Ronda Rousey Finished? A defeated Queen in a crumbling Kingdom

So did you get round to watching UFC 207 yet? Well if you did then you already know by now what happened in the Ronda Rousey vs Amanda Nunes main event – so you already know that the longed talked about and hyped up return to the octagon, of the UFCs first ever female champion in Ronda Rousey, was abruptly crushed in 48 seconds of the first round by the Lioness Amanda Nunes via TKO punches.

Immediately what everyone is wondering since seeing how poorly Ronda Rousey performed on December 30th at UFC 207 – is Ronda Rousey finished? Well one can argue that this is highly likely going to be the case – a defeated Queen in a crumbling kingdom you could say.

Now for anyone that missed the fight, then watch this video below to see how Nunes finished Rousey with complete ease –

Review, the aura shattered and whats next?

Now personally considering how limited and untrained Ronda Rouseys striking/movement and fight IQ has looked in the past few fights, I would say outright that unless she makes considerable changes to her training regime and MMA gateway ronda rousey returndiscipline, that she should gracefully retire now, to avoid any further beatings and embarrassment like this lacklustre performance against Nunes.

There can be no doubt in this moment, the aura of dominance that Ronda Rousey has built up through  the years has been cracked, and now has been completely shattered after this comeback fight. Amanda Nunes for years now, has been acknowledged worldwide in the MMA community as being one of the hardest hitting and polished female strikers at 135 pounds.

I cannot for the life of me imagine why Ronda and her camp, felt it necessary to even “test the waters” on the feet with Amanda Nunes. Not only that, but then to not even establish a solid jab and some basic head/foot movement in the fight, no effective clinch/takedowns, instead opting to use Ronda’s face to block punches from Nunes was always going to be a bad game plan.

From my perspective there was only one route to victory for Ronda in this bout, which was of course to engage and get the clinch into a takedown and look for the submission. Its a recipe that has worked in so many of Ronda’s past bouts, it is her expertise, and there is a famous saying in MMA which is – “Stick to your speciality”. Sure you have to expand your capabilities, your skills in the training room – but in a pro fight against the best fighters in the world, that is not the time to “test your new skills”, because in a live fire exercise, it is dog eat dog, vicious and brutal, so you must stick to your base of strengths in order to give yourself the best chance to prevail.

The Mind of a Martial Artist

What is happening in the world right now? Well we know for sure that Ronda Rousey fans have literally been crying for days about her definitive loss to Amanda Nunes. At the same time The Ronda Rousey haters are laughing harder then ever, especially considering how devastating and quick the bout, or her beating was.

What Ronda seems to struggle with understanding, is that the more you let people affect you with their words, the more you pretend to be something that your not, then the more people want to see you lose – she thought in the build up to UFC 207 that not speaking to the MMA media would help her.

But in reality all it did was show how out of control her ego has been getting, and simply increased the desire for people to see her get beaten again, as she was against Holly Holm in her previous bout. As soon as I saw how hard she took the loss to Holm in Australia in 2015, by literally not speaking for a year, I knew there are some major problems with her discipline as a martial artist.

She has achieved so many great achievements in Judo and MMA, but still she seems to struggle to understand that the true martial artist accepts that defeat can come against any opponent in any contest at anytime, just like death it can come for us at any moment in our life.

Thorugh accepting that defeat is a part of life, it no longer binds you to take it personally when you have your next loss in your life, you realise that victory or defeat is irrelevant in any undertaking – all that matters is that you express yourself unconditionally, and that you give everything of yourself in this expression, because it is this within expression where you derive your true enjoyment.

The Conspiracies have grown

There has always been conspiracies involved in the world of MMA, from the abuse of vairous performance enhancing MMA gateway ronda rousey return rock rousey wm31drugs, to fighter pay, to match fixing, to Georges St. Pierre speaking about visting Aliens for years, to Anderson Silva and various fighters speaking about cloning, there really is a bit of every type of conspiracy you can imagine in MMA

With regards to Ronda Rousey, she has always been a polarising figure – some have suggested that her original unbeaten run as the champion was subject to some form of manipulation – there all kinds of conspiracies that circle the internet, from Ronda sleeping with many UFC and elite company owners for benefits, the UFC match fixing some of her earlier undefeated streak fights in a WWE fashion, to steroid abuse, to accusations that she is a psychotic character, to the Illuminati giving Ronda a harsh reminder of who’s the boss in her comeback (Lion), mind control and even cloning technology.

There really would not be a conspiracy about Ronda Rousey that I haven’t heard at this point, but my position is never to make assumptions, never to judge, but just to give an open and clear perspective for the MMA community.

We will never forget her

Well regardless of what the true story is, regardless of whether you love her, you hate her or are indifferent – we all have to thank Ronda Rousey for the exposure she has single-handedly brought to the sport of MMA since her arrival. It took a lot of bravery and self-will to be the first female UFC champion, but as far as being a legitimate title contender again in 2017 and beyond, unless there are major improvement, I’m afraid that time has past for Ronda Rousey.

But lets be honest we will never forget her contribution to MMA – if she competes in MMA again, lets hope she puts more effort into her training, but if she never fights again, I hope she puts her status and finance towards projects that will benefit humanity in some way.

As always please leave your comments, feedback or questions below, and stay tuned as the MMAgateway gives you the inside track on all the latest information from the world of MMA.


Marley Dawkins


  1. I’ve always known who Ronda Rousey is despite never watching UFC. (I suspect everybody knows who she is.) I’ve never watched UFC because I’ve never been able to sit and watch two people fight. I’m not against it; I just don’t have the stomach for it. Mind you; I did look at the footage you posted, and I wonder about her psychological state. I’ve seen photos of Muhammed Ali in his prime, and you can see that he knows he has what it takes to be the greatest. You didn’t see that in Ronda in that fight, she looked like an amateur who didn’t believe in herself; which is quite sad because in the past she has had that inner belief and that inner confidence is what got her to be the undefeated champion. I also think that belief is the reason why she has so many haters.

    So, I don’t necessarily agree that she should retire I think she needs to work on herself and restore that internal belief that she is a champion.

    • Hi Amberlee, yeah i agree i think Ronda has definitely lost her champion confidence in the octagon, and like you say it was sad to see her looking so clueless in an MMA bout like that. I just feel that her mind is not fully committed in martial arts at the moment, she has so many hollywood distractions which i think have taken there toll on her. Maybe she can get the mind of a martial artist back, but i have doubts, and if she cannot, then it will be better for her to focus on something else in her life, because as Conor McGregor often says – you have to fully invested in MMA to be successful, same as with anything in life.

      Thanks for your comment anyway.

  2. What a great analysis regarding Rhonda. I’ve been a fan of hers throughout her career. I too wondered by she didn’t ease back in. She went for it all and it’s painful to watch that fight once again. This is not the aura of a great champion. She looks finished to me. Her camp is not looking out for her best interest that’s for sure unless she was just looking for a paid day.

    A sad end to a once great champion but it’s not the first time we’ve seen a career of a champion ned this way and it won’t be the last.

    • Hi Robert, thanks for your feedback – i agree with everything you say, and like you say if this is how Rouseys career ends, it will not be the first time we’ve seen great champions fall off a cliff at the end of their professional career, and it won’t be the last – it was tough for me watching greats like Chuck Liddell, Mirko Cro Cop, Shogun, BJ Penn, and Lyoto Machida getting hurt badly in a lot of their last fights.

  3. I never have been one to watch UFC, but I do know who Rhonda Rousey is. And I do remember hearing all the news after she was defeated by Amanda Nunes. I agree, that she needs to bow out gracefully now and retire. She has had a very good career and has done well. Might as well stop while she is ….ahead.

    • Hi there, yeah Ronda has definitely transcended the sport, because like you say, you don’t follow MMA, but yet you know who Ronda Rousey is 🙂

      Love her, hate her or indifferent you have to respect what Ronda has done for the sport, and there is no shame in retiring after losing badly to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes. Who knows she may turn it all around, but i have my serious doubts.

      Anyway thanks for your input here!

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