UFC Results – What are the rules of MMA? and How is it scored?

If your new to MMA, then today’s post will help you out a lot, because today we are going to look at the rules in MMA bouts and how UFC Results are scored when a fight goes to the decision.… Continue Reading


MMA – in the words of Bruce Lee – a doorway to building the best you.

MMA_Gateway_UFC_Martial Arts Female MMA fighters (1) Matthew Walsh

MMA – Mixed Martial Arts has a longer history then companies like the UFC or Bellator, because Dana White himself has said that modern MMA came from Bruce Lee. The reason Mr White said this, was because the whole concept… Continue Reading


Best MMA Shorts Part 2 – Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts Review

MMA_Gateway_Fight_Shorts MMA_UFC_ven-0816_black 01 grande (1)

Product: Venum Gorilla Fight Shorts Price: Have a look right HERE. Best place to buy: Amazon.com Size: XS, S, M, L, XL Waist: 29-30″, 31-32″, 33″, 34-35″, 36-37″, 38″ Colour: Black Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy My Rating: 9 out of 10 Product Overview… Continue Reading