Superwoman to the rescue! Miesha Tate proves there are fighters that care.

MMA_ Gateway_Superwoman_miesha_tate_J_DacanayNow this isn’t really a particularly new story, but its a story that i only just heard about when i was listening to the MMA hour yesterday. So on the 4th September 2016 former UFC Bantemweight champion Miesha Tate assisted a family that were hiking in Las Vegas, that had an injured child with them. Literally its a case of Superwoman to the rescue here, and typifies why Miesha Tate has always been a popular fighter to a lot of MMA fans –

6 year old Kai Ellis, fell and broke her arm when she tripped on a rock, while hiking with her mother Amber Ellis on the mountain. Tate while also on a hiking trip in the Vegas mountains with her friends at the time, noticed the family were in distress, and asked if they needed any help, saying she could use a workout anyway.

Tate could tell the “meekly built” mother was struggling to carry her injured daughter down the mountain, and when the little girl was asked who shes wants to take her down the mountain, she said she wanted Miesha to do it. Eventually they all made it down the mountain, Kais arm is healing up, and the mother Amber posted on Facebook saying that Miesha “was a true life saver” stating she could not have done it alone.

Tate said of the incident –

“Kai and I learned a lot about each other on the roughly two mile descent and It’s fair to say she inspired me”

In an era where the sport of MMA is bigger then ever, but is still misunderstood by many people in the world, for me its always  nice to hear of stories that show professional fighters have the capacity to care about and assist others that need help in moments of need.

Because being humble, giving to others, to be a voice for the voiceless, and walking a path of improvement and equality with all life is the way of a true martial artist. So despite what some ignorant people in the world still believe, and as this Miesha Tate story proves –

MMA fighters are not all brainless criminals that only care about themselves. Sure there is bad apples in every walk of life, but the sport has come so far from its original inception, and fighters like Miesha Tate are genuine human beings that show the spirit of a true martial artist.

If you educate yourself more about MMA, you will find that there are many stories like this that happen in the lives of various MMA fighters, nowadays more then ever. So lets change the misconception that MMA fighters are “barbaric monsters” because when you open your eyes, you can see that this is just not the case.



Marley Dawkins

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