In fact you will find like I have recently that you might even forget you have it on at some point while your training – it really is that comfortable and custom moulded to your teeth!
  2. Secondly I really like that fact that its so thin at only 1.6 mm, super lightweight and all the little holes in the sis-1004_intensered_1024x1024sis-1004_MMA_Mouthguard_UFC Boxing Protection Reviewdesign mean that breathing, drinking and speaking are all easily done with this Sisu Nextgen Aero Mouthguard. As an athlete you know that when your training for a competition and even more so when your in the competition, your ability to breathe correctly, take on board liquids quickly and be able to converse with your trainers/team is crucial, which is why this mouth guard is so good.
  3. Thirdly and most importantly its the durability, because as thin and little as this mouthguard looks, it is more durable then majority of mouthguards out there.The unique non-compressible thermopolymer material that its designed with is engineered to withstand impact, they say it is exactly 30% stronger and has 8 times the tensile strength of conventional mouth guards.Akertall say its also powered by a secret Diffusix™ Technology, and that on impact, the perforated surface of the mouthguard oscillates, and the forces are redirected away from teeth into scientifically engineered Crumple Zones where the forces are absorbed into the non-compressible surface of the guard – personally I can noticeably feel much less impact when I get punched in sparring with this mouthguard so I know that all the science jargon I just mentioned is definitely based on fact.

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  • Well you get $35,000 full dental warranty for 1 year which is awesome.
  • You can breath, drink and speak perfectly with this mouth guard, which is a unique trait for a mouthguard, most mouthguards affect you doing one of those things, but not the Sisu Aero.
  • Its completely BPA, Latex, PVC, Phthalate free.
  • I mean seriously its 1.6mm thin which is 50% thinner then most and you can hardly tell you have it in your mouth, its really non intrusive.
  • But on top of it being so thin its incredibly durable as well which makes sense considering all teh scinec that went into its design.
  • Its made in the USA and it’s FDA Compliant.sis-1004_electricblue_grandesis-100424_MMA_Mouthguard UFC Boxing Protection Review
  • Vastly superior to majority of all other mouthguards out there, as it really shows an evolution in design and functionality in many ways.
  • Its made from a high-tech thermoplastic material which Akertall claim is exactly  30% stronger and has 8x greater tensile strength than conventional mouthguard materials.
  •  The Science and engineering is really complex and unique, being made of an advanced polymer thermo-plastic material also with a patented Diffusix™ Technology that although ATI keep a secret it screams of nanotechnology to me.
  • You just will not find a more comfortable mouthguard in my opinion.


  • Errrrmmm……..well I hate to say it guys but I really cant think of any cons in using the Sisu Nextgen Aero Mouthguard – I suppose maybe having the ability to get a personalised one would be pretty awesome, but other then that guys I really cant say anything bad, I mean even the price is so good there is literally nothing to complain about!

Keep your mouth protected with the Aero!

sis-1004_charcoalblack_grande_MMA_Mouthguard_UFC Boxing Protection ReviewSo by now you should realise how amazing this  Sisu Nextgen Aero Mouthguard really is, and Sisu Mouth Guards in general. As I mentioned at the start having the right MMA protective gear is crucial to training smart, growth in skills and longevity in any athletic endeavour.

From the durability, to the free breathing, the free drinking, free speaking and custom moulding to your specific teeth, it simply is the best mouthguard I have ever used.

So if your ready to get your own one right now, then you can do that right HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this review and as per usual if you have any questions or feedback then post some below. Make sure your stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway 

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Marley Dawkins


  1. hi there! I can see that this protective gear is very useful in combat sports and it is really necessary while a professional competition. Since i Have a relative who practices box i would like to ask you which one of those can provide you the most protection ? Great artcile and review!

    • Hey Max, yep having the right protection is crucial when your training and competing in combat sports and really this Sisu Mouthguard is one of the best out there for protection as well as practicality!

      If your relative is boxing now then you might want to get them some top quality gloves.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Just returned from Thailand where I spend a few months each year practising MuThai.This time, however, I got all my teeth capped and have become a little conscious and wonder very much about the next steps for me in physical contact training. Reading about this mouthguard has given me the option to continue.Do you think it is a safe option or should I stay away from contact at this time?

    • Hi Paul, that’s awesome! Thailand is the literal home of Muay Thai, which is easily one of the best striking martial arts ever.

      However it is some of the most brutal sparring and competing is even tougher – if your having issues with your teeth i wouldn’t suggest too much hard sparring or fighting, but if your want to then yes this Sisu Mouthguard will protect you teeth then most mouth guards i have used before, and I’ve used a lot.

      Like you point out yourself, maybe it might be a better idea to switch up your training into more grappling/wrestling now, to let your teeth have more strengthening time.

      If you want to start Jiu-Jitsu then make sure you have a top quality Gi like this one.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. hi,
    i believe this is one of the must-have gear for a sport especially in MMA or fighting combat sports.

    you have to protect your teeth right , its amazing that this product allows us to easily breath ,drink and speak at the same time while keep our mouth and teeth safe !

    • Hey Elbert, yeah exactly having the right protection is crucial in MMA and like you say this Sisu mouthguard really assists with breathing, drinking and speaking, while also giving amazing protection!

      If you want another good protective option for sparring then try this headgear.

      Thanks for your feedback! 

  4. I participate in mma and use this mouth guard. It is extremely comfortable and by far the best mouth guard i have used. Most mouth guards just feel really uncomfortable when in action, but i have had no issues with the susu! I even find myself playing basketball with this mouth guard as well. It gets rough on the courts too! haha

    • Hi Chris, always nice to hear from  fellow martial artist 🙂 the Sisu mouthguard is really one of the best out there and like you say, it can be used for any sports really!

      Also if your looking for a cool t-shirt then check out this bad boy

      See you again!

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