Sports Watches for Women – Garmin Fenix 5S Multisport GPS Watch Review – An Athletes Dream

Product: Garmin Fenix 5S Multisport GPS WatchGarmin_Fenix 5S_Multisports_Watch_Women_Athlete_MMA_Review_MMAGateway UFC

Price: Have a look right HERE

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

Colour: Carrara White and Silver as standard, or Black/Matte Black upon request.

Watch strap colours available: Carrara White/Black/Turquoise/Granite Blue/Yellow

Sizes: one size fits all

Boxed-product Weight: 322 grams

Material: Stainless Steel reinforced polymer case, Reinforced rubber band strap, scratch resistant Watch face.

Shipping: Free UK Delivery/ for all other countries shipping varies from £1.99-£4.75

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Product Overview

So after the popularity of our recent review on the Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire GPS Multisport Watch, which while being a unisex watch is still geared towards men – today we will be reviewing one of the best Sports Watches Garmin_Fenix 5S_Multisports_Watch_Women_Athlete_MMA Review MMAGateway UFCfor Women in the Garmin Fenix 5S Multisport GPS Watch, which is the first watch from Garmin that is fully loaded with features and is geared towards women.

So The Fenix 5S looks very nice and its a little bit smaller then then the Fenix 5, which considering that most women have smaller wrists then men, makes the Fenix 5S a much better choice for a woman ahead of the standard Fenix 5.

Now obviously if you ladies are into MMA, then your will not be wearing this watch while your  sparring or rolling, but at points during your training regimes you need a watch to time yourself, track your heart rate, all your body movements, keep yourself focused and well directed when your running on the track, the road, or in the woods and mountains.

But ultimately no matter what sport you ladies are into, this Garmin Fenix 5S Multisport GPS Watch is currently the best multi use female sports watch on the market from my perspective. 

This video gives you a great overview of this watch –

My top 3 parts of this watch

  1. First of its kind – and foremost I just really like the fact that Garmin finally have made a watch here that not only is fully loaded with all the features of the Fenix 5 series, but is truly designed for women. While Garmin have made models in the past geared towards women like the Garmin Uhren or Garmin Forerunner series, but it is this Garmin Fenix 5S Multisport GPS Watch that we are reviewing today that is without question the best female watch available from Garmin and is easily in the top 3 best female sports watches on the market right now, so this model is a big leap forward. Garmin_Fenix 5S_Multisports_Watch_Women_Athlete MMA Review MMAGateway UFC
  2. Stylish design and interchangeable watch strap bands – I mean seriously for an active woman this watch is just a really nice sleek design, beautiful watch face, display, great colour schemes and being able to switch up your watch straps means you can literally tailor your watch to how you want it to look anytime, switching from a sporty look to a more casual look or a more bling look.
  3. So many functions yet so easy to use! Now I will list all the functions in the pros and cons section below, but here’s a few to wet your appetite – Heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, calorie intake monitor, multiple sports settings, workout schedules/plans,GPS, Wifi, connectivity with your phone and ridiculous battery length! Now while having so many functions could sound daunting to some people, trust me the Garmin Fenix 5S Multisport GPS Watch is really easy to use like all the Fenix 5 series, so the buttons are comfortable and in the right places, will only take around 25 minutes to get it set up and everything synced to you.

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Who are Garmin?

Well in short they are one of the best known companies in the world for its development  and specialisation in GPS technology for use in the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, sport activities and utilities industries. Due to their large increase of wearable technology, they have also been successfully competing Garmin_Fenix 5S_Multisports_Watch_Women_Athlete_MMA_Review MMAGateway UFCwith activity tracker/smartwatch consumer developers such as Fitbit and Apple.

Garmin are an American multinational technology company founded by Gary Burrell and Min Kao in 1989 in Lenexa, Kansas, United States, with headquarters located in Olathe, Kansas.

By 2000 Garmin held 35 patents on GPS technology, had sold over three million GPS devices, and was producing 50 different models. Its products were sold in over 100 countries and carried by over 2,500 independent distributors.

Today in 2017 Garmin now have offices operating out of USA, UK, Taiwan – they operate as Formar in Belgium, Garmin AMB in Canada, Belanor in Norway, Trepat in Spain, and Garmin-Cluj in Romania.

The name Garmin at this point is now synonymous with quality now matter what product it is.


  • Much smaller watch face the Fenix 3, Fenix Fx and F5 versions,which again is a part of its excellent tailoring for women specifically.
  • The Stainless Steel/Reinforced Polymer case is so durable that could take a hammer to the case and not dent it (dont do that though!).Garmin_Fenix 5S_Multisports_Watch_Women_Athlete_MMA_Review MMAGateway UFC 
  • Watch is fully water resistant up to 100 meters, meaning the watch operates under water, which is really important if swimming and underwater drills are part of your training regimes.
  • It has sports tracking for over 10 sports including: Running, Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon, Hiking/Mountain biking, Skiing/Snowboarding, Rowing, Golf, Jumpmaster/Tactical, Strength/Cardio.
  • ANT+ Sensors mean you have a Cadence sensor, external Heart rate sensors, various power meters, Temperature Sensor, Speed sensor, Bluetooth low energy sensors.
  • Advanced training metrics in the form of: Stress Core, Performance Condition, Lactate threshold, Recovery Adviser, Training Load and Training Effect.
  • The scratch resistant display while not as good as the Sapphire version is still durable enough to stop any scratches that might occur when your in the middle of your training.
  • Built in heart rate monitor means you can keep a close eye on how hard you are working so you can increase or decrease your workout accordingly with this accurate monitor.
  • The built in GPS means you never will get lost, you can set your GPS coordinates, navigate to pre-programmed locations, past routes, new routes, bread crumbing. So you will always know if your heading north or south, what the name of the area/roads your on, satellite navigation, extensive maps that can be synced through the GPS, there is also a gyroscope to assist the GPS.
  • Also has an Altimeter, Barometer and a Compass with a very reliable altitude metric. 
  • For running it tracks – distance, timing, route, pace/speed, lap info, stride length, oscillation, vertical ratio, ground contact time, GCT Balance and cadence. This is also the case with each sport setting on the watch recording and mapping multiple tracking metrics while your training in your specific sport.
  • Syncs via USB or bluetooth to various Garmin apps, which is great to get any additional updates or customise your watch more to your liking.Garmin_Fenix 5S_Multisports_Watch_Women Athlete MMA Review MMAGateway UFC
  • You can control the music that’s playing on your phone through this watch for either streamed or stored music, which is a really cool feature.
  • The has a Wifi functionality on this model, and the watch can be synced with your phone to deliver phone notifications to your watch directly!
  • Activity tracking monitors your: Steps, Calories, Distance, Floors, Intensity minutes, Daily alarm, Sleep, Heart Rate.
  • Auto goal is great to stay motivated as it automatically adjusts your steps goal based on your prior performance, meaning that you can build up your targets practically.
  • Built in wrist heart rate sensor, which helps for more accurate data in general which can also be paired with the external heart rate sensors.
  • Battery can last up to 9 days in between charges on Smartwatch mode, 14 hours in GPS mode, and 40 hours in Ultra Trac mode, as well as having advanced battery saving options. Obviously bear in mind that the Bluetooth, the GPS etc all of these things do affect the battery life.
  • You can interchange between different bands! This means you can actually set the watch for the right occasion, whether its a workout, a walk, a party, or a business meeting.
  • A watch for all situations!


  • The heart rate sensor is great for running, walking, hiking and trekking, it can also be a bit temperamental at times whenever your doing heavy muscle flexing based training like weight lifting or rowing, but this is a general limit to industry standard technology currently, its not really Garmins fault.Garmin_Fenix 5S_Multisports_Watch_Women Athlete MMA Review MMAGateway UFC
  • Its not cheap, so even if you go for the most basic Garmin Fenix 5S it will still cost a solid price around $600, so make sure you have the cash for this one! Also bear in mind that standard models do not come with Wifi or the Sapphire watch face lens.
  • The Bezel on the outer perimeter can be scuffed a bit as its a slightly softer material then the rest of the watch and I think is also painted, so be careful this is a scratch prone area of this watch!
  • While you can control the music on your phone from your watch, there is no music storage on the watch itself! It would be amazing to leave your phone at home and play tracks straight from your watch to your bluetooth headphones. However, knowing what impact that could have on mobile phone sales, maybe that explains why Garmin hasn’t done this yet.

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Built for the female warrior!

Garmin_Fenix 5S_Multisports_Watch_Women_Athlete_MMA_Review_MMAGateway UFCUltimately while there are pluses and minuses to the Garmin Fenix 5S Multisport GPS Watch as we have been discussing today, If your smart then you can clearly see that the positive points far outweigh the negatives, because this watch really is built for the female warrior athletes of 2017 and beyond. 

Don’t settle for a second best product for your training needs, remember every sculptor needs its tools, and we all know that the best sculptors only use the best tools and Garmin produce some of the best sports watches in this industry.

So if all your questions have been answered, if you know the Fenix 5S is for you, your partner, friend or family member then you can place an order right HERE.

We will be reviewing more Sports Watches for Women in future posts, so stay tuned to the MMAGateway for all the latest news on that.

I hope you enjoyed today’s review and as always if you have any comments, questions or general feedback then make a post below so we can open up some dialogue.

See you next time!


Marley Dawkins


  1. Hi,
    I am so I happy I came across this review. My girlfriends birthday is coming up and she is a triathlete. She was actually talking about getting a new sport watch. I think she was hinting. Well this Garmin Fenix 5S not only looks awesome, but its very functional for what she needs. Visually I love the way this watch looks. It matches her trainers as well, and you know what woman are like. It has some great reviews as well. I think this is the one, im sure it will make her happy.

    • Hi Freddy, that’s awesome! As soon as i heard girlfriends birthday and Triathlon then i knew this will be a perfect present for you to get her! Seriously its the Walking, Running, Hiking and Triathlons functions that are some of the most accurate on this watch as well!

      But like you say it also has style and the fact that the white design will match her trainers is even more perfect! Man you will really get in her good books with this one 🙂 i know it did when i got it for my partner! 🙂

      I’m sure she knows how to keep herself well fuelled, but just in case she hasn’t tried this protein supplement then let her know about this as well.

      Thanks for the support bud!


  2. My mom would love this! She always love taking hikes or just walk everywhere…..This would be awesome to give her so she can track everything. Garmin Fenix 5S has some style into it and my mom would wear it anywhere. Can you add any other features besides what the watch brings? I know some watches say they can but may have functionality problems.

    • Hi Jonathan, absolutely this is a great gift for a mother, in fact one of my friends is getting this watch for his mom for Christmas! All i can say is if shes really active like you say, then bottom line she will love this watch!

      Also if she likes hiking but has some extreme bad weather in her area oneday, then you might also wana show this to her.

      See you again soon bro!

  3. Hi, Marley,

    Wow, that’s exactly the watch I was looking for! I run every single day, and I need a good watch to track my heart rate and the calories. Also, this watch is waterproof and resistant to scratches, which is awesome as I run with my dog and in any weather!
    Well, 600$ is a great price for a watch with so many great functionalities! I love it!
    I will show this watch to my husband so it can give him an idea of what he could offer me for my birthday:)
    Thank you very much for this excellent article!

    • Hi Daniella, yeah i thought this one would be a bit more your taste lol. With all the benefits of this Garmin 5S and your workout regime, you know you need this – like you say your hubby should have this locked for Christmas or your birthday 😉

      Also you might want to give him an additional nudge about a new training top 🙂

      See you again soon!

  4. Wow ! First of all, great website, Marley ! Very nicely laid out and a great informative review. I belong to a big gym and more and more women are bringing their Sports watches to keep track of their heart rate and other even more advanced metrics. The Fenix 5S is, let’s face it, is for women who take working out very serious. Well, more and more do, so thanks, Marley, for showing us the value of this Sports watch ! Much appreciated.

    • Hey Rico, nice to see a new face, if you enjoy working out and martial arts you will always be welcome at the MMAGateway 🙂 and your right the Garmin Fenix 5S really is for Women who are serious athletes, but like you say that is something that’s on the rise – if you look at the sport of MMA then you can see how much more involved Women have become in recent years.

      If your out on your runs, hiking or cycling for a training camp, then make sure you have the right kind of Sunglasses for the occasion.

      Anyway thanks for your feedback, hope to see you again bro!

  5. I love the looks of this Garmin Fenix 5S Multisport GPS Watch. My wife mentioned she wants a FitBit for when she is working out, but I want to get her one with more capabilities because we hike and camp often.
    I really like Garmin products, I use their handheld GPS units as well as their trackers. I use their Nuvie for my truck. I have found over the years that I can trust Garmin products. Thank you for this review, I know what to get my wife for her birthday.

    • Hi Mike, yeah sounds like you know how quality Garmins products are, and if you and your wife love hiking and camping then this will be the most impressive present that you can get her – you will be in the good books for years!

      If you guys ever cant get out because of harsh weather or whatever, then you might want to look at this option to get a great workout.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hey, Marley ! I mentioned your review to a couple of my lady friends and they are definitely considering your watch – the Garmin Fenix 5S GPS watch to assist them in their Cross Training workouts. These are serious athletes and this is the type of all purpose watch necessary to do the job for them. The Pros and Cons have been nicely laid out by you, so it basically answers any and all of their concerns. Thanks, again for the great review !

    • Hi Rico, nice to see you here again, that’s great news well when any of your lady friends are ready to take their training to the next level then this Garmin Fenix 5S is just what they need!

      Also let you lady friends know about this training course as its a great martial art for women to learn.

      See you again!

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