Stars On The Rise 3: Mirsad Bektic

Mirsad_Bektic_UFC_Prospect_stars on the riseThere is many signs to look out for when looking for a prospect to keep your eye on in MMA, and while skill set, experience, durability etc all play a role in determining a top prospect. One of the most important factors nowadays is to be a supreme athlete first and foremost.

When I think of young athletic talent in the MMA that could potentially be a champion someday, UFC Featherweight rising star Mirsad Bektić is a name that often comes to mind –

Mirsad Bektić was born on February 16, 1991 in the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica, to Bosniak-Sunni Muslim parents, but due to problems in Bosnia Mirsad and his family moved to Lincoln, Nebraska USA when Mirsad was 9 years old.

He started his martial arts road by training Karate not long after arriving in America, and then transitioning into MMA in 2008.

Since starting MMA, he has amassed an impressive undefeated 11-0 record, 4-0 in the UFC since he joined the organisation in 2014.

In the UFC he has defeated Chas Skelly, Paul Redmond, Lucas Martins and Russel Doanne already, getting finishes against his last two opponents – here’s a video of his career highlights so far:

So as you’ve just seen Mirsad Bektic is an absolute beast in the cage at 145 pounds, anyone who is familiar with the “hot prospect” scene in MMA will have already heard of Mirsad Bektic, and will be fully aware of his skill sets. But for new people let me explain real quick why Mirsad is so good –

  • He is an incredible athlete first and foremost, he has already shown in multiple fights that he is explosive in his movements, and also he can maintain his high pace of fighting for 3 rounds if need be – you can just tell that if Mirsad was in a title fight tomorrow, while that might be too early for him, if the fight went the full 25 minutes I bet you Mirsad would have still have good gas even in the later rounds.
  • His striking is solid and ever improving – not the cleanest technically, but he hits hard for the weight class, defends ok,  and is fearless to come in the pocket.
  • He is a natural predator as all the best martial artists are, even at 25 years old, he fights with a solid veteran savvy, and when he smells blood in the water, as a natural predator does – he knows how to hunt and get the finish.
  • His Wrestling is phenomenal, which coupled with his incredible physical strength in the clinch, seems to make take downs against every opponent he has faced look easy – it will be interesting to see if Mirsad will be able to bully top 10 fighters around as easily as he has everyone else so far – don’t be surprised if he can.
  • He has the undefeated confidence – this is something which always makes an MMA fighter dangerous for their opponent from a mental perspective – because Mirsad has never tasted defeat in the cage, and so he will walk into the cage against anyone in the world without the memory of loss – in Mirsads unconscious mind it is natural to go in the cage and dominate, that is all that the cells in his body know, which makes it possibly and even likely that he will be able to continue to extend his unbeaten streak in a similar fashionMirsad_Bektic_UFC_Prospect_stars on the rise to UFC Lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is similar to Mirsad Bektic in some respects.

So yeah I think you realise by now why Mirsad Bektic is this Months Star On The Rise – he has championship calibre written all over him, he has been one of the most highly touted prospects for years, so lets see now if he can continue his amazing story in MMA by one day becoming the UFC Featherweight Champion.

I for one will be following Mirsads career closely, so I am looking forward to seeing him in action again, and all his career highlights and updates will be posted right here at the MMA Gateway.

Any comments, questions or general feedback then please go ahead and drop some words below, and if you want to start training MMA yourself, or just try something new to your current training schedule, then have a look at THIS SYSTEM.

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  1. Cool article on the up and coming MMA fighters. I am a big MMA fan, i just love the passion and effort the fighters put in the gym perfecting their skill and seeing it pay off. I watched his highlights and he is defiantly going to be making some noise soon. Appreciate your article, now i know who to place my money on when he fights.

    • Hi Garret, glad to hear that you can see how good Mirsad is now, along with his future championship calibre. Yes I would say Mirsad Bektic is definitely some safe money for betting in a lot of fights. Thanks for your feedback!

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