Nike Free Run Flyknit Review – Be the Ninja Roadrunner in style – Best Running Trainers Part 1

Product: NIKE FREE RN MOTION FLYKNIT 2017free-rn-motion-flyknit-2017-running-shoe_Nike_MMA_MMAGateway_UFC_Athlete_Training Review

Price: See for yourself HERE

Best place to buy: amazon.com

Colour: Black/Anthracite/Volt/Dark Grey (but there is 3 other colour schemes available)

Weight: 232 grams approx. (men’s size 9)

Offset: 4mm

Material: Nike Flyknit fabric/Foam outsole/rubber toe

Shipping: Varies based on country

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Product Overview

I love running, and if your serious about MMA training or any training for that matter, then you will need to get familiar with running as a standard part of your training camps/regimes – at the MMAGateway we want to keep free-rn-motion-flyknit-2017-running-shoe_MMA_MMAGateway_UFC_Athlete Training Reviewyou in the best kit for your training as usual, and today we are looking at the first in a series of posts about the Best Running Trainers.

Today we look at one of my favourite trainers to wear for running, in the form of the Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2017 Trainers.

There are many things I look for in a good trainer with the obvious being great support, great grip, of course comfortable and very lightweight – bottom line if your rushing that’s what your getting here.

They are like my special little Ninja shoes seriously, I mean to an untrained eye they might think I’m running in my socks when someone sees me in my Flyknits, even my footsteps sound pretty silent, and when I’m running at night my feet literally disappear.

If black Running trainers aren’t your thing don’t worry, because there are other much brighter options to choose from at order, but you know Black is my favourite colour option, so that’s the one I got and the one we are looking at today!

Look at this video to see the Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2017 trainers in action from my Youtube friend Leo –

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Best parts about the Flyknits

    1. Fleet of foot – one thing which is really important to me when I get a pair of running trainers, is that they have to be so light. I don’t want my feet getting weighed down at all, and in fact I want the trainers to be unnoticeable when I have them on. This is what you get with these Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2017 trainers being less then 232 grams in weight, which means you can focus and can really run at your full flight speed.free-rn-motion-flyknit-2017-running-shoe_MMA_MMAGateway_UFC Athlete Training Review

    2. Am I running on air? – I mean seriously that what I thought when I first ran in these trainers, because you can really notice the two layers of foam, one being softer underfoot and the other slightly firmer around the outsole which give a really nice combination of comfort and support for a smooth stride.The Nike Free RN

      Motion Flyknit 2017 trainers

       are built to enhance the bio-mechanics of runners’ feet in motion, giving phenomenal support, they literally feel like they move with me, shape shifting to my movement, my running style, expanding and contracting with every landing and push-off for a really natural running on air feel.
    3. Fits like a foot glove – I really cant stand trainers that are poorly fitting, that rattle around uncomfortably when I’m running. Equally I cant stand it if trainers are too tight and the laces cut into my circulation. Those issues are resolved with the Nike Free Run Flyknits, because first off the patented Flyknit fabric that Nike use literally moulds to your foot shape and is really breathable keeping your feet cool.Then also it has no laces but instead has a really nice two cross-over mesh straps design which further enhances the moulding to your foot (without being too tight like laces). Then also the mid height cuff actually makes the trainers look like socks, which again increases the comfort, with no annoying rubbing that some trainers can have around the ankle.  


  • Nike Flyknit fabric provides a snug, Ninja sock-like feel from your ankle to your toes, which just makes them really comfortable.
  •  The two cross-over mesh straps provide a snug fit all over the top of your foot, without any annoying tightness of traditional laces.

    free-rn-motion-flyknit-2017-running-shoe_MMA_MMAGateway UFC Athlete Training Review

  • The Flyknit fabric and the shoes design makes them really breathable, which allows the air to flow through your feet keeping you cool while you run.
  • The two layers of foam provide fantastic supportive cushioning, the mixture of softer underfoot foam and firmer foam on the outside give an excellent combination of foot support.
  • The mid-height cuff on the ankle, gives you great freedom of movement and again gives them a unique sock like feel when wearing them.
  • While the trainers weigh 232 grams, they feel virtually weightless when your wearing them.
  • There is single seam on the inside of the heel for a quality smooth feel.
  • The rounded heel is made to roll with the ground as you stride, giving you a running on air kind of feel.
  • The mixture of foams used gives fantastic durability to the trainers themselves, I only just bought mine for this review, but I heard from a friend that he has had the same pair for over 6 months of continual use and still they are strong!
  • So stylish to look at, like I say they really make your feet look like some Ninja feet and if you get the black ones like me, your feet will actually blend into the dark!

    free-rn-motion-flyknit-2017-running-shoe MMA MMAGateway UFC Athlete Training Review

  • They work in tandem with the bio-mechanics of your foot,  so the shoes themselves have a profound understanding of the foot’s natural landing angle, pressure and toe position, giving a great stride enjoyment.


  • They do have 3 different colour schemes, but I feel they could give customers more of a variety of colour choices, I would have liked to have seen a green or a yellow pair.
  • Some people have said that the shoes can burn the back of your heel, but I didn’t experience this during my run, so I think that is more of a matter of your own personal foot design!
  • They aren’t cheap, but as I mention in every review where the price is high – if you want the best quality you have to be ready to pay the price!

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Time to be the Ninja Roadrunner!

So at the end of the day if you need a great pair of trainers for all the running aspects of your training camp/regimes, free-rn-motion-flyknit-2017-running-shoe_Nike_MMA_MMAGateway_UFC_Athlete_Training Reviewthen the Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2017 Trainers are just what you need. No I’m not telling you they are perfect, otherwise I would have given them a 10 out of 10 but they are easily some of my favourite running shoes.

When it comes to the Best Running Trainers in the industry these Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2017 Trainers are definitely up there.

Immediately when I wear these trainers I fell like the Ninja roadrunner ready to move as silently and quickly as I can on my long runs – If you are ready to be a Ninja roadrunner yourself, then you can make your order right HERE.

I hope you enjoyed today’s review and if you have any questions, comments or general feedback then post some below – like, share, subscribe and stay tuned from more of the best reviews in the industry right here at the MMAGateway.

See you around!

Marley Dawkins


  1. Very cool shoes, I am training in martial arts and I usually where just socks in the padded floor gym. These could be the best of both worlds being as comfortable as a sock, yet as sturdy and protective as a pair of shoes. I would certainly consider getting these shoes.

    • Hi Tyrel, nice to see a new face here 🙂 but yeah i usually train barefoot in the gym when I’m doing no gi Jits, I use hand wraps, gloves and foot wraps when I’m striking with a bag, and shin pads and headgear when I’m sparring.

      I wouldn’t suggest these shoes for in the gym use bro, they aren’t like Boxing or wrestling shoes, but in terms of going out on long runs for training camps then i love my Flyknits!

      Also if your training martial arts at the moment then make sure you have a quality mouth guard bro.

      See you again soon!

  2. Hi Marley,

    Thanks for the review. I was actually looking at the Under Armour running shoes when I come across your website. These shoes reminded me of the CR soccer cleats. They look very lightweight and comfortable. Just curious, are they also comfortable for street use? I mean, not for training but for casual walking.

    • Hi Jude, glad you liked the review, nice to see a new face here! But yes these Nike Free Run Flyknits are great for all round use as well as a training, so yeah you can definitely get them just for casual walking.

      You might also want to look at getting a great treadmill if you like walking and running.

      Thanks for your support!

  3. Hi Marley,

    I like the review on your NIKE FREE RN MOTION FLYKNIT 2017. It looks like an awesome pair of running trainers.

    I’m at the age where I’m not training but I certainly love watching MMA. Are these also good to wear even if you’re not in MMA?

    A lot of pros to these shoes. The light weight shoe & they don’t cut blood circulation… That’s awesome!

    I will definitely consider getting a pair.

    Thank you for this heads up review!

    • Hi Daniel, always great to hear from an MMA fan! You will always be welcome at the MMAGateway! But yeah as i was just saying to Jude, these trainers can be used for all round usage as well as training!

      If you love MMA then you have to check these awesome posters out!

      Thanks for dropping in!

  4. Hi Marley,
    Great review!
    This pair of Nike looks fabulous!
    I am running a lot, and I always have the feeling that I am going slip with the shoes I wear. I need good running shoes that grip well the floor, and this pair of Nike seems to be exactly what I am looking for. It was a woman that shoes the shoes on the video so I suppose these can be used by woman as well. My husband also needs a pair of shoes but not for running, only for walking. Do you think he can use them for this purpose?
    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Hi Daniella, Yeah the Nike Flyknits are great for gripping the floor, and yes they are good for men or Women and they definitely can be used as standard walking shoes – like waking on air 🙂

      I think your husband would like this a lot too – every guy who likes Bruce Lee needs to have one 🙂

      See you again soon!

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