Nate Diaz – When will he fight again?

UFCWelterweightNateDiaz_Streetice00_FloydvsConor_Boxing_Results MMA UFCSo Nate Diaz is a great fighter, some might say his following is greater then his skillset in MMA, but all Nate Diaz fans are wondering one thing right now – when will he fight again? could be a certain famous Canadian fighter but I’m not sure for certain yet.

We will get to that later, but in Stockton Califronia on April 16th 1985 Nate Diaz was brn into this world and his story began.

I’ve always been a Nate Diaz fan, due to his skills, realness and heart in a fight – but the reason I say that some MMA fans think Nate Diaz is overrated is due to the fact that he has a 19-11 record.

Now I understand this because at the top level of the game that Nate Diaz has been fighting at for years, even super talented fighters can end up with pretty average winning records.

His skills in Jiu-Jitsu are without question, as he is a second degree BJJ Blackbelt under Caesar Gracie, also he has phenomenal boxing and his toughness is greater then most fighters I have ever seen.

Both Nate Diaz and his older more experienced brother have almost identical skill sets, which has been proven to be effective in majority of fights at the top level that either brother engages in.

We will look next at what his critics say, but look at this Nate Diaz highlight reel to get a feel for his unique style f fighting –

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Why does he have such a big following?

Its something I’ve heard from many Nate Diaz haters – why does he have a such a big following? Well its hard to disagree that Nate Diaz has never been a UFC champion and has lost to some fighters that some people would say are average fighters.

But you have to understand as I said at the start of this post – at the top level of the game anyone can be beaten on any given day and no matter how long your win streak goes, eventually every win streak comes to an end.

Nate’s career is a real fighters career, so it has been a series of learning curves from his first loss to Koji Oishi in Pancrase in 2005 to his most recent close loss to The Notorious Conor McGregor in August 2016 in the UFC, which unfortunately for all his fans was the last time he fought.

But also in this fight game, there’s a lot more to your following then purely fighting skills in the cage and there are many reasons outside of fighting why both the Diaz brothers have such a big following in MMA.

Nate Diaz is real, when I say real I mean he has no filter, no fake character that he plays in front of the camera, he just says what he wants when he wants to and doesn’t care how he comes across – that resonates with average people in society on many levels, this also literally comes through him in his fighting style – you can just as easily see Nate Diaz give someone the finger in a press conference or in the middle of a fight at any UFC event.

Then on top of that Nate Diaz’s popularity has gone to another level in recent years mainly due to his ongoing feud with Conor McGregor – Nate Diaz was the first person in the UFC to beat Conor McGregor at a time when many Conor McGregor haters were desperate to see him lose – Honestly Nate Diaz could have been any top fighter to capitalise on that.

Then on top of this further Nate Diaz has a serious gangster vibe about him and he is a huge proponent of smoking weed, and lets be honest any celebrity who openly supports ad smokes weed gets a lot of young fans -here’s Nate smoking up at a UFC event –

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So who’s he fighting next?

So no fucks given, Conor and weed aside, lets get down to the nitty gritty of who Nate Diaz is fighting next. I for one NateDiaz1_MX_MMA_UFC Fight Conor Diazhave been wanting to see Nate Diaz fight ever since his last fight which is nearly 2 years ago now!

There have been a few options for Nate to fight sooner, but ever since his last Conor McGregor fight Nate hasn’t been to interested in fighting anyone else as he legitimately feels he will beat Conor again in a third match and who are we to argue otherwise.

Also Nate has been much more focused on getting as much money as possible since the Conor fights, which again some of his haters don’t like, but I understand Nate’s perspective – he’s going in there fighting the best fighters in the world and it takes a serious toll on your body – both the Diaz brother have always been notoriously tough to negotiate with, but nowadays Nate just wants to be financially respected as much as possible for his blood, sweat and tears that he gives he organisation and fans.

So at the moment as of the past week, the rumours swirling the MMA world is that Nate Diaz vs Georges St- Pierre is being worked out for UFC 227 later this year as this MMA Junkie tweet shows –

Personally I’m not crazy about this fight, styles make fights and I’m just not sure Nate vs GSP is the fight I want to see at the moment, as I think there are much better options for both men – but I’m still going to watch this fight without question and hopefully it will be a great a fight.

I really don’t care who at this point, I just want to see Nate Diaz fight again, so if you agree then leave a comment, some questions or feedback below.

As always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

Thanks for reading!

Marley Dawkins


  1. I’m a huge Nate Diaz fan. I’m been following him since he was on the ultimate fighter. I’m also a Mcgregor fan so I loved it when they went at it. I heard the rumors of him versus GSP but I just don’t see that happening. GSP is pretty big to fight at 155. Could you imagine a card where both Diaz brothers fought? Nate vs. Kevin Lee and Nick vs. GSP. That would be insane.

    • Hey bro, yeah im a giant Diaz fan too, but I agree GSP is definitely too big for 155, but they could do a catch weight maybe – l’ve your idea though Nate vs Lee and Nick vs GSP would be awesome!

      By the way do you need some quality new Boxing gloves? Hayabusa consistently produce top class gear!

      Thanks for your feedback!

  2. As much as I respect Diaz, I’m not sure he should keep in fighting. Granted, he did better against Mcgreggor than I had expected, but you gotta know when to throw in the towel, man. then again, I think Diaz has a fighting spirit and will be back again. so, for a guy like Diaz, money talks. They say there won’t be a Mcgreggor rematch, but there should be!!

    • Hey Koda, yeah i hear you but I doubt Nate Diaz will hang up his gloves yet, I expect we will see him fight soon and I think hes still a top fighter in my eyes. But yeah money definitely talks for Nate as it should fr any pro fighter in today’s fight game climate and I definitely think a 3rd match with McGregor will happen at somepoint!

      Also if your starting to train yourself then make sure you fuel your body even when you sleep!

      See you round bro!

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