Stars On The Rise 1: Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett

MMA GATEWAY PADDY PIMBLETTThis week in our new “Stars On The Rise” series, we take a closer look at one England’s top Featherweight prospects  – 21 year old Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett. With his mop style haircut, young boyish looks, thick Scouse accent, passion for football and Liverpool, he has a 1970s throwback to the “awaydays” era of Liverpool feel about him as a person.

But that should not distract from his talents inside the cage which are admirable, and on top of his comfortability with a microphone, that is what is getting the MMA community in England buzzing about “The Baddy”.  While Paddy is not a fan of the comparisons, the buzz does feel similar to when Conor McGregor was coming up in the UK scene, and we have all seen how successful Conor has been in the UFC, which has not been a surprise to me or a lot of people from Ireland/UK.

Could Paddy Pimblett be the next star to emerge from the British Isles?  Well is 12-1 in his professional record, against some of the best fighters  that CFWC (Cage Warriors Fighting Championships) here in England have to offer in his weight class. Thats a very good start, he also just won the CFWC Featherweight belt against experienced French journeyman Johnny Frachey on September 10th this year, with an impressive TKO victory at 1:35 of round 1.

I see a natural fighting tenacity in Paddy Pimbletts MMA game, and a level of composure that far exceeds his years –  iv’e seen many fighters over 10 years older then Paddy with a lot more nerves and anxiety leading up to a fight and during the fight. He has a solid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game, as he has a Brown Belt, also he has a nicely developing Wrestling game, and has good power in his hands, which i think because of his young boyish looks surprises a lot of his opponents, which works in his favour to accentuate the power in his shots.

Paddy has been hinting recently that he has a UFC contract coming his way, and i sincerely hope for the development of MMA talent in the UK that this will become a reality, because “The Baddy” is among the best talent we have in the UK currently. Conor Mcgregor said that he was here to take over – will Paddy Pimblett indeed conquer as he says?

Heres a link to a great article by Chuck Mindenhall about Paddy Pimblett

And heres an interview where Paddy  hints at the UFC, and states his intentions:

Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett on Cage Warriors 78 win

By: Marley Dawkins 26/09/2016



Marley Dawkins

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