Ronda Rousey – “Sticks to the script” by making long expected move to WWE

Some things that have happened in 2018 so far with regards to MMA have not been surprising to me, or to anyone MMA gateway ronda rousey return rock rousey wm31that follows the world of MMA closely – a few days ago the first ever UFC Russia event was announced for September 2018, and just in the past few days the news broke that Ronda Rousey has officially signed with the professional wrestling company WWE.

Not at all surprising considering the fact that Ronda has been a longtime fan of WWE, and has made a few guest appearances already in the past.

She seems to love the attention of being the centre piece of any event, and coupled with the fact that she has recently married UFC fighter Travis Browne, the WWE seems to be a good fit for her, considering she may want to slow down now with her athletic accomplishments.

This video highlights the switch to the WWE being official for Ronda Rousey –

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How will it go for her in the WWE?

WrestleMania_31_2015-03-29_18-56-10_ILCE-6000_9055_DxO_(17928787150)_Miguel Discart_MMA_UFC_WWE_MMAGateway Well it has to be said that the WWE is pure entertainment, I remember being a young kid between 6-10 years old thinking that WWE was actually real. Obviously as I have grown, it has become clear to me and most people, that the WWE is fully scripted wrestling entertainment.

Also many former WWE superstars have come out and said exactly that in many interviews, however that is not to say that professional wrestlers have an easy job, because serious injuries are common in the industry and even death in some scenarios.

So it wont be a cake walk for Rousey, but ultimately given her experience in real fighting, she will likely be able to transition fairly easily to WWE.

She will be marketed more then most WWE superstars on the roster I expect and very likely in the script she will be “undefeatable” and probably will beat everyone with her “finishing move” the armbar, which they will probably style into a new name like the Rouseybar or something, but time will tell.

One thing is for sure, this is a genius move by the WWE owners, because many hardcore and casual MMA fans will likely become more interested in the WWE based on Rousey joining the organisation.

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Does this mean shes done with MMA for good?

I think so, lets not forget that she was the first ever Women’s bantamweight champion in the UFC back in 2013 when she defeated Liz Carmouche via her signature armbar, and years before starting MMA she was a Bronze medallist in the Olympics for Judo.Rondarousey_rushmoore_MMA_UFC WWE MMAGateway

She defended her UFC title 5 times after defeating Carmouche, but eventually came unstuck at UFC 193 when Holly Holm defeated Rousey via a brutal head kick KO – this was devastating for Rousey as she refused to speak to media for over a year after that loss.

This was then followed by another hard defeat at the hands of current 135 champion Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 in 2016 and we have not seen her in the cage since then.

Since that fight MMA fans have been wondering not only if we will see her again in MMA, but also what is the cause for the apparent devolution in her MMA skills.

Many say its down to her poor trainers such as Edmund Tarverdyan, but I also believe that her sharp decline in MMA skill is also due to living the celebrity life, which of course is very pampered, full of partying, brings loads of extra money opportunities and this can all make it very easy for any professional athlete to stop taking training seriously.

Maybe in a few years after she has established herself in the WWE, she may want to comeback to MMA for a super fight similar to another WWE superstar and former UFC Heavyweight champion in Brock Lesnar.

However, if she is to comeback to MMA then she will need to take training seriously and perhaps join a new training camp, but based on her last two performances in MMA, I personally am happy if she never returns to MMA.

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Ronda Rousey I salute you!

MMA_gateway_ronda_rousey_return_MMA_UFC_WWE_MMAGateway_PedroGaytanSay what you want about her, because she is a polarising figure but ultimately I am so thankful for her contribution to MMA, because now in 2018 five years after Ronda stepped into the UFC – we now have more female MMA talent in the UFC then ever before.

So she really was a trend setter in that respect, now while I knew how good women fighters can be way before Ronda Rousey came on the scene, but she showed the world that Women can not only fight, but can be dominant at the top level.

Realistically as an MMA fan I just want her to succeed in the WWE, because her success can only mean more attention on MMA, which is a good thing for the sport.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post, so if you have any comments, questions or general feedback then post something below and I will get back to you asap.

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Marley Dawkins


  1. Like any young kid growing up I loved the WWE. It sounds like a good move for her in WWE away from MMA. It is another step forward in the right direction for Rhonda only time will tell if it was the right move.

    • Yeah same here WWE was the biggest deal for me as a kid lol, but yes for Ronda at this point in her career I think its a great move as well, but as you say only time will tell.

      Also have you read this book from John Kavanagh? Its a really good read for martial artists and MMA fans.

      See you around bro!

  2. I think you might be onto something about Ronda Rousey going undefeated in the WWE. Seems like the best scenario for a woman who was an actual fighter to sweep through the diva’s division.

    How long do you see here remaining there and would she likely return to the MMA world someday?

    • Hi Eric, yeah you just painted a good story line there that the WWE will probably go with – dominant Ronda.

      But that’ts scripted as we know and I just don’t know if she could be successful at the top levels of MMA anymore, maybe some future feature bouts could be cool though 🙂

      Oh yeah have you seen these? I always like to wrap my hands well before any striking, if you like striking as well then you know where to come when you need some new wraps.

      See you again soon

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