The UFC – What does the future hold?

512px-Back-to-the-future-logo.svg_MMA_UFC_MMAGateway_Future_Money_Fight_Competition Celebrity So when your a big fan of MMA, then we can all agree that The UFC is the top tier standards of global MMA – it is the premier league of the MMA world.

But what does the future hold? In this post I want to let my imagination go, I want to bring attention to some potential outcomes for what we could see in the future of the UFC.

We all have our idea of what we believe the future will hold for ourselves or for anything else, but when you put your foresight skills to the test on the UFC, then what do you see?

Right now I see a huge company, making masses of profits hand over fist, the biggest MMA organisation consistently putting on the best fights with limitless drawing potential. Yet I also see a company being held back by a few things – greed and the unequal treatment of many different fighters comes as a predominant first few thoughts.

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What would we see if fighters made more money?

398px-UFC-Octagon-USMCPhoto_MMA_UFC_MMAGateway_Future_Money_Fight Competition CelebrityWell a few things we would see would be an explosion in the public interest in the sport of MMA in general, there would be an explosion in the amount of kids wanting to start MMA and companies thinking of putting together their own fight gyms and organisations.

I mean look its no surprise why so many parents in the world want their athletic child to be a footballer, or a basketball player, a tennis star etc. While there is sporting passions involved, many of these parental decisions come down to knowing the amount of money that top flight players make across the board.

Sure some players get more then others, but even at the lower end of top flight football or any top sport they will typically get paid a lot more then the lower end of top level fighters in the UFC and MMA in general.

Personally I know that all the fights would be better too, because I cant tell you how many times I have talked to a fighter who has motivational issues within the fight due to knowing that his or her pay really isn’t great either way the fight goes.800px-UFC_74_Respect_Bout_Lee Brimelow__MMA_UFC_MMAGateway_Future_Money Fight Competition Celebrity

If fighters were making a consistent healthy income like in other sports, the level of fights would go up tenfold in my opinion, because all fighters would be able to train and prepare properly – this is not possible when your struggling to pay the bills, which is the reality for many lower end top level fighters.

I will always be a mouthpiece for new better systems for taking care of our athletes that sacrifice so much for our own entertainment.

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Where are we heading right now?

Well at this moment in time I would say that twitter followers, your ability to sell tickets, is becoming more and more important for the UFC owners, which if this continues what can we potentially see?

If we continue I think we can expect the UFC in general to becoming more like the ultimate drawing championship as opposed to ultimate fighting championship. Because look its nothing personal its just business, but I mean if Brad Pitt wanted to fight an MMA fight in the UFC, the owners would guaranteed knock a smaller name fighter off the card to make space.

UFC_Network_Durneydiaz_MMA_UFC_MMAGateway_Future_Money Fight Competition CelebrityConsidering WME/IMGs Hollywood connections makes me feel that it is likely we will see some kind of legends/celebrities divisions. I don’t mind this if they wana do a few “celebrity matches” per card to get some extra ticket sales and pay per views, but as a purist I also don’t want too much of that, because this is the UFC so I want to see the best fighters, not the “biggest names” – I mean if i just wana see big names I can watch some kind of MTV shit right?

I also expect massive growth into new regions, with mainland China in the bag most recently with plans for UFC Africa and UFC Russia still in the works and likely happening in the 2018-2020 timeline range the global growth of the sport will continue to reach new heights.

But what about 30 years down the line? what could a UFC event in the year 2050 look like? I think that in this time it will be very likely that we Cyborg/Robot divisions in the UFC which of course would be a new layer of drawing power to the promotion, or maybe a clones division, or hybrid divisions.

Who knows but we can all give our input into where we think the sport is heading – what do you think The UFC will look like in the future? Post your ideas below, or if you have any questions then let me know.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, I’ve been having some down time recently, but I’m back and after just finishing watching UFC218 last night I’m pumped! So stay tuned for more from the world of MMA soon right here at the MMAGateway.

See ya!





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